domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

Campbell Irvine - Reunion Of Two Bodies / Trackman - Two

Infrastructure New York

Infrastructure New York 1998 - 2016

01.Vatican Shadow  - Swords Over Paradise
02.Campbell Irvine - Reunion Of Two Bodies
03.Function and O.V. - kes 
04.VEX - VEX-1
05.Post Scriptum - Even The Nearest
06.Rrose - Cephalon
07.Function - Empower
08.Blue Hour - Averting
09.Cassegrain & Tin Man - Seduct Seduct (Original Mix)
10.Mariano DC - Stiletto
11.Function & Inland - Odeon
12.re_group - (b1) left
13.Function - The Balance Of Power (Regis Remix)
14.Aural Emote - Second Thought (B1)
15.your health - untitled
16.Trackman - Four
17.Trackman - Two
18.Regis  - Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix)
19.The 65D Mavericks - The Murdoch Effect
20.Function - A1 - Throw

Style: Techno,hard techno, acid, industrial,minimal

jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Virgin Passages - I Want You To Sleep / Broadcast - Black Cat / To Rococo Rot- abc 123


RA.072 Deadbeat

01. Fixed Elections (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
02. Refund Me (featuring Bubbz) - ~Scape
03. Where Has My Love Gone - ~Scape
04. Bad Man Mash Up - unreleased
05. Deep in Country (featuring Moral Undulations) - ~Scape
06. Gimme a Little Dub - ~Scape
07. Gimme a Little Slack (featuring Jah Cutta) - ~Scape
08. Turbulence - ~Scape
09. Texas Tea - ~Scape
10. One One Five - ~Scape
11. Plumbicon remix - Ml/i
12. Mecca Drum Jack - Wagon Repair
13. To Berlin With Love (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
14. Sylvenstein Remix - ~Scape
15. Claudette (featuring Gregory Issacs) - Shockout
16. Look How She Hot (featuring Daddy Freddy) - unreleased

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

Lilys - The Berated Escape / Sweet Trip - Velocity / Holland - Neoprene So Tight / Piano Magic The nightmare goes on


Darla Records

Darla Records 1993-2016


01.Auburn Lull - Desert
02.Mall   Hi Fi For Small Fry
03.Manual with Jess Kahr - 1986
04.Spaceheads     Bella Ciao
05.Arco - Out of myself
06.american analog set-Late One Sunday
07.Piano Magic - The Nightmare Goes On (feat. Brendan Perry)
08.Women & Children - Headless
09.Yuta Nagashima - Parallel Mirror
10.fuxa   city  metro
11.Flowchart - Tenjira
12.Bright - Trip to the Sound-Alike Finals
13.the lilys-The Berated Escape
14.Hammock - Raising Your Voice...Trying To Stop An Echo
15.Jupiter Apple - The Homeless and jet boots boy
16.Lali Puna - Rapariga Da Banheira
17.Junior Varsity KM With Sweet Trip   Towards A Psychedelic Ah Sea Life (Roth Mix)
18.Technicolor   Diagrams
19.Color Filter - Children Of Summer
20.epic45 - Clipping the Church
21.Club 8 - Everlasting Love
22.The Feelings  -Blowing My Mind Like A Summer Breeze
23.Auburn Lull - Jersey Narrows
24.Piano Magic - Love and Music
25.Fade   Apse
26.Mus - La Paura
27.Jonas Munk - Motel Room
28-Mahogany - Chance
29.Saloon   Bicycle Thieves
30.Sweet Trip - Velocity
31.Bitcrush - Dream Unto Fathoms
32.Tristeza - Missoula
33.Stafrnn Hkon - Second To None
34.Mirza - Sousa
35.Jessamine   Seagreen
36.Transient Waves   Peaceful Madman
37.Labradford - Underwood 5ive
38.amp-Heart  Soul Dissolves
39.Steven R. Smith - Wan And Smiling Assent
40.Windy and Carl - Antarctica

Style-Indie pop rock, psychedelic rock, electronics,post rock, space rock, indietronica


01.saloon  Absence
02.A Boy Named Thor   Devil Eyed Girl
03.capsule giants   don't forget me
04.Alsace Lorraine   Summer Days At Home
05.Japancakes - Loomer
06.Follow The Train - Flower
07.Holiday Flyer - Don't Go Back Again
08.Lowlights - Dim Stars
09.My Morning Jacket - Lowdown
10.Modern English - It's Ok
11.Spring - Baby Blue
12.The Cat's Miaow   portland, oregon  the others way
13.the cansecos-Beyond The River
14.Orange Cake Mix   Don't Ever Tell Me You Miss The 70's
15.The Apples in Stereo - Strawberryfire
16.The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers   'Pablo, Deepsea Aquanautics Mausoleum'
17.Shoestrings   Best Kept Secret
18.Mus -Embalses y ríos
19.Rumskib - Springtime
20.Swirlies-One Light Flashing I Love You
21Tullycraft - Belinda
22.Those Bastards Souls-These Things Will Slay You Every Time
23.Paul Haig - Ghost Rider 
24.Holland   Neoprene So Tight
25.Entre Ríos   Idioma suave
26.Terrestre-El Maquilazo
27.superstar-Blue Beretta
28.Ultramarine - Weird Gear
29.Trans Am - Firepoker
30.Aarktica - You're Landlocked, My Love
31.Isan - Bean Sea
32.Isol Zypce - Romance fatal
33.I am robot and proud - Uphill city
34.bvdub - Nothing Like You
36.lights out asia - airports, crying airplanes
37.Jatun - Ion Crush
38.Detritus - Borderlines
39.Fax ~ Diez
40.Flowtron   Tickle My Dolphin
41.Bvdub - My Hinami

Style-Indie pop rock, shoegazer, psychedelic rock, electronics,


Darla Part-2

domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

U - Eah / Natan H - I Know


02.Phil Gerus - Adorn Your Ankle
03.Natan H - I Know
04.Jack Dixon Rick Grant - Muted (Original Mix)
05.Love & Mercy-Polytomy
06.Shenoda - Leslie Crowther (Original Mix)
07.George  Fitzgerald- Hearts
08.Natan H - For Her
09.Leon Vynehall - Don't Know Why (Original Mix)
10.Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Trikk Edit)
11.TRIKK - Jointly
12.Erosion Flow - The Hustle (Original Mix)
13.Fold - Mr Wood
14.Laszlo Dancehall - Zizzou
15.U - Eah
16.Shenoda - O.V.O (Original Mix)
17.Asa - Attachment
18.Next - Too Close (Erosion Flow Edit)
19.Trikk - Basement Traxx (Original Mix)

Style-R'n'b, house, deephouse, techno