jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Metrovavan - Red Hose Swing Music Video / Transfiguration -Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit

Liquefaction Empire

Liquefaction Empire 1998-2000

01.Isan - Autolung
02.2 By Bukowski - A Bride To The Storm
03.Metrovavan-A Parisian Taxi Ride In November
04.Hydroplane - International Exiles
05.Sympathy7 - Sympathy 7
06.Metrovavan-Red Hose Swing Music Video
07.Landshipping - Penguin New Writing
08.ISAN -Bean Sea
09.matrovavan-Space Shadows
10.2 By Bukowski - Golden Harvest
11.Transfiguration-Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit
12.Avrocar - Christina's World
14.Fukuyama - Water comes too quickly
15.Clock - The Last Sad Song
16.enon-Motor Cross
17.Last harbour - Past
18.Tram - Too Scared To Sleep (album version)
19.Songs Ohia -Nay Tis Not Death
20.gnac - hennebert sleeve

Style-Indie pop rock, folk, electronics

Liquefaction Empire

domingo, 8 de octubre de 2017

Failsafe Records

Failsafe Records 1983-2010

01.Alien - Charades
02.Crane - Biding Our Time - Chorale-live-
03.Emma Peel  - Can't Buy
04.En Can Ma - Eat Shit
05.Evasive Action - Agony
06.Gordons - Machine Song
07.Pop Mechanix - Jumping out a Window
08.Southern Front - A1. License To Cry
09.The Pin Group - Low Rider
10.Triffids  - Backstreets
11.YFC -Anthem
12.Children's Hour - Looking for the Sun
13.Dance Channel - Social Life
14.Squirm - Voodoo
15.The Lils - Think Nothing Of Me
16.The Bats - Get Fat
17.They Were Expendable - Head For The Hills
18.Bird Nest Roys - Alien
19.The Chills - I'll Only See You Alone Again
20.Children's Hour - Mr Dead
21.The Johnnies - Govt don't care
22.The Stones - Route 69
23.sneaky feelings - broken man
24.Loves Ugly Children - Suck
25.desperate tricycles   if only i could die
26.Heartland - Snow
27.Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Flex
28.Malchicks - Drive
29.147 Swordfish  - Love
30.Dolphin   No Question
31.Beat Rhythm Fashion - Beings Rest Finally
32. Loves Ugly Children - Bleed
33.Kimo   Judy Garland
34.Throw - Wishes From Her Heart
35.Malchicks   - This Too Will Pass
36.Cicada - Alpha Jerk

Style-After punk, indie pop 80-90, new zeland, shoegazer


Failsafe Records

domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Babyfather Podcast 419

01. 01 Hunt
02. 10_10 Freestyle
03. 419 / Nervous Freestyle
04. BB
05. Bubble
06. Fall Back
07. Looking Remix feat. Triump Allah, DJ Escrow
08. Freedom Dub
09. Pressure
10. For Shakilus
11. Snakeman Freestyle
12. Skywalker
13. Penelope Freestyle
14. Left Eye 

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017

Marconi Union - Still / Boliden - Meta teaser

Chemical Tapes

Chemical Tapes 2011-15

01.Atlantis-Strange Voyage
02.Yamaoka - Roof
03.Maps And Diagrams - Monophonic Mysterious
04.Pleq And Lauki - Perceiving Perspective
05.benge-Untitled (Serge)
06.Flotel - Valence
07.Marconi Union - Still
08.Wind In Willows - Startide Whisper
09.Rainbow Valley - Main Sequence   Kailash
10.Lost Harbours - A Whisper Away 
11.Mohave Triangles - Return To Infinity - Smoked Mystics Pt. 1 & 2
12.Yamaoka - Blue Moon
13.Sima Kim - Whatever
14.Gideon Wolf - Blocks
15.Monologue - A2
16.Machinefabriek - Livemaze
17.Celer And Hakobune-Merges Of Hysterical Exhilaration
18.Tidal - Phoenix Follower
19.Marconi Union-Fading
20.Fischerle & Micromelancolié - False Grain
21.Boliden - Dome

Style-Ambient, drone, experimental


domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017

Daphni - Hey Drum / Les Sins - Fetch



01.Caribou - Your Love Will Set You Free (C2's Set U Free RMX)
02.Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here  (Daphni Mix 1)
03.Les Sins - Fetch
04.Daphni - Face to Face
05.Cos-ber-zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
06.Caribou - 08 Mars
07.Les Sins - Taken
08.Daphni - Hey Drum
09.J Greenspan - Crown Princess (Original Mix)
10.Junior Boys - What You Won't Do For Love
11.Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix)
12.Daphni & Owen Pallett - Julia
13.Jeremy Greenspan & Borys  feat.Christina Sealey - Stylite
14.Daphni  - Ahora
15.Jeremy Greenspan  & Laurie Spiegel - DrumsDrumsDrums
16.Daphni - Tin
17.Jeremy Greenspan  Borys - God Told Me To

Style-Electronics, funk, electronic pop



martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

Raime - Dead Heat / Tropic Of Cancer - A Color / Naaahhh: Neck Devour


Blackest Ever Black


01.Young Hunting - Spiritual Abandonment
02.Weekend - Red Planes (Demo)
03.Bremen - Helmet
04.Ashtray Navigations - (Another) Hour of The Grubber
05.Tarcar - Eija
06.Flaming Tunes - Generous Moon
07.Officer! - Life At The Water's Edge
08.Weekend - Nostalgia (Demo)
09.Carla Dal Forno - Fast Moving Cars (Original Mix)
10.Tropic Of Cancer - The Dull Age
11.Six Six Seconds - Tearing Down Heaven
12.Rat Columns - Fooling Around (Long Version)
13.Jac Berrocal   David Fenech   Vincent Epplay - Why
14.Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version)
15.Tropic of Cancer   A Color
16.Tarquin Manek & Ying Li Hooi - Sunshower
17.Raime - Dialling In, Falling Out
18.Vatican Shadow - Cairo Is A Haunted City
19.Regis - Blinding Horses (Original 12")
20.Black Rain - Profusion II (Fallofthehouseofagodofbiomechanical)
21.Dalhous - Four Daughters by Four Women
22.Carla dal Forno - Better Yet
23.F Ingers - All Rolled Up
24.Dalhous - Running Sheets
25.Caroline K - Tracking With Close-Ups

