domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Dark Sky - Silent Fall



1.Ken Nordine-Dream
3.Lucia Pamela-Walking on the Moon
4.Myrtle K.Hilo-Lover's Prayer
5.Min Xiao Fen-Spring , River, Flower, Moon, Night
6.Les Baxter-Terror
7.Li Alin-Killing Time
8.Ken Nordine-Cigars
9.Flying Monkey Fist & Boyd Rice-Bloody Flying Monkey Fist
10.Mixmaster Mike-Anti Theft Device
11.Invisibl Scratch Piklz vs Da Klamz-Uv Death 12
12.Sub Dub-Dancehall Malfunction
13.Dj Spooky-Soon Forward
14.Tipsy-Nude  on the Moon
15.Rhythm Sound vs Tikiman-Jah Rule
17.Dj Craze-Freedom of Speech
18.The X-Ecutioners-Musica Negra
19.Tipsy-Sweet Cinnamon Punch
20.Mixmaster Mike-Return of the Cyklops
21.Rob Swift-Dope on Plastic
22.Rhythm Sound-Mash Down -version-
23.Single Cell Orchestra-Knockout Drops (200 Proof mix)
24.Barbara Morgenstern-Aus Heiterem Himmel ( Ellen Alien mix)
25.Broker Dealer-To Hear the Fires


Style-Turntablism, vanguard, abstract hip-hop, electronics


1.Alan Lamb-Primal Image
2.Richard Devine-Itsuko
4.Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer-Song for Europe
5.Fe Mail-After the Rain
6.Dj Spooky-Object Uknown ( Instrumental)
7.We -The Chinatown Dub
8.Badawi-The Avenging Myth
9.Robert Rich-The Simorgh sleeps on Velvet Tongues
10.Francis Dhomont-Allegro
11.Diamanda Galas-Death Letter
12.Fires were Shot-Hiroshima
13.Biosphere-En Trance
14.Iso Ambient Orchestra-Smudgeon
15.John Cage-Atlas Eclipticalis
16.DATacide - Flowerhead - Tetsu Inoue & Atom Heart-Part2
17.Rhythm Noise-Schismatic
18.Ryuichi Sakamoto-Love is the Devil
19.Christian Marclay, Toshio Kajiwara & Dj Olive-Side B
20.Dj Cheb I Sabbah-Hamam
21.James Plotkin & Mick Harris-Collision
22.Jeff Grinke-Low Ceiling
23.Ray Guilette-Mobius III
24.Stuart Dempster-Morning Light


Style-Dark Ambient, illbient, turntablism, vanguard

domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder

Nevski Compilation: Night of the Loosers

1.Lotus Plaza-RedOak Way
2.Grizzly Bear-Ready, Able
3.Jackson Scott-Evie
6.Drowner-Stay with Me
7.The Underground Youth-Addiction
8.Mood Rings-Get Lost
9.True Widow-HW:R
11.The XX-Chained
12.Washed Out-Pull your Down
13.Lovers-Tiger Square
14.Grumbling Fur-Wylderness Waiting
15.Teenage Filmstars-Apple
16.The Dodos-Substance
17.Blank Dogs-Blurred Tonight
18.Greg Sage-Sacrifice (for love)
20.Russian Tsarlag-Gagged in Boonsville

Style: Indie pop-rock, psychedelic, noise

Night of  the Loosers

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

On+Brr - In de Desert (Very Strange)

Plug Research


1.Dntel-Anywere anyone
2.Elephant Castle-In Memoria featTune Yards
3.Flying Lotus-Zodiac Shift -Sonnymoon remix -
4.Animal Collective-Chocolate Girl
5.Adventure Time-Hi Top Fade Parade
7.Boom Clap Bachelors-Skynd Dig Langsomt
8.Caural-I won't Race You
9.Dimilite-Bougainvillea Chamber
10.Headset-Back Before
11.Carlos Nino-Friends Friends
12.Jeremy Dower-Non Fiction
13.Anthony Valadez-Looking Backwards feat. Joya Mooi
14.Jermajesty-Nothing like Bomb Music from the West
15.Coultrain-The 13th Floor
16.Build an Ark-The Blessing Song -Dimilite remix-
17.Exile-Stay Turned
18.Life Force Trio-Starship -Ammon Contact feat Myka 9 remix)
19.Quadron-Average Fruit
20.Ras G-Soul Pulsatingumm Beat
22.Hawthorne Headhunters-Luv Galactic feat.I Am
23.Thavius Beck-GLK Jack
24.Lee Bannon & Chuck Inglish-Search Destroy
25.Ellay Khule-Sounds of the Human Race
26.Hans Platzgumer-Miss Me feat.Catriona Shaw
27.Milosh-You make me Feel
28.Om'Mas Keith-Uh Oh it's Love
29.Daedalus feat.Busdriver & Pigeon John-Something Bells
30.The Notwist-Solitaire


1.Languis-Parallel to the Atmospheric Sound of Silence Part.1
2.Sonnymoon-Nothing Through
3.Mia Doi Todd-Luna Lune
4.Quarks-Kikyo-Pole Pop mix-
5.Her Space Holiday-Key Stroke
6.Dntel-Last Songs
7.The Postal Service-Be still my Heart-Nobody mix-
8.Milosh-It's Over
9.Domenico Lancelotti-Cine Verite
10.Caribou-The Snow Capes
11.Chessie-Eyes and Smiles
12.Daedalus-Quiet Now
13.Nobody-Pepe California Guadalupe remix
14.Adventure Time-First in Space
15.Elephant & Castle-Sweet Someone feat Aaron Ferguson
16.Astrobal-Poetry Science Fiction
17.Meanest Man Contest-Pirate Style
18.Low Res-Evanesce
21.Safety Scissors-Stormy Weather
22.Lali Puna & Bomb the Bass-Clear Cut
23.Mia Doi Todd-Amor -Adventure Time mix-
24.Mr.Hazeltime-On the Avenue
25.James Figurine-Apologies
26.John Tejada-Unit B1656
28.Mannequin Lung-City Lights-Mr Hazeltine featDivine Styler-remix
29.Thomas Fehlman-Feat
30.Move D-Ust
31.Schneider TM-The Light 3000

