sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Bona Dish - 8 AM

In Phaze Records

01.The Legendary Pink Dots - Waving At The Aeroplanes
02.Marine Girls - Fridays
03.Bona Dish - 8 am
04.Solid Space - Spectrum Is Green
05.Portion Control - In Pursuit Of Excellence
06.Edward Ka-Spel - Eye Contact
07.Bona Dish - Challenge
08.Marine Girls - on my mind
09.Solid Space - A Darkness in My Soul
10.The Legendary Pink Dots - Tower Three
11.Portion Control - Preach
12.Edward Ka-Spel - Moments
13.Portion Control - Terror Leads To Better Days
14.The Legendary Pink Dots - Wall Purges Night
15.Portion Control - Simulate Sensual
16.Van Kaye & Ignit - Tense

Style-Minimal synth, after punk, new wave, industrial

miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2016

Black Pond - Shiver (Minimal Mix)

Electronic Emergencies

01.Ceci N'est Pas - The Last Time
02.Borgie - Quadropoly
03.Visonia - Una Androgina Criatura
04.Dmitry Distant - Hierophant
05.Popsimonova - Brokedown Palace
06.David Vunk & Mima - Dov'e l'amore
07.Visonia - Forgotten Feelings
08.Machinegewehr - The Unforgiven
09.SOS - Wallonie (original)
10.Black Pond - Shiver (Minimal Mix)
11.Das Ding - Why is My Life So Boring-
12.Visonia - The Moon Doesn't Want To Look At You
13.momentform - order

Style-Synthpop, electro, techno

Electronic emergencies

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

Nautiluss X & Lord Skywave - Blue Monday

Hemlock Recordings

01.Breton   Counter Balance
02.James Blake   Air And Lack Thereof
03.Hodge - I Don't Recognise You Lately
04.Bonobo-Kiara (Cosmic Trg remix)
05.Ramadanman   Glut (Full Track)
06.LV & Untold   Beacon
07.Guy Andrews - Textures (Original Mix)
08.Pangaea - Hex
09.Breton - RDI (Girl Unit Remix)
10.Untold   Kane
11.Joe - Studio Power On
12.Sei A   Hyphen
13.Randomer - Get Yourself Together
14.Airhead - October
15.Cosmin TRG   Tower Block
16.Fantastic Mr Fox-Lo-Fi-Ve
17.James Blake - Order
18.Untold- drop it on the One
19.Nautiluss X &  Lord Skywave   Blue Monday
20.Randomer - This Train [VD Blog]
21.Untold - Strange Dreams

Style-Bassline, dubstep, downtempo, techno



jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2016

Stanislav Tolkachev - Heartbeat


01.Stanislav Tolkachev - Heartbeat
02.Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus
03.Mike Parker - Copper Variations_ CV1 (Alternate Take)
04.Trybet - Nautical Two
05.mike parker-GPH17A1
06.Mike Parker - Below Zero
07.Echologist - Burn Permit
08.Mike Parker - Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy Remix)
09.mike parker - gunma forest
10.Eastern Renaissance - 42°19'53 N
11.Mike Parker-Melencolia [Acid Mix] (Remastered)

Style-Acid, deep techno



domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2016

Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi

Leaf Part-2 2006-2016

Leaf Part-2 2006-2016

01.Colleen - Le Labyrinthe
02.Efterklang  The Danish National Chamber Orchestra - Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles
03.Franck Vigroux  Matthew Bourne - Antenna
04.Matthew Bourne - Montauk Variations 3
05.Roll The Dice - Calling All Workers
06.Murcof - Cielo
07.Vladislav Delay - Melankolia
08.Wareika - 1st Floor
09.Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi
10.Roll The Dice, Pole - Calling Dub Workers
11.Adrian Klumpes - Weave In And Out
12.Julia Kent - Lac des Arcs
13.A Hawk and a Hacksaw and the Hun Hangr Ensemble - Oriental Hora
14.Wildbirds  Peacedrums - The Drop
15.Efterklang - Mirador
16.Nancy Elizabeth - Heart
17.Polar Bear - Lost in Death Part 2
18.Volcano - Tension Loop
19.AU - Get Alive
20.Icy Demons - 1850
21.Jherek Bischoff - Eyes
22.Oh No Ono - Swim
23.Melt Yourself Down - Dot To Dot
24.Icy Demons - Summer Samba
25.Oh No Ono - Eleanor Speaks (Caribou Remix)

Style-Electronics, experimental, psychedelic, indie pop rock, letfield


lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

Obtane - Mescaline Garden Hose

Aconito Records

01.Bioni Samp - Feather Ings
02.Alessio Pili - How the Few Control the Many (Original Mix)
03.Deepbass - Analysis X.Y.04
04.Kuroi - Tl 01
05.nax acid  nicola ruffino 'aka' ink - a jarvik ax 7.1
06.Ness - Citiescapes
07.Obtane - Mescaline Garden Hose (Original Mix)
08.Zone Demersale - Il Viandante (Original Mix )
09.nax acid - synthetic nature
10.Ink - Amygdaloid Voices On the Threshold
11.Hironori Takahashi - Serv
12.Etapp Kyle  -  Empty Mind
13.Alex Pili - DGT Is Shit
14.Refracted - Linear Function
15.giorgio gigli, nax acid - depth perception
16.Nax_Acid and Bioni Samp - Ghost Track
17.Bioni Samp - Ghostbus

Style-Deep techno, minimal


domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

Ryuichi Sakamoto Thousand Knives

Plexus Holland

01.Arthur Brown & Craig Leon - Morning Was Cold
02.Frieder Butzmann - Wolfsburg
03.Rescue 1 - Movie Viewers
04.Ryuichi Sakamoto -Thousand Knives
05.arthur brown and craig leon - conversation
06.Dojoji - Kiets Lorren (Runs With Honey)
07.De Div  - Stap voor Stap
08.Mark Stewart & The Maffia - Learning To Cope With Cowardice
09.Paleis Van Boem - 1001 (Days)
10.Frieder Butzmann - Arbeitslied II
11.Riuichi Sakamoto - The Garden Of Poppies
12.The Beatniks - Une Femme N'est Pas un Homme
13.The Individuals -Can't Get Started  (Fields)
14.De Div - Sa-Ha-Ra
15.The Sponsors - Don't Get Hurt
16.COKA - Modern Girl_ngIJYexggaw
17.De Div - Man In De Ruit
18.Spasmodique - From The Cellar Of Roses

