miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

RA Sessions: King Midas Sound and Fennesz - On My Mind / Migration / Lost |

RA.470 Andrew Weatherall

Vermont - Elektron (Prins Thomas Version)
Flash Atkins - The Wilderness
Simon Says - Coloritmo
Duncan Gray - I Can't Stand Lorraine (Club Bizarre Remix)
Club Bizarre - Trip To Holy Land
Flash Atkins - Acid House Creator
P.P.F. - Umbilical Cord
Duncan Gray - Churn Again
Vox Low - Something Is Wrong (Boot & Tax Remix)
Boot & Tax - Balkan Youth 

domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada Housework in Exile / Spacemen 3-How Does it feel?



Part 1 1974-1988

01.Billy Hancock - I Can't Be Satisfied
02.The Crawdaddys - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
03.Unknowns, The -Suzanne
04.The Sonics - Shot Down
05.The Singles - You're For Me
06.The Mystery Machine - She's Not Mine
07.Laughing Soup Dish - Teenage Lima Bean
08.Iggy And The Stooges - I'm Sick Of You
09.Jacobites   God save Us
10.Psycotic Pineapple - The Devil Has Work For Idle Hands
11.Earle Mankey   Mau Mau
12.Gary Charlson-Burning In You
13.Nikki And The Corvettes - Shake It Up
14.Snatch - I.R.T.
15.20-20 - Under The Freeway
16.Shoes - Tomorrow Night
17.DMZ - Lift Up Your Hood
18.Boyfriends - I Don't Want Nobody(I Want You)
19.Jimmy Lewis  The Checkers   One Night Stand
20.The Modern Lovers - She Cracked
21.The Lipstick Killers - Hindu Gods Of Love
22.The Miracle Workers - That Ain't Me
23.The Mumps - Crocodile Tears
24.The Choir - Anyway I Can
25.The Flamin' Groovies -  You Tore Me Down 1972
26.The Poppees - If She Cries
27.The Barracudas - We're Living In Violent Times
28.The Flashcubes   Christi Girl
29.Taxi Boys   She (USA 1981)
30.Stiv Bators - Bad Luck Charm
31.The Zeros  - Dont Push Me Around
32.Venus And The Razorblades - Punk-A-Rama
33.The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
34.The Nuns - Savage
35.Surprise   Maybe I'm Wrong Maybe I'm Right
36.the holy sisters of the gaga dada-neighbor's scream
37.Toy Love - Frogs
38.Kathy & the Lawnmowers - Green children
39.The Lonely Boys-Phantom Poster Man
40.The Real Kids - Now You Know
41.The Pandoras - Hot Generation
42.Permanent Wave   Space Age Rock Queen
43.Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band   Kerouac

Style-Garage rock, punk rock, rock,new wave,power pop

Part-2 1988-2015

01.The Telescopes - The Presence Of Your Grace
02.Hollowbody - Tangled
03.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Convertible (The Diane Perry Tape)
04.Blair 1523 - Fantasy of Folk
05.Beachwood Sparks - Desert Skies
06.I, Sharko-Flowers for You
07.The Early Hours.Sunshine changes everything
08.Lord John - Step Upside Down
09.Green Pajamas   The Thousand Days
10.Orange - Starwheel
11 the telescopes - ocean drive
12.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who
13.The Warlocks   Song For Nico
14.Alpha Stone - Destiny Angel
15.Laughing Sky - The Slip 
16.Reverb - Aftertouch
17.Seemen - We Have Talked About Many Things
18.Acid (Anton Newcombe   Travis Threlkel) - Never, Ever
19.Spacemen 3 - Suicide
20.Head - How Bread Is Made
21.The Imajinary Friends - New Fast Car
22.Nebtwister - Come On Down
23.Brian Jonestown Massacre   'That Girl Suicide'
24.Alpha Stone - You're Not Foolin' Me
25.Dead Meadow   Everything's Goin' On
26.The Loons - Between Grey Slates
27.Distorted Pony - Death In The Turnstile
28.Sacred Miracle Cave   Salvation
29.The Konks - 29 Fingers

Style-Space rock, indie pop rock 90's , psychedelic, rock




martes, 10 de enero de 2017

Delicate Steve -Butterfly


01.Co La - Armens Theme
02.LiL JaBBa - GroTTo
03.Jason Urick & cex-tittle king 6
04.Rick Rab-afro tourism
05.Dustin Wong-Let It Go
06.Co La - Raining In My Heart
07.LiL JaBBA - Visions
08.Gem Vision -ambien-6
09.Cex-facing-the mirror
10.Ken Seeno-Rare Moon On The Horizon
11.Delicate Steve - Butterfly
13.Gem Vision-space-heater
14.Ken Seeno-Several Pools I've Loved
15.Delicate Steve - Z Expression

Style-Experimental,psychedelic, electronics, letfield

jueves, 5 de enero de 2017

Tim Koch - Vakohai


01.Celine   Here and Now (Funckarma remix)
02.Danieto   Luego Todo Cambió
03.Electric Birds - Strata 2
04.Kettel - Machine Planet
05.Tim Koch  - Xemirynx (Yunx remix)
06.joel tammik - teisiti
07.sense - Mashetics
08.Multiplex - Xpand
09.iyunx - binkol
10.Koen Lybaert - no more swallowing humans
11.Lusine Icl - Freak
12.Lackluster - Touches
13.Skipsapiens - Robocookie
14.Quench - Notch
15.yvat - triadic
16.Tim Koch - Vakohai (Vocals by J. Iush)
17.Ten And Tracer - Skeksis
18.Distant Fires Burning - inevitable in the Wake of Words
19.Finval - The Lost Atlantis
20.Mr. Cloudy - Park Part 1
21.Fischerle - Courtship
22.Gradient - 08_00 pm
23.starfish pool - in sense.mp3
25.Esa Ruoho - Space
26..Sonmi451 - Red
27.llips. - in the valley

Style-IDM,ambient,dub techno ,experimental