Style-Electronics,jazz, soul, abstract hip hop, glitch, rock

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014


Nevsky Compilation: Rented Room

1.Johnny Cash- Highway 61 / When the Man comes Around
2.Tindersticks-Can we start again
3.Hugo Race-Slow Fry
4.Woven Hand-Your Russia ( without hands)
6.Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles-La Rosa
7.Daughn Gibson-The Pisgee Nest
8.M.Gira & D.Matz-Cold Creeping
9.Bill Callahan-Highs in the Mid 40'sDub
10.Eric Copeland-Ufo's over Vampire City
11.Momus-The Thunderdown
12.Glen Tomasetti-When I was Single
13.Axel & the Farmers-Billy's Trouble
14.Junip-Rope and Sumit
15.Damien Jurado-Magic Number
16.Michael J. Sheehy-Donkey Ride Straight to Hell
17.Sparklehorse-Dog Door
18.Tricky & Dj Muggs & Grease-For Real
19.Paul Quinn-Mooreefoc
20.Matt Elliott-The Failing Song
21.David Sylvian-Weathered Wall
22.Manic Street Preachers & Richard Hawley-Rewind the Film
23.Jackson C. Frank-Milk and Honey
24.Gary Higgins-Cuckoo
25.Mazzy Star-California

Style-Folk, pop rock

jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard

12 Tónar

2.Skuli Sverrisson-Sería
3.Olöf Arnalds-Vió Og Vió
4.Petur Ben-I'll be Here
5.Rökkurró-Annan Heim
6.Johan Johannsson -The Cause of Labour is the Hope of the World
7.Múm-Asleep in a Hiding Place
10.Lost in Hildurness-Shadowed
11.Showblow-Frank's Theme
12.Hilmar Jensson & Skuli Sverrisson-Einvengis
13.Johan Johannsson-Part 2 – IBM 1403 Printer
14.Samaris-Hljoma Pú
15.Borko-Shoo Ba Ba
16.Eivor Palsdottir--Krakan
17.Mugison-Murr Murr
18.Singapore Sling-Blues in Black
19.Apparat Organ Quartet-123 Foreve ( Robotaki remix)
20.Grisalappalisa-Hver er Eg
21.The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Just like Kicking Jesus

Style-Modern Classic, folk, electronics, vanguard indie pop

12 Tónar

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014


Nevski Compilation: Stranger in a New Land

1.Not Waving-Carrizo Plain
2.Phaeleh-Whistling in the Dark feat.Agustus Ghost
3.The Boats-Understand
4.Young Echo-Jupiter Rise
5.Just Friends-Avalanche
6.Lapalux-There are Monsters in this Bed
8.East India Youth-Dripping Down
9.Phantogram-Never going Home
11.Herve feat Seasfire-Lose Control
12.Mj Guider-Prima
14-El Mahdy Jr.-The Spirit of Fucked up Places
15.Tokimonsta-Bright Shadows
16.Helado Negro-Myself on 2You
17.FKA Twigs-Water Me
18.Astronautica-Repay Last Night
19.Andy Stott-Faith in Strangers
20.Sapphire Slows-Can I get Out this Silence
21.Beacon-Between the Waves
22.Charles Murdoch-Dekire feat.Oscar Key Sung
23.Charlotte Gainsbourg-Heaven can Wait -Nosaj Thing remix-
24.Empress Of-Hat Trick

Style.Electronic pop, electronics

Stranger in a New Land

sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014

Decomposed Subsonic feat. twila.too - Etoile bleue

Oustgut Ton

1.Kevin Gorman-7AM Stepper
2.Marcel Dettman-Getaway
3.Luciano-Drunken Ballet
6.Tama Sumo-Prosumer Play Up
7.Tobias-Leaning over Backwards
8.Dinky-Take Me
9.Ben Klock-Goodly Sin feat.Elif Biçer
10.Function-Gradient I
11.Marcel Dettman-Range
12.Reagenz-The Labyrinth
13.Steffi & Lilo-Yours Mine
14.Nick Höppner-Red Hook Soil
15.Jonas Kopp-Michigan Lake
16.Ben Klock-Compression Session I
17.Shed-That Beats Everything
18.Barker Baumecker-A Murder of Crowns Pt.I
20.Paul Brtschitsch-Twirl
21.Ryan Elliott-Steady Rockin
22.LB Dub Corp-Take it Down ( in Dub)
23.Dettman Klock-Dawning
25.The 7th Plain-Symphony for the Surrealists