Style-Experimental, dark wave, ambient, psychedelic, electronics


01.Tarquin Manek & Martina Quake - Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts (Vocal)
02.Killing Sound - Eight Methods
03.Cut Hands - Belladonna Theme
04.Bremen - They Were Drifting
05.felix k - silent money
06.Black Rain - Lo Tek Musicm
07.F Ingers - Mum's Caress After Trip
08.Lustmord - Chorazin
09.December - Collapse
10.naaahhh - neck devour
11.Raime  - Dead Heat
12.Barnett   Coloccia - Dreamsnake
13.Pessimist  - Through The Fog
14.Ossia - Ice & Blood
15.tomorrow the rain will fall upwards - ghost from the coast
16.tarcar-Visions of the Night
17.Killing Sound - Thousand Hands
18.Caroline K - Animal Lattice
19.Tarquin Manek - Blackest Frypan
20.Shampoo Boy - Riss
21.F ingers - Awkwardly Blissing Out
22.Exploring Jezebel - She Is Pretty Strange, The Way She Dresses, That Punky Hair. God Knows What She Gets Up To
23.Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Refuges From Black Magic
24.Dalhous - Function Curve

Style-Dark ambient, experimental, psychedelic, electronics




domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

Campbell Irvine - Reunion Of Two Bodies / Trackman - Two

Infrastructure New York

Infrastructure New York 1998 - 2016

01.Vatican Shadow  - Swords Over Paradise
02.Campbell Irvine - Reunion Of Two Bodies
03.Function and O.V. - kes 
04.VEX - VEX-1
05.Post Scriptum - Even The Nearest
06.Rrose - Cephalon
07.Function - Empower
08.Blue Hour - Averting
09.Cassegrain & Tin Man - Seduct Seduct (Original Mix)
10.Mariano DC - Stiletto
11.Function & Inland - Odeon
12.re_group - (b1) left
13.Function - The Balance Of Power (Regis Remix)
14.Aural Emote - Second Thought (B1)
15.your health - untitled
16.Trackman - Four
17.Trackman - Two
18.Regis  - Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix)
19.The 65D Mavericks - The Murdoch Effect
20.Function - A1 - Throw

Style: Techno,hard techno, acid, industrial,minimal


jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Virgin Passages - I Want You To Sleep / Broadcast - Black Cat / To Rococo Rot- abc 123


RA.072 Deadbeat

01. Fixed Elections (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
02. Refund Me (featuring Bubbz) - ~Scape
03. Where Has My Love Gone - ~Scape
04. Bad Man Mash Up - unreleased
05. Deep in Country (featuring Moral Undulations) - ~Scape
06. Gimme a Little Dub - ~Scape
07. Gimme a Little Slack (featuring Jah Cutta) - ~Scape
08. Turbulence - ~Scape
09. Texas Tea - ~Scape
10. One One Five - ~Scape
11. Plumbicon remix - Ml/i
12. Mecca Drum Jack - Wagon Repair
13. To Berlin With Love (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
14. Sylvenstein Remix - ~Scape
15. Claudette (featuring Gregory Issacs) - Shockout
16. Look How She Hot (featuring Daddy Freddy) - unreleased

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

Lilys - The Berated Escape / Sweet Trip - Velocity / Holland - Neoprene So Tight / Piano Magic The nightmare goes on


Darla Records

Darla Records 1993-2016


01.Auburn Lull - Desert
02.Mall   Hi Fi For Small Fry
03.Manual with Jess Kahr - 1986
04.Spaceheads     Bella Ciao
05.Arco - Out of myself
06.american analog set-Late One Sunday
07.Piano Magic - The Nightmare Goes On (feat. Brendan Perry)
08.Women & Children - Headless
09.Yuta Nagashima - Parallel Mirror
10.fuxa   city  metro
11.Flowchart - Tenjira
12.Bright - Trip to the Sound-Alike Finals
13.the lilys-The Berated Escape
14.Hammock - Raising Your Voice...Trying To Stop An Echo
15.Jupiter Apple - The Homeless and jet boots boy
16.Lali Puna - Rapariga Da Banheira
17.Junior Varsity KM With Sweet Trip   Towards A Psychedelic Ah Sea Life (Roth Mix)
18.Technicolor   Diagrams
19.Color Filter - Children Of Summer
20.epic45 - Clipping the Church
21.Club 8 - Everlasting Love
22.The Feelings  -Blowing My Mind Like A Summer Breeze
23.Auburn Lull - Jersey Narrows
24.Piano Magic - Love and Music
25.Fade   Apse
26.Mus - La Paura
27.Jonas Munk - Motel Room
28-Mahogany - Chance
29.Saloon   Bicycle Thieves
30.Sweet Trip - Velocity
31.Bitcrush - Dream Unto Fathoms
32.Tristeza - Missoula
33.Stafrnn Hkon - Second To None
34.Mirza - Sousa
35.Jessamine   Seagreen
36.Transient Waves   Peaceful Madman
37.Labradford - Underwood 5ive
38.amp-Heart  Soul Dissolves
39.Steven R. Smith - Wan And Smiling Assent
40.Windy and Carl - Antarctica

Style-Indie pop rock, psychedelic rock, electronics,post rock, space rock, indietronica


01.saloon  Absence
02.A Boy Named Thor   Devil Eyed Girl
03.capsule giants   don't forget me
04.Alsace Lorraine   Summer Days At Home
05.Japancakes - Loomer
06.Follow The Train - Flower
07.Holiday Flyer - Don't Go Back Again
08.Lowlights - Dim Stars
09.My Morning Jacket - Lowdown
10.Modern English - It's Ok
11.Spring - Baby Blue
12.The Cat's Miaow   portland, oregon  the others way
13.the cansecos-Beyond The River
14.Orange Cake Mix   Don't Ever Tell Me You Miss The 70's
15.The Apples in Stereo - Strawberryfire
16.The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers   'Pablo, Deepsea Aquanautics Mausoleum'
17.Shoestrings   Best Kept Secret
18.Mus -Embalses y ríos
19.Rumskib - Springtime
20.Swirlies-One Light Flashing I Love You
21Tullycraft - Belinda
22.Those Bastards Souls-These Things Will Slay You Every Time
23.Paul Haig - Ghost Rider 
24.Holland   Neoprene So Tight
25.Entre Ríos   Idioma suave
26.Terrestre-El Maquilazo
27.superstar-Blue Beretta
28.Ultramarine - Weird Gear
29.Trans Am - Firepoker
30.Aarktica - You're Landlocked, My Love
31.Isan - Bean Sea
32.Isol Zypce - Romance fatal
33.I am robot and proud - Uphill city
34.bvdub - Nothing Like You
36.lights out asia - airports, crying airplanes
37.Jatun - Ion Crush
38.Detritus - Borderlines
39.Fax ~ Diez
40.Flowtron   Tickle My Dolphin
41.Bvdub - My Hinami

