viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Os Ovni-Love

Tundra Dubs

1.Ʌ -Let Them Go
2.Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba-Tropocalypse
4.▲NGST-New World
5.Ghoul+ FluiD-Future Step.
6.GuMMy†Be▲R!-Arizona Lights 97
7.Myrrh Ka Ba-Pocket Monsters
8. ∆AIMON-Maasym-Funerals remix
10.Tombz-Already Dead
11.powwowW-K4rma 4 You
12.Men in Burka-Turah
14.Os Ovni-Love
15.Soft Riot-You can Please Everyone
16.Ghoul + Fluid-Down
17.Club for Boardgames-IXTLI

Style: Electronic, dark ambient, experimental, synthpop

domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Nevski Compilation: In My Cocoon

1.Jim James-Know Til Know
2.Dirty Beaches-elli
3.Jacco Gardner-Chameleon
5.Robbie Daniels Jr-Wuthering Heights
6.Deptford Goth-Particles
8.Burnt Friedman-Machines in the Ghost feat.Barbara Panther
9.Lulu Rouge-Welcome to my Dream feat.Tuco
10.Aquarius Heaven-Up & Down
11.Altered Carbon-Come Close
12.Breton-Counter Balance
13.Juj-Sunday Bouncer
14.Oval-Mare Fax
15-Dark Sky-In Brackets
16.Bozzwell-In My Cocoon
17.Jacques Greene-On Your Side feat.How to Dress Well
18. James Blake-Voyeur
19.Whomadewho-Every Minute Alone-Michael Mayer remix
21.Blagger-Strange Behaviour
22.Ada-Eve-Dj Koze remix
23.Dgookin-Glad I met You

In My Cocoon

sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Ghostly International Part.2

1.Beacon-No Body
2.Jacaszek-Golden grove
3.Cristopher Willits-Flowers into Stardust
4.Heathered Pearls-Beach Shelter
5.The Sight Below-Without Motion
6.JDSY-Smoke & Mirrors
7.Cepia-The Marina, The Bank & the Eels
8.Michina-Titanium Glaciers
9.Lord Raja-Phantera Bengal
10.Dabrye-Smoking the Edge
11.Mux Mool-Wax Rose Saturday
12.Com Cruise-Surf
13.Dauwd-Heat Divisin
14.Dykehouse-Tauq 2
15.Gold Panda-You
16.Dabrye feat.Doom-Air
17.Matthew Dear-Little People Black City Sascha Dive Dub remix
18.Solvent-Think like Us
19.Kill Memory Cash-The O

Style:Pop, electronic pop, ambient, freestyle

Tiga - Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix)

The Chocolate Watchband


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No Way Out del LP No Way Out
I'm not like everybody else del LP The Inner Mystique
Milkcow Blues del LP Let's Talk About Girls
Baby Blue del LP Inner Mystique 
In the Past del LP Inner Mystique 

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Ghostly International Part.1

1.Willits / Sakamoto-Completion
3.Shigeto-After the Smoke
4.Aeroc-Blue Eyes Bitter
5.HTRK-Eat Your Heart
7.Christopher Willits-Medium Blue
8.Pale Sketcher-Can I go Now
9.North Valley-Subconscious Orchestra -Shimokitazawa Face
10.School of Seven Bells-Chain
11.Phantogram-Eyelid Movies
12.Tropic of Cancer-More Alone
13.Pale Sketcher-Tiny Universe ( Interstellar)
14.Choir of Young Belivers-Sedated Rhine Gold
15.Ultraista-Smaltalk ( Four Tet remix)
16.Matthew Dear-Deserter
17.Skeletons & The King of all Cities-Fake Tits
18.Gold Panda-Same Dream China
19.Tycho-Ascension feat.Thivery Corporation
21-Lawrence-Five Leaves  

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