jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

Nevski Compilation: Your Secret Codes

1.Black to Comm-Mirror
2.Perera Elsewhere-Bizarre ( Maria Minerva Solstice remix)
3.oOoOO-Stay Here
5.Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko-Fly Variation
6.AGF-Loading Code in the Noodle Soup
7.Christopher Willits-Orange Lit Spaces
8.Ezza Rose-Ophelia
9.Memotone-Lost Hours
10.Ricardo Villalobos-Resvete
12.Kowton-Shuffle Good (Andy Stot remix)
13.IVVVO-Darkness in my Soul
14.Christian Vogel-Enter the Tub
15.Ministre XC feat.Romy-Just to Please Ya
16.Dj Madd-Blank Space
17.Felix da HousecatI just want to be a Lesbian ( Biton remix)
18.Nicola Ratti-Air Resistance
20.Animat-Marquette Party
21.King Midas Sound-Miles and Miles

Style-Electronics, downtempo

Your Secret Codes

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes — short film by Kahlil Joseph

Moodgadget Records

1.Radere-I'll make You Quiet
2.Direwires-Documented Glance
3.Casino vs Japan-Aquarium
4.A Setting Sun & Shigeto-Mois de Mars
6.Boreal Network-King of Currumpaw
7.Dorian White-Exit
8.Foxes in Fiction-Memory Pools
9.Jc Hamell-Lost
10.Jimmy Edgar-Nothing is Better
11.Mogi Grumbles-Tron's Theme
12.Charles Trees-In Return Daisha Memories
13.Calmer-Past is Preset
14.Mux Mool-Death 9000
16.Charles Trees-Exodus
17.D.Gookin-Glad I met You
18.Carat Affair-Fashion
19.Zack Christ- Koofpoin Low   Lucky Pork  Far  East Side
20.Praveen-Death as a Man (Worst Friends Remix)
21.Shigeto-New Crossings
22.Andre Obin-Lemondrop
23.Teeel-Triangle Waves
25.Isomer Transition-Downtime in the Hangar
26.Todd Osborne-Superstructure
27.One of Them-Sometime i feel like
28.Seth Troxler-Aggression
29.Mingus Rude- Burn ( D'Marc Cantu remix)
30.Kyle Bobby Dunn-Meadowfuck ( Waltz Of The Nobody)
31.Khonnor-Screen Love, Space And The Tim


Style-Electronics, synth pop, abstract hiphop, techno

lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Videoalbum: Fad Gadget

Nevski Compilation: No more cathode emision

1. Barker and Baumecker-Spur ( Clark remix)
3.Demdike Stare-Dislogy
4.Regis-Blinding Horses
5.Shackleton-(No More) Negative Thoughts
7.DJ Koze-La Duquesa
8.Dense Pika-Bad Back
9.Jeremy Greenspan-Drums Drums Drums
10.Ten Walls-Epos
12.Pogo-Soulmate Stuff
13.Segue-Snow Dub
14.Luke Hess-Paskho version 1
15.Mathew Johnson-Marionette
16.Benjamin Damage-Delirium Tremens (Robert Hood remix)
17.Mike Parker-Lustration Five
18.Soulsonic-There is Hope

Style-Minimal techno, tech-house, dub, electronics

martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Ensemble Economique - Radiate Through ME

Constellation Tatsu

1. Angel 1-Purple Haze (edit)
2.Bataille Solaire-Sauropes et Acacias
3.Floating Gardens-Life Behind the Airlock
4.Journey of Mind-Essential Oil
5.Seabat-Deep Ocean Cavern
6.Cankun-I kbow you love to Dance
7.Ill Professor-Slate Line
8.Samantha Glass-Movement 1
9.MJ. Guider-PrimaDrawing down the Moon
10.Panabrite-Abyssal II
11.Pulse Emitter-Light from Distant Stars
12.Cults-Velvet Dreams
13.Sawi Lieu-Circumstellar Life
14.Saguache-Lattice Borealis
15.Hakobune-This wasn't what I Thought
16.Pleq-Quinn Walker
17.Greyghost-Nectar of the Eastern Gods
18.Motion Sickness of Time Travel-Drawing sown the Moon
19.Gunter Schlienz-Presentation Three
20.White Poppy-Who are You


Style-Drone, ambient, experimental, electronics

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Nevski Compilation: Set my Soul

2.Grizzly Bear-Gun-Shy
4.Tindersticks-Whiskey & Water
5.Lisa Germano-The Dresses Song
6.Tamaryn-Love Fade
7.Chelsa Wolfe-The Warden
8.The National-Conversation 16
9.Atlas Sound-Shelia
10.Shmu- House of Stares
11.Flowchart-Ode to Street Hassle
12.Kelly Slusher-I Need You
13.GAlaxy 500-Temperature's Rising
14.Connan Mockasin-Megumi The Milkway Above
15.The Sea & Cake-Sporting Life
16.Arab Strap-The First Big Weekend
17.Washed Out-It All Feels Right
18.Blue States-Allies
19.Beach Fossils-Shallow
20. Disco Inferno-Sleight of Hand
21.Appliance-Food Music
22.Tame Impala-Why won't you make up your Mind?
23.LSD & The Search of God-I don't Care
24.Death in Vegas-Dirge
25.The Oscillation-Violations
26.Beach House-10 Mile Stereo
27.Tropic of Cancer-More Alone

Style-Indie Pop 90 & 00, psychedelic rock, noise pop