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Phantom Ghost -Born with a Nervous Breakdown (live) / Turner-Porze


Ladomat 2000

Ladomat 2000 1994 - 2006


01.Egoexpress - Aranda
02.Phantom-Ghost - Perfect Lovers
03.Mense Reents - This is the way
04.Sid LeRock - Add It
05.Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Tobi Neumann Glove Tension Dub)
06.Aeric - Toute Façon
07.Suguru Kusumi - Illegal (Original)
08.Drunken Sailor - The Way Of The Warrior. Pauum
09.Heiko Laux - Tangoamt
10.Hans Nieswandt - Freaks, I see Live
11.Phantom Ghost - Born With A Nervous Breakdown
12.Sensorama - Star Escalator
13.Roman IV - (14x7x4)
14.Lawrence - Desktop _ Snake organ
15.Carsten Jost - Juliane
16.Turner - Head In The Sky (Original)
17.Egoexpress - Knartz IV
18.State Of Chaos - A Fuck
19.Remute - 5000 Euro
20.Subtle Tease - Round Trip
21.Whirlpool Productions - From_ Disco To_ Disco (Original Album Version)
22.Milch - Gott Ist Doof (Acid Jesus Holy Garage Remix)
23.Grom - 2_1 - Love rocket
24.Balo Meets Gum  -  Roses Keep Dying

Style-Electronic pop, techno, house, minimal


01.Phantom Ghost - To Damascus
02.Jan GAzarra-Pop Life
03.Borneo and Sporenburg - Boys In Shorts
04.Sid Lerock - Lost in Gräser
05.Andreas Dorau Die Menschen Sind Kalt
06.Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Autopilot
07.Console - Where Is My Dog
08.Commercial Breakup - All I Love Is Green (Steve Bug Mix) - c&t experience
10.Sensorama - Harz
11.Lawrence - Swap
12.Forever Sweet   The Return Of Nr1 (Original Mix)
13.Netto Houz - Bad Man Speaks
14.Roman IV - [A] Algorhythmus - Algo...
15.ricardo villalobos - the contempt (last h of porto mix)
16.Popacid - Bonny
17.One In A Billion - See The Light
18.Hans Nieswandt - Ich vermiss die Zeit
19.Mike Ink & Andreas Dorau - Das Telefon Sagt Acid
20.Corrupt Souls - Symptom
21.Turner - Porze
22.Egoexpress - Ego-Go
23.Subtle Tease - Decoration Self-Righteous
24.Zimt (2)- U.O.A.A. (Jürgen Pappe Rmx)
25.Eric D. Clark - In Spring
26.Workshop - Schlehe Mix
27.TAXI - campari soda

Style-Electroic pop, techno,minimal, house


domingo, 23 de abril de 2017


Y-Records 1980-83

01.The Slits - Man Next Door
02.The Pop Group - Feed The Hungry
03.The Tesco Bombers   Hernando's Hideaway (The Pajama Game)
04.The Dance     In Lust
05.23 Skidoo     Aversion
06.Lora Logic - Wonderful offer
07.Shriekback - Clear Trails
08.Glaxo Babies - Limited Entertainment
09.Maximum Joy - Stretch (Disco mix - Rap)
10.Ministry - Cold Life (12 Single - 1981)
11.PIGBAG   Papa's got a brand new pigbag
12.Pulsallama - The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body
13.Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
14.Mouth   It's Hot Take Your Coat Off
15.Fearless Four - Rockin It
16.Disconnection - Bali Ha'i (Uk Discomix)
17.Maximum Joy - White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial mix)
18.Fashion - Move On
19.chris reeves - after the romance.
20.The Vincent Units - Martini
21.Mouth - Catch a Cab
22.R.A.P.P. feat- Archie Poole - Guns,Bombs,Handgrenades
23.Shriekback   all the creek boys

Style-New wave, funk disco, after punk


domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1) / Handsome Head - Rebels Of The Neon God