Style-Industrial, minimal synth, after punk, new wave, tecno pop, avant-garde

Plexus Holland

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

Thomas Bjerring - 02:45

Traum Schallplatten

01.Waki   Visitors
02.Iquinn   Brief Moment
03.Reimut van Bonn   Maserung
04.Tomas Jirku - Basen
05.SCSI 9-Cosmoport
06.Broker and Dealer- Dig Deep
07.dominik eulberg   kuckucks lichtnelke (lychnis flos cuculi)
08.Fairmont   Inside
09.Nathan Fake   Dinamo
10.Off Pop   today
11.Geoff White_Now Showing
12.Chris Finke   Dance of Death (Justin Berkovi To The Past And Back Remix)
13.Andreas Fragel  - Komikon
14.Moonbeam    Eclipse
15.Arjun Vagale   Random Eye Movement (Macromism Remix)
16.Oliver Hacke  - Schoener Wohnen
17.Ryan Davis - Aquarius
18.Thomas Bjerring   0245
19.Dealer   Urgent
20.Minilogue   Certain Things (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
21.Five Green Circle   Roman's BBQ (Xhin Rmx)
22.Jesse Somfay   For One Brief Moment I Was There
23.Dominik Eulberg   Blueten sind dem grossen Schillerfalter fremd
24.Echopilot   Finstere Zeiten
25.Riley Reinhold - Lights go Out
26.Philippe Cam   Bass star
27.Max Cooper - Symphonica
28.Applescal   A Slave Commitment Remixes
29.Dominik Eulberg-Brenzlich, Brenzlich' Dachte 
30.Piemont -Strange World Beyond
31.Super Flu   Momratzn
32.Gabriel Ananda & Dominik Eulberg   NGC 101
33.Sennh   I Am With You
34.Popnebo - Monsters make love to (K)night

Style-Minimal techno, deep house, dub techno


Traum Schallplatten

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

Jane Birkin Lolita go home

Double Denim Records - Wonderland Mix - February 2013

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Cue (Slow)
Elite Gymnastics - Here, in Heaven 2
Julia Holter - My Baby
Pale Saints - Kinky Love
Broadcast - Sixty Forty
Cat Power feat Angel Haze - Manhattan (Ryan Hemsworth remix)
Ty Dolla $ign - Zone'n
NDF - Since We Last Met
Seefeel - Spangle

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Vaghe Stelle - Artificial Intelligence


01.El Kid - Lazy Love
02.Alis - 020
04.Lord Skywave - Eggshells
05.Lukid - Pleurisy
06.Nenado - Your Sketch
07.Quiltland - 1 Second Sun 1 Hour of Light
08.samoyed  - spit
09.Vessel & Zhou - Tremble
10.Dave Saved - Esoteric Circle
11.1991 - Open to the Dark
12.Jabu - still yours
13.Tapes - Dungeness
14.lotide - The Way You
15.nenado-like attracks like
16.Subeena - Rakeeh
17.Clause Four - Daze
18.BNJMN, & Best Available Technology - Ghosting
19.Coco Bryce - The Cliché
20.Jay Prada - Nina's Strut
21.Mike Slott - Music's Fun
22.Professor Ojo - Focus
23.Quiltland - Calluna
24.Singing Statues   No Disguise
25.Metske - Isotopic
26.vessel - patina
27.Baron Zen & Tekblazer - Bass Attack (Daniel Savio Remix)
28.Bnjmn - It's Not a Joint
29.Vaghe Stelle - Artificial Intelligence
30.Adam Oko - Legs Akimbo
31.Crackazat - Party in the Clouds
32.Slow Hand Motëm - Love is the New Evil
33.Lower - Heartbroken
34.Vessel and El Kid   BV11
35.Slugabed - Clunk Clunk
36.The Blessings - Lungebob

Style-Downtempo, glitch, experimental. low fi, techno,abstract hip hop



domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

A Place to Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You

Rocket Girl

Side A.

01.Robin Guthrie-everlasting
02.Katharina Franck   Faithful Friend (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
03.Lemon's Chair   Swallowtail
04.Piano Magic   Saint Marie
05.God Is An Astronaut   In The Distance Fading (The Echelon Effect Remix)
06.Lenola-The Holidaymakers
07.They Came from the Stars- I Am Not Afraid
08.P.S I Love You-New York
10.Mazarin   'Wheats'
11.Television Personalities - A Memory Is Better Than Nothing
12.silver apples-I Have Known Love
13.Lilys   Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
14.Frausdots   Dead Wrong
15.aM TM  I've God Them
16.Eat Lights Become Lights- Heavy Electrics
17.A Place To Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You
18.Slumber  Bell Boy
19.Kennedy With Ulrich Schnauss-all in the golden afternoon
20.Elika   Nowhere (Project Skyward remix)
21.Project Skyward   Sirius The Brightest Star (Album Mix)
22.Agent Fresco   A Long Time Listening
23.Jack   The Emperor of New London
24.loopdrop-Siempre Azul
25.fuxa 'cheree'
26.Bowery Electric   Things'll Never Be The Same

Style-Indie pop, psychedelic, space rock, electronic pop, shoegaze

Side B

01. Low + Transient Waves + Piano Magic-Sleep at the Bottom
02.Piano Magic-There's No Need for Us to Be Alone
03.Coldharbourstores- Perfect Cursive
04.Roy Montgomery With Kirk Lake-London Is Swinging By His Neck
05.Coldharbourstores- All That Matters Now
06.Anthony Reynolds & Colin Wilson-Why we make it difficult on ourselves
07.Azusa Plane-Drinking Scotch with Delmore
08.United States Direct Investment in Other Countries
09.Amp   So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)
10.E.A.R- Ring
11.Add N to Fu(x)a   And Another Thing!
12.Gnac-Tracy Draco
13.July Skies   So Sad Today
14.Piano Magic   Crown Estate
15.fuxa-Amber Gambler
16.Pluxus Molltolerans
17.State River Widening  Amsterdam Green
18.Gnac   Another Fine Mess
19.transient waves-Green Acres
20.Her Space Holiday-These Days
21.Keiron Phelan &  David Sheppard   Grasslands
22.Pieter Nooten-coldater
23.Windy & Carl- Crazy in the Sun