Style-Techno, minimal, tech-house

Oustgut Ton

sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

Joe Lentini - Arthur

Nevski Compilation: Smoking the Edge

1.Thavius Beck-Joy ( Bring it)
2.Mount Kimbie-Maybes -James Blake remix-
3.Fenin-Receiver feat.Poly
4.Druid Cloak-Sterling Thrones
5.Matthew David-All you'll never know
6.Kryptic Minds-Sleeper
8.Otto von Schirach-Skeleton Search
9.Tokyo Hands-Down for You
10.Nomine-Nomine's War
11.Emika-She Beats
12.Machinedrum-Eyes don't Lie
13.Lil Jabba-Visions
14.Calibre-Start again feat. Chimpo
15.Arca-Broke up
17.Jay Weed-Tunnel
18.Ta Ku-Ugh feat.Mei Swan
19.Billy Woods-Tinseltown
20.Portico Quartet-Line SBRTK remix
21.14KT-Rosey Posey

Style-Downtempo, hip-hop, dubstep

Smoking the Edge

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Bauhaus- Mask

Situation Two

1.Tones on Tail-You , The Night & The Music
2.Gene Loves Jezebel-Shaving my Neck
3.Death Cult-God's Zoo
4.London Underfround-Train of Thought
5.Drowning Craze-Strrage Case
6.Blackouts-Exchange of Goods
7.The Dance-In Lust
8.Orbidoig-Nocturnal Operations
9.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Nothing Wrong
10.Zooey-Teddy Bear
11.The Southern Death Cult-Moya
12.Play Dead-Shine
13.Peter Murphy-The Light Pours out pf Me
14.Under Two Flags-Lest We Forget
15.Zerra 1-Banner of Love
16.The Sinister Ducks-March of Sinister Ducks
17.The Alarm-Lie of the Land
18.The Associates-Q Quarters
19.The Drowning-Crace Trance
20.Maximum Joy-Stretch
21.New Asia-Central Proposition
22.The Last Man in Europe- Corporation
23.Fish Waltz-It's Inmmaterial
24.Ministry-Cold Life
25.Lydia Lunch-Suicide Ocean
26.Psychic TV-Baby's gone away

27.John Cale-The Sleeper
28.Lulu Kiss me Dead-The Ultimate Solution
29.The Bolshoi-HappyBoy
30.David J.-I Hear Only Silence Now
31.The Icicle Works-Birds Fly( Whispers to Scream)
32.The Go Betweens-Karen
33.REM-Gardening at Night
34.Home Service-Only Men  fall in Love
35.Lora Logic-Wonderful Offer
36.Gene loves Jezebel-Desire
37.Medium Medium-SoHungry so Angry
38.The Fall-No Bulbs
39.Singers Players-Water the Garden
40.Multivizion-Work to Live, don't  live to Work
41.Eternal Triangle-Nothing but aFriend
42.Perry Haines-What's What
43.23 Skidoo-Aversion
45.Three Hypnotics
46.The Fuzztones-Nine Months Later
47.The Charlatans-Weirdo
48.TerminalPower Company-The Hunger
49.the hair & skin trading co-Pipeline
50.The Darkside-Highrise Love
51.The Very Things-The Hole
52.The Dylans-Godlike
53.The Charlatans-The Only One I know
54.Naked Raygun-Home of the Brave
55.Loop-Arc Lite ( Sonar)
57.The Darkside-Guitar Voodoo

Style.Afterpunk, gothic rock, indie rock, tecnopop 80,funk disco

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

East India Youth - DRIPPING DOWN

No Pain in Pop

1.Echo Lake-Wild Peace
2.The Proper Ornaments-Who Thought
3.Trailer Trash Tracys-Candy Girl
4.Veronica Falls-Beachy Head
5.Vinyl Williams-Inner Space
6.Echo Lake-Young Silence
7.Beliefs -Lilly
8.Dyymond  Of Durham-Hunger
9.Dunian-All Intros
12.Bathcrones-Vineyard of the Sea
13.Karen Gwyer-Lay Claim to My Grub
14.Patten-This Sharpened Mist
15.Sunni Geini -Sunni Geini Main Theme
16.Nite Jewel-Weak 4 Me
17.Grimes - Zoal -FAce Dancer
18.Forest Swords-Miarches
19.Doldrums-Endless Winter
20.Halls-Shadow of the Colossus
21.Karen Gwyer-Tehe!Blah Blah!! Shhhh!
23.Forest Swords-Rattling Cage
24.Omine-Bantha Fodder
25. Karen Gwyer & Torn Hawk-Gauze (sped)

Style-Psycodelic rock, indie pop, noise, electronics, dwntempo

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Pram - Space Siren

Nevski Compilation: Narcolepsia

1.Harold Budd-Niky D
2.Okkyung Lee-One Hundred Years Old Rain
3.Dimitar Dodovski-Seeds for the Future
4.Ryan Teague-Nephesch
5.Deaf Center-Path to Lucy
6.Colleen-Goodbye Sunshine
7.The North Sea & The Rameses III-Night Blossoms writen in Sanskrit
8.Duane Pitre-Monkey Town
9.John Metcalfe-Blue Ruby
10.Joby Talbot-Dew Point
11.Marsen Jules-Fanes D'automme
12.Cymphonic-Dancing in Purple Light
13.Emily Wells-Fire Song
14.Stars of the Lid-Sun Drugs
15.Hobo Cubes-Glowing Vessel
16.Gavin Bryars-The Black River
17.L.Pierre-The Grief that does not Speak
18.Loscil-Unit Circle
19.ASC-I share my Secrets with You
20.Skoltz Kolgen-In Point 004
21.Stephan Mathieu-Gabriel
22.Locust-Corporal Genesis
23.Sebastien Roux-Bleston
24.George Crumb-Processional
25.Ken Candem-Birthday

Style-Ambient, drone, neoclassical


domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Karen Gwyer - Lay Claim To My Grub