Fifth Wall Records

01.Divvorce - Roquentin's Release
02.Eomac - Geth
03.Alis - Formula
04.Tiltmode - Papa Shango
05.Clouds - Cybergrind Your Mind
06.Handsome Head - Rebels Of The Neon God
07.Loric - Under Sharer
08.Physical Therapy - Yes, I'm Elastic
09.Ghostek - Lethal Ballet
10.Dualit - Dark Matter
11.Unklone - Tetsuo
12.Hound Scales - Birtha
13.Greg Z - Public Anomie
14.Divvorce - Wander 7
15.Shawn O'Sullivan - Fumarin
16.Metrist - Texaco Building Society
17.L'estasi Dell'oro - Der Hase
18.Physical Therapy - Door Jammer
19.Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1)
20.Myler - Machine Elves

Style-Techno, industrial techno, jungle, break beat 

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Bonobo : Kerala / Seeland - Wander

RA.566 Sisi

Yuji Ohno - Dreamin' In The Space
Chiemi Manabe - Untotooku
Mike Francis - Features Of Love (Club Mix)
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Male version)
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Rap version)
Adrian Gurvitz - New World
Martin Kershaw - Keep On Pokin'
Billy Thorpe - Stimulation
International Music System - Nonline
Daniele Baldelli - Mooneyes
Supermax - Spooky (edit)
Nicky Bulldog - Dog-Power-Song (edit)
Freddy The Flying Dutchman - Wojtyla Disco Dance
Rinder & Lewis - Lust (12 inch Disco Version
The Chaplin Band - Il Veliero (12'' Extended)
Counting Down
A Guy Called Gerald - Rhythm Of Life
Q - The Voice Of Q
Tantra - A Place Called Tarot
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan
La-Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover

domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Pendulum Duck on a Bike / Invisible Pair of Hands - La Balancoire


Cup of Tea Records

Cup of Tea Records 1995-1999


01.Picturebox - Glass Shards
02.Albert Hall - R53
03.Grantby - Timber
04.receiver   deadline
05.Bill Cargill - Bete noir
06.The Invisible Pair of Hands - La Balancoire
07.Parallel Life    The Starseeds
08.Crustation - Now 'Til Never
09.Junkwaffel - Mudskipper (Portishead So-So Mix)
10.Monk & Canatella - Forthcoming
11.Slick Sixty   hilaryLast Of The Pool Sharks
12.Purple Penguin - Raw Deal
13.Barcode - Love Anybody
14.The Federation - See Through
15.Spaceways - Japanese Flute
16.Law One   Better Get Ready
17.Emiliano - Vamos a la Playa
18.Jaz Klash - BQE
19.State Of Mind - Secret Affair
20.Jobclub Music Workshop - Large Block of Flats
21.Pendulum-Mutant Road Creature
22.Receiver - O'Driscoll's Curse
23.Statik Sound System - My Voice
24.The Experimental Pop Band - Forty Greatest Hits
25.Nightbulb - Groove For Mary
26.Mood - Secrets of the Sand
27.The Disciples - Life Is Just Wasting Away
28.Marzipan & Mustard Presents Stimulating Electronica  - Laut
29.Freaky Chakra vs Single Cell Orchestra - The Way
30.Purple Penguin - Pressure (Remix)(1)

Style-Trip-hop, downtempo, breakbeat, drum'n'bass


01.Flavornaughts - Last Drag
02.Brown Susan - How We Used to Live
03.Kirk Lake - Dementia Pugilistica
04.Mr Scruff - Mexicanos
05.Monk & Canatella - This Time It's Different
06.bill cargill-is a prayer a wish
07.Pendulum - Duck On A Bike
08.Receiver   Wot Da Fuk (Alpha Remix)
09.The Invisible Pair Of Hands  -  Oil, Oil, Oil
10.Purple Penguin - Passion
11.The Federation - Headspinz
12..Spaceways - What A Beautiful Way To Die
13.Red   Mr Jones
14.Alexandroid - The Pyramid
15.Grantby - Timebooth
16.Monk & Canatella - Trout
17.JUJU - Evolution-Revolution (The Starseeds US Mix)
18.The Eff Word - a2 Tbc (Pentagon Mix)
19.Sissi - The voice of the ocean
20.Southern Comfort - Street Reality
21.Oska - Floot
22.Statik Sound System - Revolutionary Pilot (Rob Smith Mix)
23.Fruit Loop - Drifter
24.Ruff Quest Remain Calm
25.Tundra - Biome
26.Ratman - Sole Sentiment
27.Eff Word - Wetsuit (Original)

Style-Trip-hop, downtempo, breakbeat, drum'n'bass