viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

East India Youth - DRIPPING DOWN

No Pain in Pop

1.Echo Lake-Wild Peace
2.The Proper Ornaments-Who Thought
3.Trailer Trash Tracys-Candy Girl
4.Veronica Falls-Beachy Head
5.Vinyl Williams-Inner Space
6.Echo Lake-Young Silence
7.Beliefs -Lilly
8.Dyymond  Of Durham-Hunger
9.Dunian-All Intros
12.Bathcrones-Vineyard of the Sea
13.Karen Gwyer-Lay Claim to My Grub
14.Patten-This Sharpened Mist
15.Sunni Geini -Sunni Geini Main Theme
16.Nite Jewel-Weak 4 Me
17.Grimes - Zoal -FAce Dancer
18.Forest Swords-Miarches
19.Doldrums-Endless Winter
20.Halls-Shadow of the Colossus
21.Karen Gwyer-Tehe!Blah Blah!! Shhhh!
23.Forest Swords-Rattling Cage
24.Omine-Bantha Fodder
25. Karen Gwyer & Torn Hawk-Gauze (sped)

Style-Psycodelic rock, indie pop, noise, electronics, dwntempo

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Pram - Space Siren

Nevski Compilation: Narcolepsia

1.Harold Budd-Niky D
2.Okkyung Lee-One Hundred Years Old Rain
3.Dimitar Dodovski-Seeds for the Future
4.Ryan Teague-Nephesch
5.Deaf Center-Path to Lucy
6.Colleen-Goodbye Sunshine
7.The North Sea & The Rameses III-Night Blossoms writen in Sanskrit
8.Duane Pitre-Monkey Town
9.John Metcalfe-Blue Ruby
10.Joby Talbot-Dew Point
11.Marsen Jules-Fanes D'automme
12.Cymphonic-Dancing in Purple Light
13.Emily Wells-Fire Song
14.Stars of the Lid-Sun Drugs
15.Hobo Cubes-Glowing Vessel
16.Gavin Bryars-The Black River
17.L.Pierre-The Grief that does not Speak
18.Loscil-Unit Circle
19.ASC-I share my Secrets with You
20.Skoltz Kolgen-In Point 004
21.Stephan Mathieu-Gabriel
22.Locust-Corporal Genesis
23.Sebastien Roux-Bleston
24.George Crumb-Processional
25.Ken Candem-Birthday

Style-Ambient, drone, neoclassical


domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Karen Gwyer - Lay Claim To My Grub

LIES Records

1.Jahiliyya Fields-Water Breaker
2.Professor Genius-Hassan Two
3.Tom Hawk-Tarifa
4.Florian Kupfer-Lifetrax
5.Steve Summers-In the Mode for Love
6.Delroy Edwards-4 Club Use Only
7.Marcos Cabral-24Hours Flight
8.Terekke-Pf Pf Pass
9.Legowelt-Sark Island Acid
10.Mutant Beat Dance-Urban Dust
12.Maximillion Dunbar-Everyday
13.Trackman Lafonte-Bonquiqui Pacific House
14.Xosar-Tropical Cruize
15.Unknown Artist-Echo Drugs
16.Willie Burns-Pong in a Tracksuit
17.Daywalker + CF - You Only live Once
18.Samantha's Vacation-Samantha's Vacation
19.Two Dogs in a House-Eliminator
21.Svengalisghost-Hidden Cities
22.Sling Samo-DJ Tool 1
23.BAd News-Real Bad News
24.Bookworms-Love Triangle
26.Samo DJ-Tai Po Kau
27.Gunnar Haslam-Anatolia
28.Steve Moore-Panther Moderns

Style-Electronics,acid, techno, house, experimental


miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

Metalicyée - Mad Tom Song

Nevski Compilation: synchronisation

2.Mouse on Mars-Frosch
3.Aphex Twin-Fingerlab
4.PSI Performer-Mulricast remix
6.The Black Dog-Cost II
7.Metamatics-Two the Point
8.Route 8-Waving Goodbye
9.Crix Madine-Crix Madine's Theme
10.Future Sound of London-Papua New Guinea 7" version
12.Donnatcha Costello-It's what We Do
13.Jupiter Jax-Ain't no Voodoo
14.Polygon Window-Portreah Harbour
15.IVVO-Under Grey
16.Recondite-The Fade
17.Sad City-Polymath
19.Tendts-I met a Girl
20.Sapphire  Slows--Fade out
21.Oneohtrix Point Never-Remember-Surgeon mix
23.Falling fromCloud 9-Tarka Dahl
24.Xosar-Elixir of Deams
25.Benge-Track 10 The Very Best of Benge

Style-Techno 90, IDM, Acid