LIES Records

1.Jahiliyya Fields-Water Breaker
2.Professor Genius-Hassan Two
3.Tom Hawk-Tarifa
4.Florian Kupfer-Lifetrax
5.Steve Summers-In the Mode for Love
6.Delroy Edwards-4 Club Use Only
7.Marcos Cabral-24Hours Flight
8.Terekke-Pf Pf Pass
9.Legowelt-Sark Island Acid
10.Mutant Beat Dance-Urban Dust
12.Maximillion Dunbar-Everyday
13.Trackman Lafonte-Bonquiqui Pacific House
14.Xosar-Tropical Cruize
15.Unknown Artist-Echo Drugs
16.Willie Burns-Pong in a Tracksuit
17.Daywalker + CF - You Only live Once
18.Samantha's Vacation-Samantha's Vacation
19.Two Dogs in a House-Eliminator
21.Svengalisghost-Hidden Cities
22.Sling Samo-DJ Tool 1
23.BAd News-Real Bad News
24.Bookworms-Love Triangle
26.Samo DJ-Tai Po Kau
27.Gunnar Haslam-Anatolia
28.Steve Moore-Panther Moderns

Style-Electronics,acid, techno, house, experimental


miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

Metalicyée - Mad Tom Song

Nevski Compilation: synchronisation

2.Mouse on Mars-Frosch
3.Aphex Twin-Fingerlab
4.PSI Performer-Mulricast remix
6.The Black Dog-Cost II
7.Metamatics-Two the Point
8.Route 8-Waving Goodbye
9.Crix Madine-Crix Madine's Theme
10.Future Sound of London-Papua New Guinea 7" version
12.Donnatcha Costello-It's what We Do
13.Jupiter Jax-Ain't no Voodoo
14.Polygon Window-Portreah Harbour
15.IVVO-Under Grey
16.Recondite-The Fade
17.Sad City-Polymath
19.Tendts-I met a Girl
20.Sapphire  Slows--Fade out
21.Oneohtrix Point Never-Remember-Surgeon mix
23.Falling fromCloud 9-Tarka Dahl
24.Xosar-Elixir of Deams
25.Benge-Track 10 The Very Best of Benge

Style-Techno 90, IDM, Acid


jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Karmelloz - "Recursive"

Friends Records

1.Brendan Sullivan-Young Thunder
2.Vlonde-The Grief of O
3.Zu Shapes-Olivia
4.Secret Mountains-Rejoice
5.Flock of Dimes-Prison Bride
6.Holy Ghost-Party Beach Whole
7.Celebration-I will not Fall
8.Future Islands-The Inkwell
9.Moss of Aura-Stone
11.Sri Aurobindo-Soul Vibrations of Man
12.Lands & People-In Living Colour
13.Microkingdom-Aire Metal
15.The Snails-Big Boy
16.Weekends-Peer History
17.The Violet Hour-XXXVI
18.Secret Mountains-Weepy Little Fingers
19.Winks-Slap me Choke Me cum on You
20.Lonnie Walker-Love Turn
21.Oxes with Will Oldham-Strong
22.Jake Lingan-Birthers
23.Moss of Aura-Roicka 1
24.In Every Room-Em E Gee
25.Co La-Dial Tone Earth
27.Chester Endersby Gwazda-World Killer
28.Co La-Blood Orange

Style-Psychedelic rock, ambient drone, electronics

 Friends Records

martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

Zanzibar Chanel - ASS

Asthmatic Kitty Records


1.Castanets-Into the Night
2.Denison Witmer-Little Flowers
3.Sufjan Stevens & The Osso String Quartet-Run Rabbit Run
4.The Welcome Wagon-My God, My God Parts ! & 2
5.Shapes & Sizes-Island's gone Bad
7.Half  Handed Cloud-To Love like the Father Son Love Each Other
8.My Brightest Diamond-Inside a Boy
9.Lily Madelaine-Come to Me
10.Fol Chen-The New December
11.Epstein-Jellyfish foam on Top
12.Jim Guthrie-Evil Thoughts
13.DM Stith-Creekmouth
14.Liz Janes-Streetlight
15.Fol Chen-The Longer U Wait
16.Rafter-Animal Feelings Timeless Form Formless Time
17.Pepe Deluxe-My Flaming Thirst
19.Helado Negro-2ª Dia
20.My Brightest Diamond-Disappear
21.Sufjan Stevens-Yearof the Ox
22.Jim Guthrie-Little Furnace
23.Roberts & Lord-Oblique
24.Why-As I went out one Morning
25.William Ryan Fritch-Over Sate, Underwhelm
26.Shannon Stephens-The Most Delicious Hours
27.Flint-Michigan 115

Style-Folk, indieop psychedelia

Asthmatic Kitty Records Part.1


1.Linda Perhacs-Freely
2.Sufjan Stevens-A Sun came
3.Chris Schlarb-Twilight & Ghost Histories  section IX
4.Shapes & Sizes-Jinker that Fat Hand
5.Castanets-Rain will come
6.Cryptacize-Cosmic Sing a Long
7.DM Slith-Just Once
8.Chris Schlarb & Nicalis-A Sense of Place ( Harara Mountains)
9.The Glow-Sam Rosen
10.My Brightest Diamond-Workhorse
11.Grampall Jookabox-The Girl ain't Preggers
12.Half Handed Cloud-He's not the Swindler We are
14.Sufjan Stevens-Chicago
15.Ombre-Weight Those Words
16.Jib Kidder-Blue
17.Sisyphus-Take Me
18.Helado Negro-Ilumina Vos
19.Julianna Barwick-The Magic Place
20.My Brightest Diamond-Dragonfly -Murcof remix-
21.Viva Voce-Red D Lish
22.Liza Janes-Jesus is a Dying Bed Maker
23.Maxel Toft-Quick Fix
24.Sufjan Stevens-The Owl & The Tanager
25.Son Lux-Speak
26.Hermas Zopoula-Seigneur Apprends Moi

