domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

A Place to Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You

Rocket Girl

Side A.

01.Robin Guthrie-everlasting
02.Katharina Franck   Faithful Friend (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
03.Lemon's Chair   Swallowtail
04.Piano Magic   Saint Marie
05.God Is An Astronaut   In The Distance Fading (The Echelon Effect Remix)
06.Lenola-The Holidaymakers
07.They Came from the Stars- I Am Not Afraid
08.P.S I Love You-New York
10.Mazarin   'Wheats'
11.Television Personalities - A Memory Is Better Than Nothing
12.silver apples-I Have Known Love
13.Lilys   Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
14.Frausdots   Dead Wrong
15.aM TM  I've God Them
16.Eat Lights Become Lights- Heavy Electrics
17.A Place To Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You
18.Slumber  Bell Boy
19.Kennedy With Ulrich Schnauss-all in the golden afternoon
20.Elika   Nowhere (Project Skyward remix)
21.Project Skyward   Sirius The Brightest Star (Album Mix)
22.Agent Fresco   A Long Time Listening
23.Jack   The Emperor of New London
24.loopdrop-Siempre Azul
25.fuxa 'cheree'
26.Bowery Electric   Things'll Never Be The Same

Style-Indie pop, psychedelic, space rock, electronic pop, shoegaze

Side B

01. Low + Transient Waves + Piano Magic-Sleep at the Bottom
02.Piano Magic-There's No Need for Us to Be Alone
03.Coldharbourstores- Perfect Cursive
04.Roy Montgomery With Kirk Lake-London Is Swinging By His Neck
05.Coldharbourstores- All That Matters Now
06.Anthony Reynolds & Colin Wilson-Why we make it difficult on ourselves
07.Azusa Plane-Drinking Scotch with Delmore
08.United States Direct Investment in Other Countries
09.Amp   So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)
10.E.A.R- Ring
11.Add N to Fu(x)a   And Another Thing!
12.Gnac-Tracy Draco
13.July Skies   So Sad Today
14.Piano Magic   Crown Estate
15.fuxa-Amber Gambler
16.Pluxus Molltolerans
17.State River Widening  Amsterdam Green
18.Gnac   Another Fine Mess
19.transient waves-Green Acres
20.Her Space Holiday-These Days
21.Keiron Phelan &  David Sheppard   Grasslands
22.Pieter Nooten-coldater
23.Windy & Carl- Crazy in the Sun

Style-Downtempo, experimental, ambient,post rock



jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


1/ Gilb'r Feat. Sydney Valette - Nuage de L'onde
2/ Sebastien Tex - Sway in Stones
3/ Orestt - L'âge de Glace
4/ Sigward & Oliver Sudden - Welcome Back My Sun
5/ Boozoo Bajou - S.A.E. (Red Axes rmx)
6/ Gazeebo - Gushing Climax (Irregular Disco Workers Sowing rmx)
7/ Tici Taci - Crush
8/ Leo Mas & Fabrice - No Light
9/ Fernando - New Endings
10/Manfredas - Square Lights (Secret Version)
11/Red Axes Feat.Abrao - Balma
12/FKCLUB - Volta
13/Fad Gadget - Ladyshave (Danceteria Edit)
14/Mushrooms Project - Yess (Voxlow Rmx)
15/Moscoman - Fernandez
16/Boot & Tax - Brace Brace (Alien Alien rmx)
17/Dj T. - Funk on You (2011 Edit)
18/Boot & Tax - Niente Per Niente
19/Trans Mania - Boing Boom Jack (Alexander Robotnick rmx)
20/Tad Wily - Lonely Night
21/Dionigi - Hey Jack
22/Jack Pattern - Disco Prohibido
23/Dark Strands - Slide (Heretic rmx)
24/Two Mamarrachos & Snem K - Teach Me (Damon Jee rmx)
25/Amevicious - Overheads
26/Booka Shade - Vertigo (Club Bizarre edit)
27/Monoblok & PSLKTR - Relapse
28/Marvin & Guy - Dance Ability
29/Eric Volta - Love Your Illusion
30/C.A.R. - Angelina (Manfredas rmx)
31/Paresse - Nada
32/Lauer - Hershel