Style-Downtempo, experimental, ambient,post rock




jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


1/ Gilb'r Feat. Sydney Valette - Nuage de L'onde
2/ Sebastien Tex - Sway in Stones
3/ Orestt - L'âge de Glace
4/ Sigward & Oliver Sudden - Welcome Back My Sun
5/ Boozoo Bajou - S.A.E. (Red Axes rmx)
6/ Gazeebo - Gushing Climax (Irregular Disco Workers Sowing rmx)
7/ Tici Taci - Crush
8/ Leo Mas & Fabrice - No Light
9/ Fernando - New Endings
10/Manfredas - Square Lights (Secret Version)
11/Red Axes Feat.Abrao - Balma
12/FKCLUB - Volta
13/Fad Gadget - Ladyshave (Danceteria Edit)
14/Mushrooms Project - Yess (Voxlow Rmx)
15/Moscoman - Fernandez
16/Boot & Tax - Brace Brace (Alien Alien rmx)
17/Dj T. - Funk on You (2011 Edit)
18/Boot & Tax - Niente Per Niente
19/Trans Mania - Boing Boom Jack (Alexander Robotnick rmx)
20/Tad Wily - Lonely Night
21/Dionigi - Hey Jack
22/Jack Pattern - Disco Prohibido
23/Dark Strands - Slide (Heretic rmx)
24/Two Mamarrachos & Snem K - Teach Me (Damon Jee rmx)
25/Amevicious - Overheads
26/Booka Shade - Vertigo (Club Bizarre edit)
27/Monoblok & PSLKTR - Relapse
28/Marvin & Guy - Dance Ability
29/Eric Volta - Love Your Illusion
30/C.A.R. - Angelina (Manfredas rmx)
31/Paresse - Nada
32/Lauer - Hershel

James Blake - Radio Silence at Radio 1’s Headliners

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

dom mino。彩雨


01.Daisuke Miyatani-Between A and B
02.1Familiar Trees - Knew Peace
03.Quentin Sirjacq-Et le noir
04.ARAKI Shin   Reflection Of Your Flowers
05.Lullatone & Aki Tsuyuko-My Favorite Fork  Knife
06.RF & Lili De La Mora-Your Book of Everything
07.Flica - I
08.Sawako  Daisuke Miyatani - Tiny Star
09.Tape - Slow Birds For Mayo T
10.yoshinori takezawa - Corriente
11.teruyuki nobuchika - half moon
12.Haruka Nakamura - Ralgo
13.dakota suite & quentin sirjacq  in the stillness of this night
14.[.que] - flora
15Cokiyu - Mirror Flake
16.Dom Mino' - Scarlett
17.Ghost and Tape - Bless the Blind
18.Motoro Faam-Parallels and Infiltrations
19.Akira Kosemura-Watercolor
20.Channel In Channel Out - These Molecules Evaporate
21.Dom Mino - Cartaforbicesasso
22.Haruka Nakamura - Delight
23.Caelum - Apoptosis
24.–The Banjo Consorsium-nameapril

Style-Ambient, eletronics,folktronica, japan, modern clasical, IDM



miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy

Spectral Sound


01.Audion - I Am The Car
02.Gadi Mizrahi - She Don't
03.Moiré - Red Circle (feat. Bones)
04.Fort Romeau - Insides (Roman Flügel Remix)
05.Daso - Chair And Table
06.Jabberjaw - A Goat on Fire in the Garden of Eden
07.Seth Troxler feat. Matthew Dear - Hurt (Martinez Dark Soul Remix)
08.Alexi Delano - My Busted SH 101
09.Childproof Man   Bloom
10.Matthew Dear - Dog Days
11.James Teej Yakine   Rise feat James Teej (Original Mix)
12.Ryan Elliott  - Kicking Up (STABLO No. Remix)
13.Hieroglyphic Being   Je Suis Musique
14.Lee Curtiss   Black Door Beauty
15.Audion - Sky (Daniel Avery Remix)
16.DMX Krew - I won't forget
17.Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak (Original Mix)
18.Mark E - Molyneaux
19.Lusine   Rubberbands
20.Benoit & Sergio - Let Me Count The Ways (Original Mix )
21.Shonky   KORG M1
22.Sami Koivikko - Keskus
23.Brian Aneurysm - Das Element Des Menschen (James T. Cotton version)
24.James T Cotton (aka JTC)   Press Your Body
25.Patricia - Drip Dawn
26.Mike Parker   Protolanguage

Style-Techno, minimal, deep house


01.Lawrence - Divided - Original Mix
02.Fort Romeau -SW9'
03.Light Year - No One (Original Mix)
04.Mark E - Bog Dance (Alvin Aronson Remix)
05.Bodycode - What Did You Say
06.Daso And Pawas Gupta - KKB (Original Mix)
07.Nautiluss - Kodama
08.Audion - Titty Fuck
09.Osborne - Hold Up (Joe's Dub) [feat. Joe Goddard]
10.Daso   Meine (Original Mix)
11.Seth Troxler   Panic, Stop Repeat! (Original Mix)
12.Matthew Dear   Tide
13.Birds & Souls - Birds & Souls (Original Mix)
14.Alexi Delano And Francisco Allendes - El Coleccionista De Piedras
15.Mikael Stavostrand   Can You See Thru My Eyes
16.James T Cotton  -  I Seek
17.Plan Tec - Espias Psiquicios (Jonas Kopp Psiquic Remix)
18.ryan crosson - don't look further
19.Jonas Kopp - Cero (Original Mix)
20.Geoff White   Ince
21.Kate Simko - Take You There (feat. Brenda D)
22.Hieroglyphic Being   Lost In Translation
23.Yakine - Rise (feat. James Teej)
24.Mike Shannon - Blind Love