Style-Folk, indie pop, electronics downtempo

 Asthmatic Kitty Records Part2

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"

Nevski Compilation : All Your Pretty Lies-2


2-Angels of Light-This is Mine
3-Death in June-Runes and Men
4-Sol Invictus-Above the Sun
5-The Legendary pink Dots-Jasz
6-Six Organs of Admitance-Alone with the Alone
7-Jarboe-Ode to V
8-Carla Bozulich-Steal Away
9-Susanna & His MAgic Orchestra-These Days
10-Current 93-Soft Black Stars 6
11-Nico-Little Sister
12-Benni Hemm Hemm-The Doomed the Damned
13-Lisa Germano-Candy
14-Mountaineers-Don't You Miss Her
15-Amoeba-Seasons Passing
16-Calla-Traffic Sound
17-Arab Strap-The Drinking Eye
18-Juana Molina-No es tan Cierto
21-Boduf Songs-Lord of the Flies

Mixed by Alexei

Style-Neo folk,psychedelia



22-Greg Davis-Submersion Tank Pt-1
23-Tujiko Noriko-4
25-Robert Lippok-Holler
27-Static-Never Never
28-Caroline-Pink & Black
29-Music AM-N.Y / 1975
30-Bernard Fleischmann & Tarwater-From to
31-Helios-Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky
32-Vitamins for You-4
33-The Books-Vogt Dig for Kloppervork
34-Aoki TAkamasa + Ogurusu Noshide-Humming Song
35-Clue to KAlo-We'll Live Free in N.Y
37-The Remote Viewer-Spend More Time With Me
38-Wechsel Garland-Verblutten
39-R.F-Ladder in Place
42-Christopher Willits-Love Wind

mixed by Alexei

Style-Electronics, indietronica,experimental


viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014


1.Vitor Joaquim-Filaments of Devotion xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx-B
3. Kaeba-Transistor Strawberry
5.Pan Sonic-4'35'
6.Kotra-Micrmes Welt-Zavoloka remix-
10.Kotra & Zavoloka-Moonlight in Mirror
11.Matter-Solid State
12.Sturqen vs Kotra-Cristal

Style-Industrial, experimental, rhythm & noise

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

The Dø - Too insistent

Tropical delusion

1.Sisyphus-My Oh My
2.BUS-Don't be Afraid to Cry
3.Brother JT-Sweatpants
4.Desto-Chamber 7
5.June-Lost Area
6.H SIK-Sonic Rage
7.Drew Gress-Bottomlands Archtecture
8.Free the Robots-Transmission
9.Flako-Mesektet Extnd
10.Desto-Emptier Streets feat.Gracias
13.Dj Rashad-I don't give a Fuk
14.Icicle-Dreadnaugh VIP feat.SPMC
17.Taz Buckfaster-Inside Job
18.Beatau Cue-Aeropolis
20.Lil JaBBa-Bruser
22.SBTRK-Living like I Do (Lil Silva remix)
23.Rone-Bye Bye Macadam Van Did remix
24.Killawatt-Static Tension
25.RWINA001-Just A
27.Kone-Cheese Grater
28.Samiyam-Lunch Meat
29.Moshimoss-Your new Era
30.Express Rising-Ice Sttoped
31.Andy Cato-Whose Groove

Style-Break beat , dubstep, hiphop, downtempo

Tropical delusion

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Safeashome - Hateful Town

3rd Stone

1.Bark Psychosis-IKnow
2.Amp-Glasshouse Jam
3.Spatialize-Ukiyo Dryad's Bubble
4.Spacemen 3-Ode to Street Hassle
5.Reverberation-Cross your Sky
6.Transambient  Communications-Receiving Transmissions
7.Mali Rain-Koan
8.No Man-Carolina Skeletons
9.AR Kane-Sea Like a Child
10.State of Grace-P.S High
11.Insides-Grand Prix
12.No Man-Dry Cleaning Ray
13.Basking-Mali Rain
14.Silver Apples-Oscillations  Gregg Foreman remix
15.Transambient Communications-Alaska Pt.1
16.Bass Communion-Orphan Coal
17.Spectrum-Forever Alien
18.Jessamine & Spectrum -A Pox on You
19.Bark Psychosis-Manman
20.Spacemen 3-Come Down Sofftly to my Soul
21.Experimental Audio Research-Space Station
22.Octal-StarirsLeading Up Pt.2

Style-Psychodelia, space rock, experimental ambient, electronic pop

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Jon Hopkins - We Disappear (Official Video) ft. Lulu James


1.Erwin Van Moll-The Great Lover  (A Journey into Ambient Groove)
2.Neotropic-The Man who catches Clouds
3.Cabbage Boy-Mod You
4.Animals on Wheels-The Elastic Snapped
5.2 Player-Sometimes ( The Herbaliser remix)
6.A Forest Might Black-Tides ( Peshay Flytronix remix)
7.Coldcut-Autumn Leaves ( Irresistible Force chill mix )
8.Justice-Tertius-Essential 4 Life
9.Andy C Shimon-Genetix
10.Sofa Surfers-Sofa Rockers ( Richard Dorfmeister remix)
11.Flanger-Full on Scientist
15.Neotropic-Laundry pt.3
16.Real Life-Shark Dance
17.Rhys Chatham & Martin Wheeler-Altesse
19.Flanger-Options in the Fire
20.Dj Food-Freedom ( Fila Brazilla remix)
21.Hextatic-Ninja Tune
22.Smoke Skreen-Nu Breeze
23.Hex Antistatic-Glass
24.Kens Seedy Break-Cabbage Boy
25.Journeyman-National Hijinx
26.Neotropic-Saucer Song

