martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

Asthmatic Kitty Records


1.Castanets-Into the Night
2.Denison Witmer-Little Flowers
3.Sufjan Stevens & The Osso String Quartet-Run Rabbit Run
4.The Welcome Wagon-My God, My God Parts ! & 2
5.Shapes & Sizes-Island's gone Bad
7.Half  Handed Cloud-To Love like the Father Son Love Each Other
8.My Brightest Diamond-Inside a Boy
9.Lily Madelaine-Come to Me
10.Fol Chen-The New December
11.Epstein-Jellyfish foam on Top
12.Jim Guthrie-Evil Thoughts
13.DM Stith-Creekmouth
14.Liz Janes-Streetlight
15.Fol Chen-The Longer U Wait
16.Rafter-Animal Feelings Timeless Form Formless Time
17.Pepe Deluxe-My Flaming Thirst
19.Helado Negro-2ª Dia
20.My Brightest Diamond-Disappear
21.Sufjan Stevens-Yearof the Ox
22.Jim Guthrie-Little Furnace
23.Roberts & Lord-Oblique
24.Why-As I went out one Morning
25.William Ryan Fritch-Over Sate, Underwhelm
26.Shannon Stephens-The Most Delicious Hours
27.Flint-Michigan 115

Style-Folk, indieop psychedelia

Asthmatic Kitty Records Part.1


1.Linda Perhacs-Freely
2.Sufjan Stevens-A Sun came
3.Chris Schlarb-Twilight & Ghost Histories  section IX
4.Shapes & Sizes-Jinker that Fat Hand
5.Castanets-Rain will come
6.Cryptacize-Cosmic Sing a Long
7.DM Slith-Just Once
8.Chris Schlarb & Nicalis-A Sense of Place ( Harara Mountains)
9.The Glow-Sam Rosen
10.My Brightest Diamond-Workhorse
11.Grampall Jookabox-The Girl ain't Preggers
12.Half Handed Cloud-He's not the Swindler We are
14.Sufjan Stevens-Chicago
15.Ombre-Weight Those Words
16.Jib Kidder-Blue
17.Sisyphus-Take Me
18.Helado Negro-Ilumina Vos
19.Julianna Barwick-The Magic Place
20.My Brightest Diamond-Dragonfly -Murcof remix-
21.Viva Voce-Red D Lish
22.Liza Janes-Jesus is a Dying Bed Maker
23.Maxel Toft-Quick Fix
24.Sufjan Stevens-The Owl & The Tanager
25.Son Lux-Speak
26.Hermas Zopoula-Seigneur Apprends Moi

Style-Folk, indie pop, electronics downtempo

 Asthmatic Kitty Records Part2

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