Style-Techno, minimal, deep house




domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016


Orange Twins Records

01.Madeline - 1982
02.Sibylle Baier   I Lost Something In The Hills
03.Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power and the Amorphous Strums - Mad Passion of the Stoic
04.The Instruments   Pastorale
05.the good ship-The Maco Light
06.Gerbils - The Air We Share
07.Elyse - Deed I Do 
08.Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't-If I Leave Tommorow
09.The Late B. P. Helium-The Weeping Soul
10.Mind Brains-Happy Stomp
11.Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Madam Truffle
12.Great Lakes   This Wil Be Our Year 
13.Je Suis France   Live to Win
14.Elf Power  'Sunlight on the Moon'
15.Lovers   Frozen Floods
17.nana grizol   galaxies
18.Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is
19.Great Lakes -Ghost Brother
20.Lovers   An Army Of Lovers Can Not Fail

Style-Folk, psychedelic, indie pop


martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Bal Pare - Meilleur Du Monde

Medical Records

 Side A

01.Die Gesunden - Die Gesunden Kommen
02.Post Industrial Noise - Compartment Life
03.Aloa - Seltsame ranken
04.Black Fantasy  - Evil places
05.bal pare - die idioten
06.Chrisma - Aurora B
07.Dalek I - The World
08.Lou Champagne System - Propaganda Frustration
09.Laugh Clown Laugh - Feel So Young
10.Mathmatiques Modernes - A   B = C
11.Alexander Robotnick - Computer Sourire
12.I Signori Della Galassia - Proxima Centauri
13.Gina X Performance - Nice Mover
14.Paul Nelson - Automated man
15.Psychic Youth - The Future Now
16.Christof Glowalla - Erde 80
17.Play - Deeper Than Blue
18.Secession - Betrayal
19.The Electronic Circus - Direct Lines
20.Mya  The Mirror - Hesitation
21.Drinking Electricity - Discord Dance
22.Illustration Sonore - Ulysses
23.((PRESSURES)) - The Voices
24.Tse-Tse - 5 Vor 12 und Die Weie Frau (Part 1)

Style-After punk,minimal synth,  tecnopop, new wave

Side B

01.Aaah - Slip Away
02.Disco Volante - No motion
03.Iko - Gonadotropic Synthesis
04.Post Industrial Noise - Think
05.Der Plan - Hans und Gabi
06.Deutsche Wertarbeit - Guten Abend Leute
07.Axxess - When The Lips Fly High
08.tipical me - claustrofobian
09.Chrisma - Black Silk Stocking
10.Severed Heads - A Million Angels
11.PEINE PERDUE -Cerceaux
12.Almost Alone  - Blue City
13.Body 11 - Attack
14.Gay Cat Park - I'm a vocoder
15.bal pare - palais d' amour
16.Guyer's Connection - Red Light
17.Zed - Plastic Love (Vocal)
18.Null and Void   I Can See What's Happening
19.TROPHY   Slow Flight
20.Le Clich - Thank You For Holding
21.Roladex - Cathode Rays
22.Mixed Feelings   Told You So

Style-Minimal synth, new wave, tecnopop




miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

18+ All The Time [Houndstooth]


These New Puritans – Navigate Navigate [Angular]
Burial – Versus
Loefah – The Goat Stare [DMZ]
Rustie – Bad Science [Wireblock]
Zomby – 1up [Hyperdub]
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason – Bleep Show [Hemlock]
Burial – Unite
Mala – Hunter [DMZ]
The Bug ft Flowdan & Killa P – Skeng [Hyperdub]
Ikonika – Please [Hyperdub]
Loefah – Yours [Ringo]
Zomby – Rumours and Revolutions [Brainmath]
El-b ft. Juiceman – Buck & Bury [Tempa]
Kode9 – Black Sun [Hyperdub]
Zomby – Spacemen [Hyperdub]
Pangaea – Mosiac [Hotflush]
Mala – New Life Baby Paris [Deep Medi]
Zomby – Aquafresh [Hyperdub]
Scuba – Twitch (Jamie Vex’d remix) [Hotflush]
Joker – Digidesign [Hyperdub]
Guido – Orchestral Lab [Punch Drunk]
2000F ft. J Kamara – You Don’t Know What Love Is [Hyperdub]
Mount Kimbie – Maybes [Hotflush]
SG Main Theme – Sunni Geini [No Pain in Pop]

lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2016


Dronarium Records


01.Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci-Piazza Umberto
02.Pjusk - Skarlagen
03.Rezo Glonti - Pulse Added Two
04.Loscil - Hemlock
05.Elegi - Mørtemann
06.Autistici - Event Twelve
07.Chihei Hatakeyama - Night Frogs
08.Hakobune - Dead Leaves Crumble
09.Aidan Baker - Termination Shock
10.Giulio Aldinucci -Filo Di Voce
11.Alexandre Navarro - Surfaces
12.Dag Rosenqvist-In All The Hours Of Every Day
13.Marsen Jules-A Room Full Of History
14.philippe lamy-fai
15.Olga Wojciechowska - Climb Towards The Sun 0
16.Maps and Diagrams - Vertical Jet
17.star turbine-demension-zero
18.Pleq + Mathieu Ruhlmann    Metrics 1
19.Pillowdiver - Selected Ambient Fails
20.Offthesky - Bloodletting
21.Fescal   Winter Morning
22.Ryonkt & Offthesky  - Breathing

Style-Ambient, experimental, drone


01.Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg - Today Has Been Alright
02.Olan Mill - Lat 3 Sho Sbr
03.Christoph Berg   Today Has Been Alright
04.Sima Kim - Freudvoll
05.Anne Chris Bakker - Norge Svømmer
06.Cyril Secq  & Orla Wren - Quatrième Branche
07.Maschinefabrik-Goor Koor
08.Alexandre Navarro - Lost Cities
09.Listening Mirror   Incandescent Coral
10.Aidan Baker - Colour Information (A Solstice Drone)
11.Aaron Martin - Night Never Came
12.Darren Harper - Third Passage
13.Strom Noir - Tanec Rusaliek
14.The Green Kingdom-Untitled 9
15.Segue - Far Away (bonus track)
17.Sentimental Machines - Farewell March
18.Caught in the Wake Forever - Wreaths

