jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Friends Records

1.Brendan Sullivan-Young Thunder
2.Vlonde-The Grief of O
3.Zu Shapes-Olivia
4.Secret Mountains-Rejoice
5.Flock of Dimes-Prison Bride
6.Holy Ghost-Party Beach Whole
7.Celebration-I will not Fall
8.Future Islands-The Inkwell
9.Moss of Aura-Stone
11.Sri Aurobindo-Soul Vibrations of Man
12.Lands & People-In Living Colour
13.Microkingdom-Aire Metal
15.The Snails-Big Boy
16.Weekends-Peer History
17.The Violet Hour-XXXVI
18.Secret Mountains-Weepy Little Fingers
19.Winks-Slap me Choke Me cum on You
20.Lonnie Walker-Love Turn
21.Oxes with Will Oldham-Strong
22.Jake Lingan-Birthers
23.Moss of Aura-Roicka 1
24.In Every Room-Em E Gee
25.Co La-Dial Tone Earth
27.Chester Endersby Gwazda-World Killer
28.Co La-Blood Orange

Style-Psychedelic rock, ambient drone, electronics

 Friends Records


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