Style-Drum'n'bass electronics, breaks, ambient


viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Dream City Film Club - Pissboy

Nevski Compilation: All your Pretty Lies


1-Susanna & his Magic Orchestra-Hallelujah
2-Lisa Germano-Nobody is Playing
3-The Montgolfier brothers-Une Chanson du Crepuscule
4-Sylvian Chauveau & Ensemble Nocturne-Home
5-David Sylvian-Devils Own
7-Talk Talk-Taphead
8-Robert Wyatt-Cuckoo Madame
9-Matt Elliott-The Sinking Ship Song
10-Avia Gardner-More the Tongue Can Tell
11-Skallander-Flesh Born Constellation
12-Avey Tare & Kilian Brekkan-Who Wellses in My Hott
13-Benoit Pioulard-Together & Down
14-Boduf Songs-Great Wolf of no Tracks
15-Calla-Hover over Nowhere
16-Arab Strap-Tanned
17-AR Kane-Sulliday
18-Castanets-Rain will come


Style-Folk, psychedelia

Mixed by Alexei


20-Swod-Fugitiv 2
22-Third Eye Foundation-Snaffed Candles
24-The Remote Viewer-I Climbed a Mountain
25-Vitamins for You-3
26-Sanso XTRO-Unsentimental
28-You Dee-Sawolla Sambucca
29-Clue to Kalo-You Heart's Your Compass
30-Static-A Song for You
31-Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko-The Night Comes
32-AGF-Ambient Trust
33-Ghistlian Poirier-Les retombes
34-People Press play-Before Me
35-März-Love streams

Style-Electronics, IDM, modern classical,


domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

SILICOM (AOKI takamasa & Takagi Masakatsu) "Kes." (from DVD "SILICOM")


01.Marc Marcovic-Intifada
02. R Mendoza   Moshi Muchowmv.
03.Hanne Hukkelberg   Balloon.
04.Moz -Tuareg.
05.Theodor Bastard   Pustota.
06.Tigrics   Igric.
07.jadviga   synonym.
08.Zvukbroda   Grapevine.
09.Rechenzentrum   Slate
10.8Bitch Glass diamonds.
11. Clark   Roulette Thrift Run.
12.BeatMyth   Dubbb.
13.Oknai   Myrth
14.Fulgeance   Raw
15.Jimmy Edgar   Sheer, Make, Serve
16.Pavemental   No Comply
17.Otto Von Schirach   G4 scramblin
18.CoH   Hurt Later
19.Monolake   Arte (Live Recordings From Belgrade's Dis Patch Festival)
20.Pole   Sylvenstein
21.Borka   Jimmy Sings
22.Octex   Kleep (Variations)
23.SunnySun   Carobno.
24.Yanoosh   Hibernate soon

Style: Electronics, downtwmpo, experimental

jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Phon.o "Moonwalk"

Mexican Summer


1.Linda Perhacs-Call of the River
2.Mike Vexler-PAriah
3.Kurt Vile-My Best Friends (don't even pass this)
6.Real State-Younger than Yesterday
7.The Alps-Spray
8.Bipolar Bear-Ocean Sport
9.Apache Dropout-Teenager
10.John Carpenter-Seasons
12.Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Coconuts
13.Little Girls-Thrills
14.Spectral Park -Shells
15.Tamaryn-I'm gone
16.Ashrae Fax -Armpit
17.Beaches-Eternal Sphere
18.Dungen-Skit I Allt
19.The Black Ryder-All that we see
20.Brain Idea-Oh I'm free (earn your card)
21.Best Coast-Crazy for You
22.Ariel Pink feat.Jorge Elbrecht -Hang on to Life
23.Michael Angelo-Nubian Queen
24.Light Asylum-Dark Allies
25.Gauntlet Hair-Out Don't
26.Mood Rings-The Line
27.Part Time-PDA
28.Pearl Harbor-Sunburn
29.Travis Bretzer-Billy and I
30.Terrible Truths-Lift Weights
32.Weekend-All American
33.The Mantles-Lilynever Married
34.Jorge Elbrecht feat Tamaryn-14 Circle Back
35.No Joy-Luna Phobia
36.Pink Playground-Dark Bloom
37.The Fresh Onlys-Soothsayer
38.The Soft Pack-Tallboy
39.Puro Instinct-Stilyagi feat Ariel Pink
40.Robert Lester Folsom-Music and Dreams