Style-Ambient, neo classical, drone




martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

volcano! - Piñata

LEAF Label Part -1 1995-2005

Side A

01.matthew corwine - aeth
02.A Small, Good Thing - Slow Rotating Machine
03.bedouin ascent - if mountains could sing
04.Rothko - Suddenly Becomes Light
05.Colleen - Summer Water
06.A Hawk And A Hacksaw - To Pine In Time
07.daren seymour  mark van hoen - tema
08.Susumu Yokota - Live Echo
09.asa chang and junray  - hana
10.Oskar - Air Conditioning
11.Efterklang - Prey and Predator
12.Clue To Kalo - Empty Save The Oxygen
13.Volcano - Frozen In Escape
14.richard thomas-Pienso Que
15.Triosk - Re-Ignite
16.faultline - tiny consumer
17.Eardrum - Lizard
18.Icarus - Essen
19.Murcof - Rostro
20.Witchman - 4am On Point
21.The Sons Of Silence, - The Guilded Step
22.310 -After All'
23.Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absencen (Sutekh Remix) 
24.gescom - bronchusix
25.Twisted Science - Cold Fusion
26.Murcof - Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion Mix)
27.Disjecta  - Vistic 
28.Twisted Science - Magma Hum
29.vendor refill - pendulum
30.Being - Cue

Style-Avant garde, ambient,downtempo, psychedelic, electronics, experimental


01.310 - NOD
02.Asa-Chang  Junray - Tsuginepu To Ittemita
03.A Small, Good Thing - Babywalker
04.Susumu Yokota - King Dragonfly
05.Four Tet - Field
06.Boom Bip & DoseOne - The Birdcatcher's Return
07.Manitoba - Tits And Ass
08.Michael Forshaw - Work That Mutha
09.Psapp - Leaving in Coffins
10.faultline - control
11.Boymerang - (Theme From) Boymerang
12.Doktor Kosmos  - Holiday
13.Gripper - Prostate Boogie (edit)
14.Bill Wells, Annie Whitehead, Stefan Schneider, Barbara Morgenstern - A Soldier's Shoulder
15.Pole - Heim (Four Tet Remix)
16.Hanne Hukkelberg - Ease
17.Phelan Sheppard - Broken In The Wrong Places 
18.Si Begg   New & Different Experiment + Intro
19. Caribou-Barnowl
20.SThe ons Of Silence- More Bass, Vicar
21.MDK-Dont Know
22.Neil Landstrumm - Titos Block
23.Mou Ars On - Putza Tock Baby
24.Manitoba - Hendrix With Ko
25.beige-The Rhythm! The Message
26.310-worn at the heels 
27.Luger - Pass Agent
28.To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge des Lebens

Style-Letfield, downtempo, abstract hip hop, breakbeat, psychedelic




miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

podcast 019 by Idealist

01. Sirko Mueller - Explore
02. Onmutu Mechanicks - Blossom
03. Substance & Vainqueur - Immersion
04. Idealist - Indirection
05. Grad_U - EV3
06. Patlac - Soulshine
07. Goldwill - Mows (Hny Mows The Lawn Mix)
08. Prince Of Denmark - Thanatos
09. Jark Prongo - M-Tech
10. Stl - Silent State

martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Donna Regina - Why

Kalk Pets

01.Andres Garcia   Ballad (John Keys  Los Updates Amazing Vocal mix)
02.Wechsel Garland - Mutes (DJ Koze's Broken CD Mix)
03.Sam   Maluco (Dinkys sams remix)
04.Donna Regina - Star Ferry (Isolée Remix)
05.Daniel Mateo   Pure I (JTC Remix)
06.Dewalta - Crachin
07.VSQ   Thisisthat (Efdemin Remix)
08.Antonelli - I'm A Clicktrack
10.Junction SM - La Mort des Artistes
11.Leichtmetall   Wir sind Blumen Grinsers Immer weiter Remix
12.Le Rok   Lover  Friend (Original)
13.pascal schaefer poupee
14.Dewalta   Hide And Seek
15.Paul Frick - Do Something
16.Paul Frick & Matthias Engler   Knock On Wood, Babe
17.roman 'skiver' pascal schaefer rmx kalkpets 2
18.Dewalta And Aquatic - Nebelhorn

Style-Techno, glitch, minimal, pop electrónico



martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Viva! - She Wears A Shadow

Uniton Records

01.Erik Wøllo   Little Dream in Turquise
02.The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Hugebaby
03.Popol Vuh - Agape-Agape
04.Harold Budd - Dark Star
05.Ketil Bjornstad  - Prelude 13
06.Dome - To Speak
07.Eyeless In Gaza - Blue Distance
08.Japan - The Experience Of Swimming
09.The Bearburger   With Two Mouths Biting
10.Viva! - She Wears A Shadow
11.BLUE MATHUE - Perfect Pictures
12.Fra Lippo Lippi   A Small Mercy
13.Paha Sapa   Dawn
14.3rd Man - Oral Pleasure
15.Holy Toy   soldier toy
16.Svart Klovn - Knust Knekt
17.Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet
18.Fra Lippo Lippi - Say Something
19.Holy Toy - 03-Marmur (1982-Warszawa)
20.De Press - Kalhoz
21.Babij Jar   Seven Seven
22.Lubricated Goat - New Kind Of Animal

