martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Rather Interesting

1.Atom Heart-Larger tan Life
2.Datacide-Stereo Kiss
3.Semiacoustic Nature-Blazy Fills
4.Dandy Jack-Show You my Tent
5.Dos Tracks-Asciied
7.BAss-9G Make your Face Flat
8.The Stereonerds-Electronics
9.AtomHeart-Apart 2
10.Masters of the Psychodelic Ambience-Backward Journey Magic Display
11.CMYK-Beuys,beuys, beuys
12.Fonosandwich-They Call it  Donut but  it doesn't have  Hole
13.Los Sampler's-Descarga Mecano
14.Erik Satin-Baroque
15.AtomTM featuring.Tea Time-Perra Mojada
16.Lisa Carbon-Gagarin
17.Dropshadow Disease-Fototienda
18.Señor Coconut-Chocolatina ( Guaguanco Libre)
19.Naturalist-Untitled 10
20.Datacide-Deep Chair

Style-Techno, electronics,exotica, downtempo

Rather Interesting

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  1. Pues no, no tengo ni radio ni TV....,esta bien el programa?, supongo que habra algo por internet