Style-Indie pop rock, shoegazer, psychedelic rock, electronics,



Darla Part-2

domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

U - Eah / Natan H - I Know


02.Phil Gerus - Adorn Your Ankle
03.Natan H - I Know
04.Jack Dixon Rick Grant - Muted (Original Mix)
05.Love & Mercy-Polytomy
06.Shenoda - Leslie Crowther (Original Mix)
07.George  Fitzgerald- Hearts
08.Natan H - For Her
09.Leon Vynehall - Don't Know Why (Original Mix)
10.Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Trikk Edit)
11.TRIKK - Jointly
12.Erosion Flow - The Hustle (Original Mix)
13.Fold - Mr Wood
14.Laszlo Dancehall - Zizzou
15.U - Eah
16.Shenoda - O.V.O (Original Mix)
17.Asa - Attachment
18.Next - Too Close (Erosion Flow Edit)
19.Trikk - Basement Traxx (Original Mix)

Style-R'n'b, house, deephouse, techno


domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Ringo Deathstarr - Chainsaw Morning / Golden Gardens - Transparent Things / Black Nite Crash - Baby It's You


Neon Sigh

01.astrobrite. unknown color
02.Golden gardens - Transparent Things
03.TOKYOIDAHO-Late Night Shopping
04.Black nite crash - Baby It's You
05.Jetman jet team - Rainbow Party
06.Rev  rev rev- Ripples
07.Soft Shadows  - Reverb Is for Lovers
08.dead leaf echo - Heavensent
09.Golden golden gardens - All Night I Lay Hidden In The Garden
10.Ringo deathstarr - God's Dream
11.black nite crash  - Blink Of An Eye
12.Tokyoidaho - The Gift
13.House of Light- House of Love
14.Dead leaf echo - Birth
15.Rev rev rev  - Nightwine
16.Ringo deathstarr - Chainsaw Morning
17.Soft Shadows - A Soft Night
18.The telescopes - HELD

Style-Indie pop-rock, shoegazer, psychedelic rock

domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

Sovjet Sex - Point of no return / PTÔSE - Under my Bed / Eric Toornend - Scum Grief


Eksakt Records

Eksakt Records 1982-1989

01.Jacques Van Erven - blue to blue
02.A Live Detail - Easy With Tea
03.Cinema Club - Conflict
04.Days Of The Cadillacs - Cinderella
05.Eric van de Boorn - Die Dunkelheit Ist Nicht Vorbei
06.Exploiting The Profits - Hare Krishna
07.Kiem - Behind
08.nasmak - waiting room
09.Soviet Sex - Point of No Return
10.Cinema Club - Glass
11.Ptôse - Under My Bed
12.A.E. Bizottsag - Baad Schandau
13.LUL - Greeny Duck
14.Motobs - Low, Low Spirit
15.Jacques Van Erven - zoo zwing skola
16.Exploiting the Prophets - 4x Horizontal
17.Ptôse - Boule (Viens Ici)!
18.Mick Ness - De Ark III
19.Idiotsavant - Stravinsky
20.Niew Hip Stilen - No Crisis Nozeclock
21.Eric Toornend - Scum Grief
22.Exploiting The Prophets - Words Worth
23.Noodband - Sono Koubaly
24.Palinckx & Palinckx; maartse buien

Style-New Wave, after punk,minimal synth, avant garde, deutch

Eksakt Records

domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

J Churcher - Finding Roxanne / Blue Daisy presents Dahlia Black - Fuck A Rap Song


37 Adventures

01.Astral Pattern-sitting in the sun
02.J Churcher- Riding On Your Love
03.pale-Too Much
04.Deptford Goth-relics
05.J Churcher - Finding Roxanne
06.Stay Bless - Always
07.Daniel Whoolhouse - What's That Sound
08.Krrum - Morphine
09.Rosie Lowe - Me & Your Ghost
10.blue daisy-psychotic love
11.Royce Wood Junior.january time
12.Blue Daisy Presents Dahlia Black - Fuck A Rap Song
13.Clarence Clarity - The Gospel Truth
14.Junk - Fool
15.ETML - Bind Me
16.salute - Tank
17.Royce Wood Junior - Rover
18.Rosie Lowe-10k balloons
19.Junk - True
20.salute - Vice
21.Basement Jaxx - Back 2 The Wild ( Jaxx Extended Mix )

Style-Indie pop, downtempo, electronics, r'n'b,


domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

J. Wiltshire - False Awakening / George FitzGerald - Needs You




01.Alex Coulton - Submerged
02.Maya Jane Coles - Dub Child (Original Mix)
03.J.Wiltshire - Closer
04.Alex Jones - Hash Key
05.Homeboy - Halfway feat. Anshie (Youandewan Version)
06.Kris Wadsworth - Cock Soup
07.Groove Armada - Oh Tweak To Me (Original Mix)
08.Luke Vibert - Jack U Whole (Original Mix)
09.BareSkin - Eyes (Original Mix)
10.Matt Star - Check the Sun
11.J.  Wiltshire - False Awakening (Original Mix)
12.Axel Boman - Television People
13.Glimpse - Julia (Original Mix)
14.Modini - The Answer (Original Mix)
15.George FitzGerald - Needs You
16.Christopher Rau - Last Time Was So Good
17.Mirco Violi - Breaking Rocks (Original Mix
18.Mosca - Eva Mendes
19.Dense & Pika - Lynn
20.Kevin McPhee  - DD - YYY - ZZ - OOOOO
21.Shenoda - All Ears (Mr G Remix)
22.Tilman Tausendfreund - Lost Treasure Of The Juggernaut
23.Chris E Pants - Judy Judy Judy
24.Bobby Champs - Steve Martin
25.Eliphino - I Don't Care
26.Neil - It's Hot Outside
27.Sebastian Mullaert - Shadowed By I
28.the Analogue Cops- discoblaze
29.A Sagittariun- Vanishing Point
30.Gary Gritness- - Cherenkov Blue
31.Maya Jane Coles  - Something In The Air [Bonobo Remix]