Style-Avantgarde, ambient, after punk, tecnopop



miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2016


Juno Plus Podcast 62: Karen Gwyer

1. Ash Ra Temple - Jenseits
2. Guem et Zaka Percussion - La forêt vierge
3. Prince Buster - 7 Wonders of the World
4. The Suburban Knight - Nocturbulous
5. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski - Quand les ghettos brûleront
6. Bad News - Real Bad News
7. Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life
8. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Late Day Sun Silhouettes
9. Marcos Cabral - Tio Rico
10. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Synastry
11. Amadu Bansang Jobarteh - Alla L'aa Ke
12. Unknown village elder near Kisumu - The Nilotic Harp
13. Shake Shakir - It Erased Me
14. Invisible Men - Moon Quarter
15. Madteo - We Doubt (You Can Make It)
16. Sandeeno - Put Down De Guns (Version)
17. The Upsetters - Thanks & Dub

domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

david lynch good day today

A Room with a View

01.Kito Jempere - Jun
02.Art Bleek - Future Memory
03.Andre Lodemann - Vehemence of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)
04.Andreas Saag Feat Filip Leyman   Leslie's Vision (Deepest Perspective Mix)
05.Christo - New Jazzno
06.Sasse - One For Oscar
07.Nowakowski -Pet In My Sea
08.Paskal  Urban Absolutes - Twice
09.Alland Byallo - Stern Soul
10.Andreas Saag - Jazz Lapse
11.Dave Aju - Love Tap
12.Motor City Drum Ensemble - Moving Through Clouds - Original Mix
13.Joel Alter-Acid Rain
14.Taron Trekka - Nenndas
15.Honesty -Brixton Beach
16.Joel Alter -Preching To The Choir (Alexkid Perspective)
17.Dairmount  Berardi -Bass Ment Tale
18.Pablo Valentino  - One (Original Mix)
19.Petter  Dairmount - Subakuatik Blues (The Underwater Dance)
21.xXxXx - State 808 (Marlows Raw Version)

Style- techno, house 


domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

Audraglint Recordings

01.Lotus Plaza - Come Back
02.Atlas Sound   I'll Be Your Mirror
03.Nudge - Warsong
04.The Sems - Harmless
05.Charles Atlas-The Snow Before Us  
06.Grizzly Bear - Sure Thing
07.Nice Weekend   Longest Days
08.Tarwater - Glee
09.fontanelle   charm and strange
10.marc hellner - night without thieves
11.Textile Ranch - The Dream Of The Murderers Ship Pulling Out
12.Charles Atlas - The Deadest Bar (Casino Versus Japan Remix)
13.The-Drum - Night Driving
14.Litanic Mask   'Anarchy'
15.Salem - Frost
16.Signaldrift   Planetarium
17.Pulseprogramming - Island Answer Anywhere
18.Kid606 - Sugarcoated
19.Born Gold   Pulse Thief
20.The BLOW - The Love That I Crave (Strategy's Strata Club Remix)
21.Nice Nice-Uh oh
22.Sons of Magdalene - The Whip
23.signaldrift - giallo
24.Tim Hecker - Atlas Two

Style-Psychedelic rock, indie , electronics, idm,


miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Workshop- I wish I had You

A Sleepless Mixtape By Herr Sushi™

01. Monomatik : I Know It´s Over (And It Never Really Began)
02. Rupert : Gib Mir Satelliten
03. Granlab : Gluehlichter
04. Frank Molder : Global Warming
05. Endlos : Die Andere Seite (Martin Am Saxophon)
06. Adob : Sheeps Or Monkeys
07. Li : Schwingen Meiner Geflügel (Remix)
08. Bogatzke : The Weak End
09. Prefuse 73 : Untitled
10. Alma Hueco : Piegon Funk
11. Lee Jones : Beginn
12. Thomas Baldischwyler : Hier Kommt Alex
13. Zero M2 : Benga
14. Cluster : Lerandis
15. 2562 : Unbalance
16. Alec Empire : No/Way/New York

sábado, 16 de julio de 2016

Seuli-Don't Trust feat. dOp

Circus Company


01.Nicolas Jaar  - Colomb
02.Jaw  Kevork Keshishian - Hazihi Laylaty (Original Mix)
03.Homewreckers - Not My Business
04.Aquarius Heaven - Universe
05.Andrey Pushkarev - Between the Mountains
06.Dave Aju - First Love
07.dOP   Assurance Vie
08.Freak - Sacana
09.Antislash   Soloporto
10.Franck Roger - Calixto
11.Ark & Pit Spector - Troll of Detroit
12.Dave Aju - Crazy Place
13.Jaw & The Das - Love Bones
14.Mossa   Sure Kill
15.Flabbergast - Frozen Beans
16.D'Julz - Fleurette (Original Mix)
17.kead - whatchugonnado
18.Nze - C
19.DJ Koze - Mrs. Bojangels
20.Carlos Nilmmns - when in glasgow
21.Kean - Rockean'roll
22.John Shananigans - Bounce the blues (original mix)
23.Marc Schneider & Aera - Sumback
24.Samim   Masua
25.Herb LF - Thirtyfive (Original Mix)
26.Deetron  Seth Troxler - Each Step (Original Mix)

Style-Minimal, electronics, deep house, funk


01.Dani Siciliano - Why
02.Ezechiel Pailhs  - Tout doux
03.Audio Werner - Bakshi [Circus Comany]
04.Nicolas Jaar - Marks
05.Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts   Twice Around The Sun
06.Piers Faccini  JAW  - Traitor Creator (Nze Remix)
07.les fils du calvaire - femme d’affaires
08.Aquarius Heaven - Slow Love feat. Miss Kittin
09.Oleg Poliakov - Back to My Fear
10.Ark   Sweet Chat Rio
11.Seuil - Nightwalker
12.Mossa - Bucolik
13.Freak - LT 607
14.Dave Aju and The Invisible Art Trio - Be Like The Sun
15.Ekkohaus - Soulshine
16.Le K - Please Mum
17.Aysam - A1 Rollingdoor
18.moniker - billy d
19.Seth Troxler and Patrick Russell - Doctor Of Romance
20.Guillaume  The Coutu Dumonts   Helicoptere (Original Mix)
21.Sety - Mogane
22.Yakine - Not Be Televised (Original Mix)
23.My My (aka  Lee JonesNicolas Hoppner)   Katzensprung
24.Robag Wruhme - Blech Beule (Original Mix)
25.Peanux - Scum