Style-Psychedelia,noise, indie pop, alternative rock



1.Marissa Nadler-Ballads of Living and Dying
2.Lilacs Champagne-Laid Fucking Back
3.Black Moth Super Rainbow-Feel the Drip
4.Andrew Graham.-Take it Easy on Kathy at Least She can Dance
5.Date Palms-Honey Devash
6.Headdress-Blanket of Golden Fields
7.Tamaryn- The Waves
8.Viva L'American Death Ray Music-Six x Six
9.Wooden Shjips-Contact
10.Young Prisms-Weekend at Treehouse.
11.Xander Duell-Diamonds R Dizzy Emma Baby
12.Lucky Luke-Out of my Tree
13.Michael Angelo-Sorcerer Dream
14.Peaking Lights-Beautiful Son
15.The Vacant Lots-Confusion
16.The Bitters-The New Real Way
17.The Soft Pack-Saratoga
18.The Fresh Onlys-Presence of Mind
19.No Joy-Ghost Blonde
20.The  Soft Pack-Captain Ace
21.GR-Low Born
22.Home Blitz-Hey!
23.Cold Showers-I don't Mind
24.Vietnam-Kitchen Congas
25.Lansing Dreiden-Glass Corridor
26.Tunning Shrines-Face of Another
27.Lace Curtain-Falling
28.Nite Jewel-NAtural Causes
29.Steve Moore-Fever Dream
30.The Miracle Club-A new Love
31.Ford Lopatin-Snakes
32.The Miracle Club-Church Song
33.Washed Out-Feel it all Around
34.Teams vs Star Slinger-Punch Drunk Love
35.Tamary& Ford Lopatin-Flying Dream
36.Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin-Uptown Psychedelia
38.Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica

Style-Psychedelia, indie pop, synth pop, experimental


domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Domenico Lancellotti | Cine Privê

Nevski Compilation : Shamanistic Return


1-Alio Die & Mathias Grassow-Expansion Mood 3
2-Vidna Obmana-By Abundant Rain
3-Susumu Yokota-Live Echo
4-O Yuki Conyugate-Long Pig
5-Steve Roach-Atmosphere for Dreaming
7-Amhir Baghiri-Everything You See
8-Zoviet France-Pyroclastic Flow
9-Geir Jenssen-Zhangmu Crossing a LAndslide Area
10-Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen-No Man's Land
11-Rapoon-Waddi Jah
12-Ulf Lohmann-Audrey
13-Andrew Thomas-Fearsome Jewel 9
15-MArcus Guentner-Damit du Endlich Weisst

Style: Ambient, tribal,experimental
mixed by Alexei



16-Deaf Center-Thunder Night
17-Max Richter-The Trees
18-Goldmund-Door of Our Home
19-Johan Johansson-IBM 1401 A Users MAnual-Part V
20-Gas-Pop II
21-Fennesz-A Year in a Minute
22-Lawrence English-I Been Happy Like This
23-Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits-BEcome a Plant and Join the Circulation
24-Brian McBride-Our Last Moment in a Song
25-The Dead Texan-A Chronicicle of Early Failures Pt-1
26-Arve Henriksen-Black Mountain
28-Robert Henke-Layering Buddha 001
30-Jochem Paap-Klkkn
31-Stars of the Lid-Piano Aquieu

Style-Ambient, neoclassic, experimental

mixed by Alexei


martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Principle of Silence (Vidna Obmana & Joris De Backer) - The Fall

Rather Interesting

1.Atom Heart-Larger tan Life
2.Datacide-Stereo Kiss
3.Semiacoustic Nature-Blazy Fills
4.Dandy Jack-Show You my Tent
5.Dos Tracks-Asciied
7.BAss-9G Make your Face Flat
8.The Stereonerds-Electronics
9.AtomHeart-Apart 2
10.Masters of the Psychodelic Ambience-Backward Journey Magic Display
11.CMYK-Beuys,beuys, beuys
12.Fonosandwich-They Call it  Donut but  it doesn't have  Hole
13.Los Sampler's-Descarga Mecano
14.Erik Satin-Baroque
15.AtomTM featuring.Tea Time-Perra Mojada
16.Lisa Carbon-Gagarin
17.Dropshadow Disease-Fototienda
18.Señor Coconut-Chocolatina ( Guaguanco Libre)
19.Naturalist-Untitled 10
20.Datacide-Deep Chair

Style-Techno, electronics,exotica, downtempo

Rather Interesting

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

100% Silk

1.SFV Acid-JusCid
2.Peaking Lights-Birds of Paradise ( Xander Harris remix)
3.Roche-A night in the Haç
5.Ital-Ital's theme
6.Jupiter Jax-Ain't no Voodoo
7.Coyote Clean Up-Awesome Luv
8.Fast Times-This Systems
9.Maria Minerva-Black Magick
10.Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows-Just Wanna Feel
11.James Booth-Seeing Voices
12.Alex Burkat-Tarot
13.Bobby Draino-Xantham Gum
14.Coyote Clean Up-Head Shoulders knees and Toes
15.Maria Minerva-A Love so Strong
17.Octo Octa-His Kiss
18.Mi Ami-Time of Love
19.Innergaze-Shadow Disco
20.La Vampires-Freedom 2K
21.Maria Minerva-Noble Savage
22.Octo Octa-Memories
24.Strategy-Feel the Earth

Style-House, techno revival 90 , synth pop, acid
100% Silk

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant - "Opening Brace"

domingo, 6 de julio de 2014


Nevski Compilation:Saturn in Summertime

 1.James Brown-King Heroine
2.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-Red Right Hand
3.Rodd Keith-I Died Today
4.Orchester Werner Muller-Body Building
5.Lynn Collins-Think ( About it)
6.MArvin Pontiac-Small Car
7.Hku-La Fourmi
8.Ken Nordine-Cerise
9.Horace Silver-Won't you Open  up your Senses
10.Don Sebesky-Guru Vin
11.El Rego et ses Commandos-Vimado Vingman
12.Bruno Nicolai-Allora ill Treno
13.Barry Adamson-Saturn in Summertime
14.Devon-Plastic Marbles
15.Ta-Ku-Make you Wanna
16.Skalpel-Not too Bad
17.Quelle Chris- Super fuck
18.Cujo-Fatass Joint
19.Tamaki Hiroki Jazz Friends-Tsuseki
20.Kostas Vomvolos-A Strain of Grass in her Wedding Dress

Style-Soul, jazz, exotica, psychedelic, breaks

domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Sin Cos Tan - Trust

Creation Records part.2

Creation Records 1991-1999

-Side A.