Style-Deep house, techno,minimal, electro, acid


01.El Txef A - She Kissed Me First (Minilogue's Hypno Remix)
02.JoeFarr - Trapington
03.Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds
04.Alex Jones, My Favorite Robot - Wholegrain
05.sebastien bouchet - changing lanes
06.Kris Wadsworth - Mesmerist
07.A Sagittariun - 3-4-3 (Original Mix)
08.G-Man - Quo Vadis
09.Tom Flynn - Truth Hurts (Original Mix)
10.Last Magpie - Separation
11.Blue & Green - The Wait (Original Mix)
12.Mark Henning - The Right Time
13.Will Azada - Let's Get Tight
14.FFZ aka Frankie Flowerz - Sweet Dreams (Alexander Maier mix)
15.Sebastien Bouchet - Feel
16.Glimpse  Alex Jones - Felaz (Matt Stars' Mello Dub)
17.Roman Flügel - Teenage Engineering
18.Warbgasm - Dead Arm
19.Philippe Autuori - 7 Peanuts
20.Luca Lozano - Gun Fingers (Original Mix)
21.Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa - Blue Rawls
22.Tom Demac - The Shuttle Awaits
23.plasmik - faces
24.Maxxi soundsystem feat. Name One  - Regrets we have no use for (Matthew Herbert remix)
25.FaltyDL - Fantaxia
26.Matthew Herbert Ft. Zilla - Brand New Love
27.London Modular Alliance - Home Grown
28.Kerrier - Robutuss
29.Luke Vibert - The Future
30.DMX Krew - Bombay Mix
31.Gary Gritness - Countin' Up With Starr
32.J. Albert - Xtra Sauce
33.Glimpse -  Fat Controller (Roman Flügel Remix) [Voices Of Music]

Style-Techno,deep house, electro, acid




sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

Plaid (Warp, UK) DJ set @ PPSKO 2011

1.Track Unknown 
3.Ill Blu-Chelt
4.Sinden & SBTRKT-Kind of Familiar
7.Clara Moto-Love Affair
10.Clark-Please come back
11.Jon Giovanni-Take Off (Wafa mix)
12.Lone-Once in a While (Sinden mix )
14.Machinedrum-Is that Bass
15.Mr Projetile-A song for Pul, a Song for your Plants
16.Shed-Keep time
17.Track unknown
18.Pete Samplers / Mando from MARSS-One Arm Bandit
19.Phrenetic-Your Time -Hook & Sling remix
20.Pete Samplers / Mando from MARSS-Slot Machine

miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

mani neumeier- I touch your skin / Popol Vuh - Strofa 1


Spalax Records 1974- 2003


01.Rufus Zuphall Waste Land
02.Popol Vuh - Agape-Agape
03.The Soft MAchine - Jet Propelled Photograph (Aka Shooting the Moon)
04.The Red Crayola  - Green of my Pants
05.13th Floor Elevators - Levitation
06.Alan Jack Civilization Bluesy Mind 1
07.Mahogany - Silkskin Dawn
08.Walter Wegmuller- Die Welt
09.Hawkwind - 10 Seconds of Forever
10.Amon Duul II   Surrounded By The Stars
11.Ain Soph   A Story of Mysterious Forest 2
12.Bernard Szajner   Welcome To Death Row
13.Anima Sound   Feel Like A Bone
14.Agitation Free - Malesch
15.Floh De Cologne   Danse Macabre (Totentanz)
16.Planet Gong    Opium for the People
17.GONG   Fohat digs holes in space
18.XIT - I Was Raised
19.Ame Son   A Coup de Hache   Catalyse
20.Blurt - Mesopotamia
22.Fever Tree  Filigree and shadow
23.The Cosmic Jockers-Sci-fi Party
24.Guru Guru   Meaning of Meaning
25.Lard Free   Warinobaril
26.Hugues Ométaxalia-Rauque et Rouge
27.Bi Kyo Ran   Uneri (Chaos) PART TWO
28.Ash Ra Tempel   Schwingungen (excerpt)
29.Emtidi - 3.Touch The Sun

Style-Garage rock, psychedelic rock,progressive rock, krautrock, ambient


01.Agitation Free  - First Communication
02.Catharsis - Illuminations
03.Popol Vuh - Strofa 1
04.Bröselmaschine Gedanken
05.Ash Ra Tempel   Jenseits (Join Inn)
06.Daevid Allen - Deya Goddess
07.Brigitte Fontaine  Areski   L'Incendie
08.Alan Jack Civilization Bluesy Mind 8
09.Amon Düül II- - Utopia No. 1
10.Daevid Allen -Memories
11.Bernard Xolotl Last Wave
12.Ashra Deep Distance
13.Henry Skoff Torgue   Le Labyrinthe Ecarlate
14.Annexus Quam  Dreh Dich Nicht Um
15.Cosmic Jokers   Galactic Joke
16.Hawkwind   In The Egg
17.Catalogue   Be Bop A Lulla
18.FloTraces  'P'tit Mec'
19.mani  neumeier -I touch your skin'
20.Yukihiro Takahashi - walking to the beat
21.Ryuichi Sakamoto   Riot In Lagos
22.Heldon   Perspective II
23.Art  Technique   Acier
24.video adventures-Flokimotheke96
25.Einstürzende Neubauten   Kollaps
26.Richard Pinhas   Sur Le Theme De Bene Gesserit VII
27.Conrad Schnitzler   Ballet Statique
28.Sergius Golowin   Die weisse Alm [Lord Krishna von Goloka]
29.Gong-   Mystic Sister, Magick Brother
30.popol vuh   in der halle des lernens
31.Manuel Göttsching-  Pluralis
32.Henry Torgue et Serge Houppin   Pandora (le lit)
33.gilli Smyth   Taliesin
34.Jorge Reyes Sazilakab
36.Videeo Aventures   Surfin in Arromanches
37.Robert Rich   Geometry of the Skies
38.Terry Riley -Germ