Style-Deep house, minimal, funk, electronics, pop




viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Yeti Lane - Acide Amer

Clapping Music

01.Davide Balula - Pour Une Flaque...
02.Thee, Stranded Horse   So goes the pulse normavi
03.Chris Cohen - Monad
04.françois virot-Island
05.Sverige - Anna
06.My Jazzy Child      Sada Soul
07.Deerhoof - Tiny Bubbles
08.alligator - cycles
09.Centenaire   Answers
10.Mermonte - Ccile Arendarsky
11.Pokett- Three More Chords
12.Yeti Lane - The Echo Show
13.Reveille  Revenge
14.The Konky Duet-London Fields
15.lauter-Because of the Drugs
16.Centenaire   Where to go
17.Traditional Monsters-I Want a Girlfriend
18.Yeti Lane - Twice
19.Karaocake - It Doesn't Take A Whole Week
20.dDamage vs Bomb The Bass -Fuzzbox   feat. Jon Spencer
21.TTC   Pas d'Armure feat Hi Tekk and Doseone (dDamage remix)
22.The Berg Sans Nipple - Build with Erosion
23.Encre-Missive Bis
24.King Q4 - love buzz
25.Wilfried-Mes belles tennis
26.Hypo vs Emmanuelle de Héricourt - Edh Hit
27.Egyptology - The Skies (Yeti Lane remix)
28.F_LOR - Mutate
29.Wilfried-Matrix' remixed by O
30.The Berg Sans Nipple - Convert The Measurement
31.Encre - Nocturnes
32.Domotic - Theme from 'Le Démon des Hautes Plaines
33.egiptology-Memory City
33.Odot Lamm - She's a Jar
34.Orval Carlos Sibelius - Khen Mood
35.Herz Chain-B1 B2 B3

Style-Indie pop, psychedelic rock, electronics, drone

Clapping Music

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

Pole live on October 3, 2003 @ BackBooth



01.Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek - On The Lake
02.Roam The Hello Clouds - Pretender's Hand
03.Andrew Pekler - Station to Station
04.Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Hut Selector
05.Crackhaus - Birthday Bangers and Mash
06.Shackleton   Shortwave (Pole remix)
07.Martyn - Natural Selection (Flying Lotus' Cleanse Mix)
08.Pinch meets Pavel Ambiont - Poison   Remedy
09.Daniel Bell - Star Child
10.epo   doorstep
11.Sad Rockets - Cascais
12.Jan Jelinek Avec the Exposures - Facelift
13.mapstation - in the loss of clarity
14.Deadbeat - Head Over Heels
15.Pole - Raum 2 Variation
16.Gazoo - Esplanade
17.Groupshow - The Future Looks Brigh Super Bright
18.portable - symmetry
19.Bus Soom T - Diamond in the Rough
20.The Fall of Knee High   Headset and Soulo
21.The National Fanfare Of Kadebostany - Untitled
22.Process - Level Cascade
23.Untold - Test Signal
24.Scuba   Bleach
25.Thomas Fehlmann - Fellmaus
26.Mike Shannon - Sudden Moves
27.Deadbeat - Night Train To Paris
28.Tadd Mullinix - Fascinated
29.Low Res - Ramen 1
30.Kit Clayton - Nuchu
31.Jan Jelinek - A Concert For Television

Style-Dub, glitch, dubstep, experimental


01.System - Red Click
02.Mapstation - The Way Things Change
03.Pinch   136 Trek
04.I Dex vs Pole - Minsk
05.Jan Jelinek Avec The Exposures - If's, And's And But's
06.Deadbeat - Abu Ghraib (Reconfiguration)
07.Kontext - Blinkende Stjerne
08.Peverelist - The Grind
09.Frivolous - Island Of Sanctity (V2 Edit)T
10.Jacek Sienkiewicz  Arciom Kavaleuski Feat. Minorscene - Alfabet'
11.Elemental - Raw Material
12.Zed Bias - The Cauldron (Instrumental)
13.Martyn - Vancouver
14.2562 - Channel Two
15.Beige - Pustekuchen
16.Headset - Jaw Modulation (feat. Beans)
17.Bus - Spanish Techno
18.Safety Scissors - Amnesia, I Need You To Remind Me
19.Pole - Achterbahn (Frivolous Remix)
20.Kit Clayton-Reins
21.Cappablack - Components  Variables
22.burnt friedman & the nu dub players - hard drive dub
23.John Tejada - A World So Wide
24.Triola - Neuland
25.Jan Jelinek - Rock in the Video Age
26.Pole - Dsseldorf (the Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix - Detroit)
27.Milf Meets Minorscene - Constans (White Jack Dub)
28.Akufen - Theo's Theory (To Theo Parrish)
29.Kode9 vs Badawi   Den of Drumz
30.Pangaea - Coiled
31.syncom data - Beyond the Stars - SD Mix
32.Ramadanman - Response
33.TRG - Ghetto Romance

Style-Dub, glitch, techno, dubstep




jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Studio 360: Matmos and So Percussion perform "Water"

Mixes of the World: Egokind & Ozean

Route 8 - Pacific Paradise (Lobster Theremin)
Marquis Hawkes - Tunnel (Creme Organisation)
Hmot - Tartu (Fuselab)
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau'lin - Keys (KRTS Remix) (Project Mooncircle)
John Roberts - Lesser (Dial Records)
Symbols & Instruments - Mood (Metaphysical Remix) (KMS Records)
M.E.S.H. - Imperial Sewers (PAN)
Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles (First Word Records)
Palms Trax - Equation (Lobster Theremin)
Martyn & Four Tet - Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub) (Ninja Tune)
Akira Soundtrack - Kaneda's Theme (Dancy Dance Edit) (Unreleased)
Ozean - Swarms (Unreleased)
Clap! Clap! - The Holy Cave (Black Acre Records)
SCNTST - Totally Together (Boysnoize Records)
Perc - Take Your Body Off (Tessela Remix) (Perc Trax)
Joey Anderson - Sorcery (Dekmantel)
Cosmin TRG - Vertigo (50 Weapons)
Egokind & Ozean - Everybody Dance Now (Traum)
Alex Banks - Initiate (Monkeytown Records)
Kidkanevil - OG San (Project Mooncircle)

domingo, 5 de junio de 2016

United Bible Studies - Shore that fears the Sea (VPRO 2009)