James Blake - Radio Silence at Radio 1’s Headliners

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

dom mino。彩雨


01.Daisuke Miyatani-Between A and B
02.1Familiar Trees - Knew Peace
03.Quentin Sirjacq-Et le noir
04.ARAKI Shin   Reflection Of Your Flowers
05.Lullatone & Aki Tsuyuko-My Favorite Fork  Knife
06.RF & Lili De La Mora-Your Book of Everything
07.Flica - I
08.Sawako  Daisuke Miyatani - Tiny Star
09.Tape - Slow Birds For Mayo T
10.yoshinori takezawa - Corriente
11.teruyuki nobuchika - half moon
12.Haruka Nakamura - Ralgo
13.dakota suite & quentin sirjacq  in the stillness of this night
14.[.que] - flora
15Cokiyu - Mirror Flake
16.Dom Mino' - Scarlett
17.Ghost and Tape - Bless the Blind
18.Motoro Faam-Parallels and Infiltrations
19.Akira Kosemura-Watercolor
20.Channel In Channel Out - These Molecules Evaporate
21.Dom Mino - Cartaforbicesasso
22.Haruka Nakamura - Delight
23.Caelum - Apoptosis
24.–The Banjo Consorsium-nameapril

Style-Ambient, eletronics,folktronica, japan, modern clasical, IDM


miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy

Spectral Sound


01.Audion - I Am The Car
02.Gadi Mizrahi - She Don't
03.Moiré - Red Circle (feat. Bones)
04.Fort Romeau - Insides (Roman Flügel Remix)
05.Daso - Chair And Table
06.Jabberjaw - A Goat on Fire in the Garden of Eden
07.Seth Troxler feat. Matthew Dear - Hurt (Martinez Dark Soul Remix)
08.Alexi Delano - My Busted SH 101
09.Childproof Man   Bloom
10.Matthew Dear - Dog Days
11.James Teej Yakine   Rise feat James Teej (Original Mix)
12.Ryan Elliott  - Kicking Up (STABLO No. Remix)
13.Hieroglyphic Being   Je Suis Musique
14.Lee Curtiss   Black Door Beauty
15.Audion - Sky (Daniel Avery Remix)
16.DMX Krew - I won't forget
17.Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak (Original Mix)
18.Mark E - Molyneaux
19.Lusine   Rubberbands
20.Benoit & Sergio - Let Me Count The Ways (Original Mix )
21.Shonky   KORG M1
22.Sami Koivikko - Keskus
23.Brian Aneurysm - Das Element Des Menschen (James T. Cotton version)
24.James T Cotton (aka JTC)   Press Your Body
25.Patricia - Drip Dawn
26.Mike Parker   Protolanguage

Style-Techno, minimal, deep house


01.Lawrence - Divided - Original Mix
02.Fort Romeau -SW9'
03.Light Year - No One (Original Mix)
04.Mark E - Bog Dance (Alvin Aronson Remix)
05.Bodycode - What Did You Say
06.Daso And Pawas Gupta - KKB (Original Mix)
07.Nautiluss - Kodama
08.Audion - Titty Fuck
09.Osborne - Hold Up (Joe's Dub) [feat. Joe Goddard]
10.Daso   Meine (Original Mix)
11.Seth Troxler   Panic, Stop Repeat! (Original Mix)
12.Matthew Dear   Tide
13.Birds & Souls - Birds & Souls (Original Mix)
14.Alexi Delano And Francisco Allendes - El Coleccionista De Piedras
15.Mikael Stavostrand   Can You See Thru My Eyes
16.James T Cotton  -  I Seek
17.Plan Tec - Espias Psiquicios (Jonas Kopp Psiquic Remix)
18.ryan crosson - don't look further
19.Jonas Kopp - Cero (Original Mix)
20.Geoff White   Ince
21.Kate Simko - Take You There (feat. Brenda D)
22.Hieroglyphic Being   Lost In Translation
23.Yakine - Rise (feat. James Teej)
24.Mike Shannon - Blind Love

Style-Techno, minimal, deep house