Style-Psychedelic rock, folk, progressive rock, electronics, krautrock, new wave , french



domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

XIII - Eurovision / HAF HAF- Hybrid


Gang of Ducks

01.Oddgrad - Marcella
02.Sabla - Spirits
03.Shape worship - Line3
04.My Panda Shall Fly - Trance
05.Vaghe Stelle - 8th Hope
06.XIII - Eocity
07.Traag - Tropical Fruit
08.One Circle - Transparency
09.Dave Saved - Power And Silence
10.S. Olbrich - Female Motivation VII
11.Sabla - Vibrations
12.My Panda Shall Fly - Fast=G
13.Haf Haf - The Features Of A Disgrace
14.Shape Worship - Throughways
15.Ital - Call Me
16.XIII - Eurovision
17.S Olbricht - Tahojeff (feat. Danada Cry)
18.sudden infant - what am i doing here
19.Haf Haf - Hybrid
20.Vaghe Stelle - 10th Hope
21.Sabla - Di Lei
22.Shape Worship - Basf Spiral
23.Ital - Canker Sore
24.S Olbricht - Wowno (Original Mix)
25.Quicksails - Thrill
26.Jan Werner  F.X. Randomiz - Psychomatic Loop

Style-Techno, experimental,  industrial, ambient


Gang of Ducks

domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

Broadcast - The Book Lovers (live MTV) / Stereolab - Harmonium


Duophonic Super 45s

Duophonic Super 45s 1991 - 2008

01.Labradford - Underwood 5ive
02.Tortoise - Gamera
03.Uilab - St. Elmo's Fire (Radio)
04.Broadcast - The Book Lovers
05.Pram - Sea Jungle
06. The High Llamas - Tambourine Day
07.Kev Hopper - Canary Lights
08.Huggy Bear - Godziller
09.Dymaxion - Cognitive Dissonance Penitentiary
10.Seeland - Pherox
11.Clear Spot - Psycho Blues
12.Stereolab - Au Grand Jour
13.Arcwelder - Plastic
14.Yo La Tengo   'Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop'
15.Colm - Soundtrack
16.Darlin' - Cindy So Loud
17.Apparat Organ Quartet - Macht Parat Den Apparat
18.Stereolab - Harmonium
19.Imitation Electric Piano - Five Separate Whooshes
20.Broadcast - Message From Home
21. Stereolab & Brigitte Fontaine - Caliméro
22.Seeland -Wander
23.Dymaxion - I-Man Transport
24.The Notwist - Chemicals
25.Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind
26.The High Llamas - The Click And The Fizz
27.Turn On - Ru Tenone
28.Monade - Wash And Dance
29.Splitting The Atom - Monkey Brain
30.Stereolab - Free Witch and No-Bra Queen
31.herzfeld   the sack

Style-Psychedelic rock, experimental, indie pop 90's, electronics, shoegazer, noise

miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

dive - blood money / Nitzer Ebb - Murderous


Mark Pritchard - Brixton Academy DJ Set (Support For James Blake) - Sat Nov 5th 2016

1 When I Was In My Prime - Pentangle
2 Slow Dance On A Burial Ground - Stephen Montague
3 School Days and Learning Songs - Moondog, Julie Andrews & Martyn Green
4 Tehillim_ I. Psalm 19_2-5 - Steve Reich
5 Answered Prayers - David Sylvian - MP Re edit
6 The Bells Sketch - James Blake
7 Star Crackout - Hudson Mohawke
8 Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan
9 Sad Alron - Mark Pritchard
10 Beautiful people feat Thom Yorke - Mark Pritchard
11 The Blinds Cage A cappella - Beans - Mark Pritchard
12 ? - Mark Pritchard
13 Come Let Us - Mark Pritchard/Gregory Whitehead
14 Evidently Chicken Town - John Cooper Clarke
15 Red Light - Siouxsie and the Banshees
16 Inglan Is Still A Bitch - Linton Kwesi Johnson - Mark Pritchard version test 1
17 Babylon Soundtrack
18 Miracles - Mala
19 Elephant Dub - Mark Pritchard
20 Lord of Lords - Trim Feat Riko Dan - Mark Pritchard prod
21 Topper Top ft Teddy Bruckshot Lady Chann Killa P - Sir Spyro
22 Haunted - Coki
23 Ice Rink - Riko Dan
24 Mere Sher VIP - Kromestar
25 Revelations Test 1 - Mark Pritchard
26 9 Samurai - Kode 9 - Mark Pritchard VIP
27 Out in the streets - Africa Hitech VIP
28 Changes - Mala - Mark Pritchard VIP
29 It’s wack - Dj Rashad & Heavee D
30 Feelingrx12 - Dj Rashad
31 Ni Ten Ichi Ryu - Photek
32 Future Unknown - Dj Krust
33 Szamar Mader - Venetian Snares
34 LFO - LFO - Mark Pritchard Special
35 Lion Feat Riko Dan - Harmonic 313
36 Eve - Spacek - J Dilla Remix
37 Game over - Dabrye Ft Jay Dee & Phat Kat
38 Night Bus - Burial

domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

benge - 'p' is for piano / The Rip-Off Artist - Cake Time / Calla - Custom Car Crash / Tino -- Vampire Circus Dub / Object ‎– Subtext (Courage/Hope)