1.Sleep Freak-Heavy Stereo
3.The Weather Prophets-Head over Heels
4.Velvet Crush-Time warps around You
5.Teenage Fanclub-Alcoholiday
5.1-Shonen Knife-Catnip Dreams
6.Glen Matlock-My Little Philistine
8.Adorable-A To fade in
9.Ride-At the end of the Universe
10.My Bloody Valentine-Swallow
13.Swrvedriver-Girl on a Motorbike
15.The Telescopes-You set My Soul
16.Dave Kusworth & The Bounty Hunters-Wives, Weddings & Roses
17.Heidi Berry-Below the Waves
18.The Times-The Ballad of Georgie Best
19.The Jazz Butcher-Sweet Water
21.Sugar-Good Idea
22.Primal Scream-Kowalski
23.The Cramps-Naked Girl falling Down the Stairs
24.Poster Children-If you see Kay
25.Super Furry Animals-God show me Magic!
26.Wiliam Reid-Tired of Fucking
27.Trashmonk-Girl I used 2 Know
28.James Young-Songs that never play on the Radio

Style-Indie pop 90, alternative rock


Side B.

1.Black Eg-Monster Man
2.Eggman-First Fruits Fall
3.David Westlake-Talk like that
4.Teenage Filmstars-Apple
5.The Boo Radleys-Does this Hurt
6.Medicine-Queen of Tension
7.My Bloody Valentine-When you sleep
8.Slowdive-Blue Skied and Clear
9.Pie Finger-Without a Name
10.Reload-Le Soleil et la Mer
11.Hypnotone-God CPU
12.Love Corporation-Cathedrals of Glitter ( Monkey MAffia remix)
13.Saint Etienne- Nothing can Stop us now
14.Ruby-Salt Water Fish
15.The Lilac Time-Dreaming
16.World Unite-World Unite ( Keeping the Faith)
17.Le Tone-Joli Dragon
18.One True Parker-Bubble Gum
20.Eternity's Children-My Happiness Day

Style-Indie pop 90, synth pop


martes, 17 de junio de 2014

Sleep ∞ Over - Casual Diamond

Karaoke Kalk

1.Will Samson-Eat Sleep Travel Repeat
2.Emanuelle Errante-Memoirs
3.Dakota Suite-The Hearts of Empty.
4.Toog-Ugly Ducklings feat Asia Argento
5.März-The River
6.Pluramon-If time was on my Side
7.Her Space Holiday-Key Stroke
8.Donna Regina-Why
9.Bill Wells , Ann Whitehead, Stephan Schneider & Barbara Morgenstern-Brown Recluse
10.Hans Platzgumer feat.Catriona Shaw-Miss Me
11.Toulouse Low Trax-Jeidem Fall
13.Hanno Leichtmann-Fenster
15.Takeo Toyama-Der Meteor
16.Static-Stubby Fingers
17.Pascal Schaefer-Melody Express
18.Takagi Masakatsu-Angie
19.Kuchen-Mauri the Pugillist
20.Nikakoi-City Lights
21.Donna Regina-Let's get Slow
22.Wunder-How we are
24.François X-D -Node 188
26.The Notwist-Solitaire
28.De la Mancha-Ursa Minor
29.Hauschka-Rocket Man feat.Vert
31.Mouse on Mars-Cache Coeur Naif
32.Leichtmetall-Wir sind Blumen Grinsers  Immer weiter remix
33.Kandis-Treasure Island
34.Tarwater-20 Miles Up
35.Donna Regina-A Quiet Week in the House
36.Wechsel Garland-Gift
37.Schneider TM-The Light 3000
38.Pluramon feat Julie Cruise-Have You seen Jill
39.Ritornell-The Morning Factory
40.TG Mauss-I'm Child
41.Stephan Schneider & Bill Wells-Pntps 4
42.März-Love Streams

Style-Folktronic, electronics, experimental, pop

Karaoke Kalk

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

mitte karaoke- die discofibel

Egyptian Hallucination 2

1.Erkin Koray-Korkulu Ruya
2.The Apryl Fool-The Lost Motherland
4.The Incredible String Band-Thre is a Green Crowd
5.Caesar Shirubu-Jihinshin Tori
7.Brainticket-Places of Light
8.Kuni Kawachi & His Group-The Cat
9.Jah Wobble,The Edge,Holger Czukay-It was a Camel
10.Droids-Shanti Dance Pt 1 & 2
11.Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Budda Theatre -Awa Adoni
12.Akiko Yano-Rose Garden
13.Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band-Shambhala Signal
14.Brian Eno-Mea Culpa
15.Igor Wakhévitch-Eau Ardente
16.Donato Dozzy-Vaporware 05
17.Jarboe-Mouth of Flames revisited
18.Raph Lundsten-Heaven by Night: Robbie is Dancing the Waltz
19.Karuna Khyal-alomoni
21.Les Rallizes Denudes-Strong out Deeper than the Night
22.Deaf-The Galactic Pack of Kari
23.Faust-Lauft.....Heisst das  es Lauft oder es Kommt Bald....Lauft

Style-Psychodelic Japan, krautrock, electronic

Egyptian Hallucination 2