Camera Obscura

01.The Iditarod - A Footprint in the Ashes on New Year's Day
02.Salamander-  Hail
03.Rusalnaia   Shifting Sands
04.Stone Breath - Seven Things Placed In a Hollow Tree
05.black sun ensemble-The Shining One
06.Salamander - Vessel Is Vacant
07.Black Swan Network   Untitled
08.Alchemysts forget about it
09.Tadpoles   Sunrise Ocean Bender
10.The Green Pajamas - Graduation Day
11.The Lucky Bishopps-  London Lounge
12.Alphane Moon - Circle Of Four
13.Love & Death-Mean Otto
14.Abunai   Tomorrow
15.Primordial Undermind - Louse Dances for Laos
16.Bardo Pond - Euphrates
17.The Lazily Spun -Halcyon days
18.the lothars-Trem, As Well
19.Tanakh - Marcel Proust
20.Christian Kiefer - Kalmykov (Poppies)
21.Patrick Porter   Hospital
22.United Bible Studies - The Jonah
23.Stone Breath - The Silver Thread
24.The Azusa Plane - The Miracle Of The Octabe

 Style-Psychedelic rock, folk, drone, spsce rock


 Camera Obscura

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Carsten Jost - Make Pigs Pay

Dial Records


01.Dominique - Great Space
02.Ursprung - Seiland
03.Queens - Cables
04.Christian Naujoks   Untitled (Bloom)
05.Glhen 4 - Headroom
06.Antonelli - The Morning (Lawrence Remix)
07.John Roberts - Palace
08.Carsten Jost - Krokus
09.Efdemin - There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
10.Lawrence - Fifteen Minutes With You
11.Pantha Du Prince - Lichten
12.Sten - Part Three
13.Miss Kittin - Alexander Polzin - Lighter
14.Rndm - No Beginning
15.Turner - My Aeroplane Mania (Lawrence Remix)
16.Pigon (Rndm  Efdemin) - Sunrise Industry
17.Autosundmädchen   All The World Loves Lovers
18.Mense Reents-Dacia

Style-Minimal techno, deep house, electronics, experimental


01.carsten jost - hermes
02.Denis Karimani - Wahrheit
03.Pawel - ceramics
04.Isolee - Black Lodge
05.Pantha du Prince - Saturn strobe
06.Sten - Way To The Stars
07.Carsten Jost - Juliane
08.John Roberts - Hesitate
09.Hate   Winterhude
09.Lawrence - Marlen (Carsten Jost  Dj Richard Remix)
10.Roman Fluegel - How To Spread Lies
11.Pawel   Into Pieces 2
12.nike.bordom - ahacid
13.Kassian Troyer - Tourist
14.Efdemin - Oh My God
15.Carsten Jost-Wuo (Eight Miles High)
16.Phantom Ghost - The Shadow Im Schutt (3) (Pantha Du Prince Remix)
17.Lawrence - The Night Will Last Forever
18.Phillip Sollmann - Room One

Style-Minimal, techno, deep house, ambient



sábado, 21 de mayo de 2016

Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me

Jon Hopkins Essential Mix 22.11.14

Bvdub & Loscil - Moirai (Glacial Movements)
Rapoon - Alchiva (Robin Storey)
Barker & Baumecker - Spur (Clark Remix) (Warp)
Jon Hopkins - Interlude (unreleased)
Seefeel - Industrious (Too Pure)
Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window (Moderat Remix) (Domino)
Recondite - The Fade (Ghostly)
Dan Deacon - Surprise Stefani (Luke Abbott Remix) (Domino)
Untold - Just For You (Hotflush)
Skudge - Mobius (Indigo Aera)
Agoria & Francesco Tristano - Kick The Peace part 1 (Different)
Fairmont - 3 cities (Traum Shallpatten)
Daniel Avery - Naive Response (Phantasy)
I Break Horses - Faith (The Field Remix) (Bella Union)
Gary beck - Algoreal (Soma Quality Recordings)
James Holden - The Illuminations (12" version) (Border Community)
Wesley Matsell - Bismuth (Cambria Instruments)
Jon Hopkins - Collider (Pangaea Remix) (Domino)
Clark - Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) (Warp)
Mux Mool - Crackers (Ghostly)
Dr. Smith (Tube Jerk remix) - Lamonde
Boddika & Joy orbison - In Here (Sunklo)
Mogg & Naudascher - Moon Unit part 2 (Supersoul)
panda bear - drone (Paw Tracks)

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Rick Rab - I Got U

Hoss Records

01.Mi Ami - Towers Fall
02.LebLaze - Life in the Wilderness
03.Lyonnais - The Fatalist
04.These Are Powers - Nubians On Franklin Ave
05.Atlas Sound - I Know, I Know
06.BLUNT FANG feat. GODS WISDOM & R. MEXICO - Life Is A Line
07.D Breaths 122
09.Excepter - My Heart Is Brokequot
10.Food For Animals - Grapes
11.DJ Dog Dick  - I'm A Bitch (Let Me Be Me)
12.Hungry Bodies - Octaver
13.Le1f - Blood Oranges ft. Ian Isiah  Juliana Huxtable
14.GODS WISDOM - Grown To Burn feat. Lang the Fang
15.Rick Rab-Suga Shuffle
16.Jones - Jones (Wounds)
17.SADAF - Man Of Me
18.Rick Rab - Liminal Being
19.Holy Ghost Party  - Treasure Chest
20.SHAMS - Nest (Feat. Murphy Maxwell)
21.lockbox-Lil Angel Hoodie
22.rick rab-Fuck This Industry 2011
23.SADAF - Stillness
24.THE URN (RideThat) Slow
25.Rick Rab - Melisma_Highrise (feat. Ami Dang)
26.Wzt Hearts - Hassler

Style-Psychedelic rock, bass music,abstract hip hop


Hoss Records