Quatermass Records 1999-2007


01.Pan American   Train Station
02.Lena - Dying Bug Dub
03.Bump & Grind - Ear(th)eye(d) 
04.Benge - 'P' Is For Piano
05.Atom tm - Sort of Rhythmical
06.Freeform - Terminal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,(12)
07.Kreidler - Coller.Copier
08.Fibla vs Lisa Carbon - Rhumba Roland (Fibla Rhumbolento Mix)
09.David Shea And Scanner - Theme From Smootchy Smootchy
10.Mash'ta-Lovers & Hungry Tigers
11.Phon noir ‎ - Slowdown
12.Calla - Custom Car Crash
13.hardman-My Lil' Devil
14.radio zumbido-El desierto
15.dropshadow disease - fototienda
16.Lisa Carbon - Hey Music
17.Tino - Vampire Circus Dub
18.Bisk - Srn Mix
19.Tal - You Will Like it
20.DJ Wally - I Must Be Mad
21.sutra-Victime (feat Mirwais  Nature)
22.elixir -Gargantuan
23.DJ Olive - Bank It A,B,C,D,E,F
24.Spectre - Skrippin'
25.2nd gen - flicknives
26.Stock, Hausen and Walkman - Only Samples From Supplied Disk Used
27.Fisherofgold - Lapis Lazuli
28.To Rococo Rot - Glas.main
29.Komet - Stab
30.Rechenzentrum - Submarine
31.Thomas Mayer - Elbchaussee 
32.Autechre - Autechre vs Jrgen Paape   TR7AEremix
33.Andrea Parker - Invasion
34.Tone rec - Sprang Capel
35.Freiland - Scanner (Reliefpfeiler Blau Remix) vs. Freiland

Style-Experimental, downtempo, abstract hiphop, glitch,IDM, techno


01.Lou Barlow & Rudy Trouvé - Stofzuiger
02.Mikhail - Asteris (strings)
03.David Morley - Legend
04.Andrea Parker - The Swamp
05.Bump & Grind - Movement of Inertia
06. MatiK-Dada Cat
07.Bill Laswell   Shivamythscience
08.Dana Diaz-Tutaan  - Give Me Direction
09.DJWally- Smoke
10.David Shea - One Ride Pony
11.david shea and scanner - theme from lost, lonely  vicious
12.Elixir Terror in Bogota
13.Shakeyface - Helpless
14.Spectre - Beats Within
15.Sensational - Consider This Jazzy
16.Object-Subtext (Courage_Hope)
17.Langage Computer feat Hi Tekk   Petite Créature de Poche
18.Meat Beat Manifesto - Spinning Round
19.King Rhythm   What's Left Breaks the Silence
20.Beats R Us Feat. Shorti RV-Bass like Sex
21.Bisk - shamrock in your eyes
22.Radio Zumbido - Radio Solol
23.Rip off artst - Cake Time
24.Meat Beat Manifesto - Fromage Dub
25.Tino - Zombies Walk Dub
26.Lena - Under False Rulers
27.Gez Varley - 2. Alone (Original Mix)
28.Scanner - Autopilota_ Close Landing
29.Jrgen Paape - Triumph
30.The micronauts - Get Funky Get Down [Daft Punk Remix]
31.G-Man aka Gez Varley - Old School Drift (Original Mix)
32.Benge - Raludom Morf
33.Richard Thomas - Asa Nisi Masa 2

Style-Downtempo, experimental, abstract hiphop,drum'nbass,techno

domingo, 14 de mayo de 2017

CABARET VOLTAIRE - Sluggin' fer Jesus / Crispy Ambulance - The Presence


Factory Benelux

Factory Benelux  1980 -2015

01.The Durutti Column - Bordeaux
02.A Certain Ratio - Crystal
03.Joy Division - Heart And Soul
04.Crispy Ambulance - The Presence
05.Minny Pops - Black Eye
06.Martin Hannett  Steve Hopkins - Scandinavian Wastes
07.Section 25 - Always Now
08.Lavolta Lakota - Prayer
09.Crispy Ambulance - Deaf
10.Cabaret Voltaire - Sluggin Fer Jesus
11.New Order - Everything's Gone Green
12.Section 25 - Crazy Wisdom
13.Nyam Nyam - Fate Hate
14.Crawling Chaos - Creamo Coyl
15.Stanton Miranda - Wheels Over Indian Trails
16.A Certain Ratio - Guess Who
17.Surprize - In Movimento
18.Swamp Children - El Figaro
19.Crispy Ambulance - The Force and the Wisdom
20.The Wake - Testament
21.The Stockholm Monsters - Miss Moonlight
22.The Durutti Column - Madeleine
23.The Names - Postcards
24.ike Yard - Kino
25.New Order - Murder
26.Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar
27.Minny Pops - Time
28.52nd Street - Cool As Ice
29.Playgroup- Euphoria
30.La Cosa Nostra-Coming Closer
31.Quando Quango - Genius
32.Section 25 - Mirror
33.The Names - Calcutta
34.The Wake -Here Comes Everybody

Style-After punk, new wave, synth-pop, 80's


Factory Benelux

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Orbital - Belfast / Phortune Can You Feel The Bass

Caribou - Resident Advisor Podcast RA 246

1. Barnt - What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?
2. Daphni - Yes, I Know
3. The Jellies - Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
4. Hounds of Hate - Purple Stuff
5. Daphni - Deep Blue
6. Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks - The Route To The Medicine Rocks
7. Daphni - Buck Dance
8. Harmonious Thelonious - Verwobene Muziek
9. Harmonious Thelonious - Mokambo
10. Bakey Ustl - A Tender Place
11. Daphni - Scratch
12. DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man
13. Daphni - Ye Ye
14. Kingdom - Fogs
15. [Voyager overdubs]
16. Lone - Angel Brain (Original Mix)
17. Ricardo Villalobos - Peculiar
18. Charanjit Singh - Raga Malkauns
19. DJ Clap Pina - Unakunukulpan
20. Thomas Mapfumo - Shumba (Daphni Edit)
21. Edward Larry Gordon - All Pervading

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

Jesper Dahlback - Tanken / Nima Khak - Beat Of Life (Original Mix)


International Sound Laboratory

International Sound Laboratory 2009-13

01.Willie Burns & DJ Overdose-Unknown To The Unknown
02.ADJD - Galactic Suite Part 1
03.Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr   swarm in here (original mix)
04.Jesper  Dahlback- Alright (Original Mix)
05.Dub  dummies-  Mantra (Phil Kieran Remix)
06.Jesper Dahlback, ADJD, Alexi Delano - Mad Man Shouts (Original Mix)
07.Cari Lekebusch- Svettlukt (Original Mix)
08.Dungeon Acid - House Of Correction (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
09.Jesper  Dahlback- Nyhus - Part 1 (Original Mix)
10.Alexi Delano Jesper Dahlbäck  Tony Rohr-Curly Wurly (Alexi Delano Remix)
11.Brommage Dub - Knowledge
12.Kebacid   Rippes Dreams
13.Nima Khak- Beat Of Life (Original Mix)
14.Phonogenic   Kumia
15.Kimono   All Out Destruction (Original Mix)
16.Jesper Dahlbak - tanken
17.Jesper Dahlbäck   Dash One

Style-Minimal, techno

International Sound Laboratory

domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Phantom Ghost -Born with a Nervous Breakdown (live) / Turner-Porze


Ladomat 2000

Ladomat 2000 1994 - 2006


01.Egoexpress - Aranda
02.Phantom-Ghost - Perfect Lovers
03.Mense Reents - This is the way
04.Sid LeRock - Add It
05.Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Tobi Neumann Glove Tension Dub)
06.Aeric - Toute Façon
07.Suguru Kusumi - Illegal (Original)
08.Drunken Sailor - The Way Of The Warrior. Pauum
09.Heiko Laux - Tangoamt
10.Hans Nieswandt - Freaks, I see Live
11.Phantom Ghost - Born With A Nervous Breakdown
12.Sensorama - Star Escalator
13.Roman IV - (14x7x4)
14.Lawrence - Desktop _ Snake organ
15.Carsten Jost - Juliane
16.Turner - Head In The Sky (Original)
17.Egoexpress - Knartz IV
18.State Of Chaos - A Fuck
19.Remute - 5000 Euro
20.Subtle Tease - Round Trip
21.Whirlpool Productions - From_ Disco To_ Disco (Original Album Version)
22.Milch - Gott Ist Doof (Acid Jesus Holy Garage Remix)
23.Grom - 2_1 - Love rocket
24.Balo Meets Gum  -  Roses Keep Dying

Style-Electronic pop, techno, house, minimal


01.Phantom Ghost - To Damascus
02.Jan GAzarra-Pop Life
03.Borneo and Sporenburg - Boys In Shorts
04.Sid Lerock - Lost in Gräser
05.Andreas Dorau Die Menschen Sind Kalt
06.Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Autopilot
07.Console - Where Is My Dog
08.Commercial Breakup - All I Love Is Green (Steve Bug Mix)
09.gucci - c&t experience
10.Sensorama - Harz
11.Lawrence - Swap
12.Forever Sweet   The Return Of Nr1 (Original Mix)
13.Netto Houz - Bad Man Speaks
14.Roman IV - [A] Algorhythmus - Algo...
15.ricardo villalobos - the contempt (last h of porto mix)
16.Popacid - Bonny
17.One In A Billion - See The Light
18.Hans Nieswandt - Ich vermiss die Zeit
19.Mike Ink & Andreas Dorau - Das Telefon Sagt Acid
20.Corrupt Souls - Symptom
21.Turner - Porze
22.Egoexpress - Ego-Go
23.Subtle Tease - Decoration Self-Righteous
24.Zimt (2)- U.O.A.A. (Jürgen Pappe Rmx)
25.Eric D. Clark - In Spring
26.Workshop - Schlehe Mix
27.TAXI - campari soda

Style-Electroic pop, techno,minimal, house



domingo, 23 de abril de 2017


Y-Records 1980-83

01.The Slits - Man Next Door
02.The Pop Group - Feed The Hungry
03.The Tesco Bombers   Hernando's Hideaway (The Pajama Game)
04.The Dance     In Lust
05.23 Skidoo     Aversion
06.Lora Logic - Wonderful offer
07.Shriekback - Clear Trails
08.Glaxo Babies - Limited Entertainment
09.Maximum Joy - Stretch (Disco mix - Rap)
10.Ministry - Cold Life (12 Single - 1981)
11.PIGBAG   Papa's got a brand new pigbag
12.Pulsallama - The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body
13.Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
14.Mouth   It's Hot Take Your Coat Off
15.Fearless Four - Rockin It
16.Disconnection - Bali Ha'i (Uk Discomix)
17.Maximum Joy - White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial mix)
18.Fashion - Move On
19.chris reeves - after the romance.
20.The Vincent Units - Martini
21.Mouth - Catch a Cab
22.R.A.P.P. feat- Archie Poole - Guns,Bombs,Handgrenades
23.Shriekback   all the creek boys

Style-New wave, funk disco, after punk



domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1) / Handsome Head - Rebels Of The Neon God

Fifth Wall Records

01.Divvorce - Roquentin's Release
02.Eomac - Geth
03.Alis - Formula
04.Tiltmode - Papa Shango
05.Clouds - Cybergrind Your Mind
06.Handsome Head - Rebels Of The Neon God
07.Loric - Under Sharer
08.Physical Therapy - Yes, I'm Elastic
09.Ghostek - Lethal Ballet
10.Dualit - Dark Matter
11.Unklone - Tetsuo
12.Hound Scales - Birtha
13.Greg Z - Public Anomie
14.Divvorce - Wander 7
15.Shawn O'Sullivan - Fumarin
16.Metrist - Texaco Building Society
17.L'estasi Dell'oro - Der Hase
18.Physical Therapy - Door Jammer
19.Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1)
20.Myler - Machine Elves

Style-Techno, industrial techno, jungle, break beat


martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Bonobo : Kerala / Seeland - Wander

RA.566 Sisi

Yuji Ohno - Dreamin' In The Space
Chiemi Manabe - Untotooku
Mike Francis - Features Of Love (Club Mix)
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Male version)
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Rap version)
Adrian Gurvitz - New World
Martin Kershaw - Keep On Pokin'
Billy Thorpe - Stimulation
International Music System - Nonline
Daniele Baldelli - Mooneyes
Supermax - Spooky (edit)
Nicky Bulldog - Dog-Power-Song (edit)
Freddy The Flying Dutchman - Wojtyla Disco Dance
Rinder & Lewis - Lust (12 inch Disco Version
The Chaplin Band - Il Veliero (12'' Extended)
Counting Down
A Guy Called Gerald - Rhythm Of Life
Q - The Voice Of Q
Tantra - A Place Called Tarot
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan
La-Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover

domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Pendulum Duck on a Bike / Invisible Pair of Hands - La Balancoire


Cup of Tea Records

Cup of Tea Records 1995-1999


01.Picturebox - Glass Shards
02.Albert Hall - R53
03.Grantby - Timber
04.receiver   deadline
05.Bill Cargill - Bete noir
06.The Invisible Pair of Hands - La Balancoire
07.Parallel Life    The Starseeds
08.Crustation - Now 'Til Never
09.Junkwaffel - Mudskipper (Portishead So-So Mix)
10.Monk & Canatella - Forthcoming
11.Slick Sixty   hilaryLast Of The Pool Sharks
12.Purple Penguin - Raw Deal
13.Barcode - Love Anybody
14.The Federation - See Through
15.Spaceways - Japanese Flute
16.Law One   Better Get Ready
17.Emiliano - Vamos a la Playa
18.Jaz Klash - BQE
19.State Of Mind - Secret Affair
20.Jobclub Music Workshop - Large Block of Flats
21.Pendulum-Mutant Road Creature
22.Receiver - O'Driscoll's Curse
23.Statik Sound System - My Voice
24.The Experimental Pop Band - Forty Greatest Hits
25.Nightbulb - Groove For Mary
26.Mood - Secrets of the Sand
27.The Disciples - Life Is Just Wasting Away
28.Marzipan & Mustard Presents Stimulating Electronica  - Laut
29.Freaky Chakra vs Single Cell Orchestra - The Way
30.Purple Penguin - Pressure (Remix)(1)

Style-Trip-hop, downtempo, breakbeat, drum'n'bass


01.Flavornaughts - Last Drag
02.Brown Susan - How We Used to Live
03.Kirk Lake - Dementia Pugilistica
04.Mr Scruff - Mexicanos
05.Monk & Canatella - This Time It's Different
06.bill cargill-is a prayer a wish
07.Pendulum - Duck On A Bike
08.Receiver   Wot Da Fuk (Alpha Remix)
09.The Invisible Pair Of Hands  -  Oil, Oil, Oil
10.Purple Penguin - Passion
11.The Federation - Headspinz
12..Spaceways - What A Beautiful Way To Die
13.Red   Mr Jones
14.Alexandroid - The Pyramid
15.Grantby - Timebooth
16.Monk & Canatella - Trout
17.JUJU - Evolution-Revolution (The Starseeds US Mix)
18.The Eff Word - a2 Tbc (Pentagon Mix)
19.Sissi - The voice of the ocean
20.Southern Comfort - Street Reality
21.Oska - Floot
22.Statik Sound System - Revolutionary Pilot (Rob Smith Mix)
23.Fruit Loop - Drifter
24.Ruff Quest Remain Calm
25.Tundra - Biome
26.Ratman - Sole Sentiment
27.Eff Word - Wetsuit (Original)

Style-Trip-hop, downtempo, breakbeat, drum'n'bass



domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

Aspen - Are You That Retail Snob / Signer-Detached under buildings


01.voicechanger left arm friend
02.Wilberforce - Hold Me
03.Telescopes, The-When They Fear No Death, For They Are Dead Already
04.Skallander-Space Cream
05.Over The Atlantic -Starsign
06.Slow Moe   Beta Blocker
07.Neverland -Following The Sun
09.Aspen   Are You That Retail Snob
10.Jet Jaguar   Now Serving
11.Mandrake   Cold Boy
12.signer-Low Light Sleep signer
13.patio-Forget That Lamp, Bring The Sun
14.Aspen   My attempted dub melody
15.Jet Jaguar   Hummer
16.All The Pretty Things   The gravity of your smile
17.loscil   heptane
18.Signer   Dreaming About Making Music To Dream To
19.Andrew Thomas-A Dream Of A Spider

Style-IDM, psychedelic, drone ambient,minimal



miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Clear Spot - Psycho Blues

Dekmantel Podcast 035 - Autechre

01.Special Request - Salsa Smurph Instrumental
02.Just Ice-Turbo Charged
03.Marley Marl feat. MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch
04.Mantronix - Listen To The Bass Of Get Stupid Part II
05.Mantronix - Do You Like... Mantronik
06.Mantronix - Who is it ?
07.Captain Rock - Cosmic Blast
08.T La Rock - Breaking Bells - 12" Version
09.Malcolm X-No Sell Out
10.T La Rock-Flow with the new style
12.davy dmx one for the treble (fresh)
13.kid frost terminator (vocal mix)
14.The Packman - I'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)
15.Beatmaster - Lipservice
16.Chris "The Glove" Taylor & Dave Storrs - Itchiban Scratch
17.The 2 Live Crew - What I Like
18.Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)
19.Herbie Hancock - Rockit
20.Man Parish - Boogie Down Bronx
21.Time Zone- The Wildstyle (RAP) w/ Afrika Bambaataa
22.The B-Boys - Cuttin' Herbie
23.Shannon - Do You Wanna Get Away
24.Boogie Boys - Break Dancer
25.G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid ‎-- Play That Beat Mr. D.J.
26.Warp 9 - Nunk
27.Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)
28.High Fidelity Three - B Boys Breakdance
30.Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna
31.Shannon - Let The Music Play
32.Project Future - Ray Gun Omics
33.SECTION 25 - Looking From A Hilltop
34.Rockers Revenge - Battle Cry
35.The Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam
36.XENA on the upside
37.Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock
38.The beat club - security
39.Information Society - Running
40.Broken Glass - Style of the Street
41.The Knights Of The Turntables -‎ Techno Scratch
42.Kraftwerk - It's more fun to compute
43.Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
44.2 Live Crew - Throw The Dick
45.fresh mess (jam your radio ) the knights of the turntables
46.Cybotron - Clear
47.Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Message II (Survival)
48.Jonzun Crew - Space Is The Place
49.The Knights Of The Turntables - We Are The Knights
50.Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
51.CYBOTRON - Alleys of your mind (Alleys Of Your Mind
52.Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom
53.Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five- Scorpio
54.DJ Battlecat - DJ N Effect
55.Knights of the Turntables: "Dub"
56.Kraftwerk - Numbers
58.Chris "The Glove" Taylor & David Storrs (featuring Ice-T)- Reckless (Club Mix)
59.egyptian lover egypt egypt