lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

King Garbage Telephone

Styles Upon Styles

01.King Garbage - Pins & Wheels
03.tomlaan - Dap
04.Fossil - Tigerlily Groove
06.Zach Cooper-what  can you even say
07.Quincy Vidal - LoveULoveMe
08.Space People-stop playing
09.Kloke -unlearning
10.kuxxan SUUM - Resolve, and thou art free!
11.Cambo - Sardonien
12.Brendon Moeller - Forever
13.BMCCCW-spectrum 2
14.Certain Creatures -sparkle feat.ike yard
15.gut nose-Drifting To Parts Unknown
16.Clay Wilson - Third Aspect
17.Gabriel Garzón​-​Montano - Me Alone (Sage Caswell Remix)
18.Best Available Technology - Focal Length Version
19.Brendon Moeller-Incoming
20.James Place - False Native (mix y)

Style-Miniml techno, downtempo, IDM

Styles upon Styles

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Ultraista performing Bad Insect

Temporary Residence

Side A.

01.Eluvium - New Animals from the Air
02.Caroline - Seesaw (Dntel Remix)
03.Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Nachtwach
04.Calla - Where am I (Shoutman Remix)
05.sybarite - lapsong
06.nice nice -See Thru Plastic
07.The Books - Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
08.Icarus - Benevolent Incubator
09.Four Tet - Ba Teaches Yoga
10.Moholy Nagy   Brute Neighbours
11.Majeure - Timespan
12.Turing Machine - Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar
13.Parlour   Over The Under
14.Ultrasta - Bad Insect
15.Zammuto - The Shape of Things to Come
16.Tarentel - Ursa Minor, Ursa Major
17.'William Basinski-The Disintegration Loop'

Style-Ambient, letfield, post rock, electronics

Side B

01.Cerberus Shoal   Christopher's Winded
02.Sycamore Age-Romance
03.The Black Heart Procession - Forget my heart
04.Systems Officer - East
05.Rob Crow   Hangnailed
06.Bonnie Prince billy   Sweeter than anything
07.My Disco - Lil' Joy
08.Prints 'Too Much Water
09.Howard Hello Revolution
10.Low   The Exit Papers 5
11.Mono - Halo (DJ Olive the Audio Janitor - One Note Dub Remix)
12.Matthew Robert Cooper - Some Days Are Better Than Others
13.Mogwai - Untitled (Travels In Constants EP)
14.Fridge - Ark
15.Grails - 3. Silk Rd
16.Kenseth Thibideau   Disguise (Repetition)
17.The Drift - Invisible Cities

Style-Post rock, psychedelic rock


sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Dva Numie

SP Mix: Dino Spiluttini

Dino Spiluttini - Fugue
Freddy Ruppert - Gin Blossoms
Dean Blunt - 50 Cent
Michiru Aoyama - Air of Japan
Kara-Lis Coverdale - Touch me & die
Les Halles - Between two Deserts
Horrid Red - Dead Inside
New Order - Procession
Willamette - Portrait of a Sleeping Girl
Dino Spiluttini - Father
Blessure Grave - My whole Life
John Carpenter - Night

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2016

Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD

Blood Music

01.Attaque - Good to Me
02.Bowski - Leggings (Original Mix)
03.Hoshina Anniversary - At The Hop
04.LeBreton   Steam
05.Clouds - Liquid (original mix)
06.Blatta  Inesha - East Side
07.The Subs - Hypsteria feat. Sovnger (Beat Version)
08.Mike Mago - Hold On
09.BS1 & John Roman - Barbell
10.Errbody & Trve - Clubbah (feat. Joao Ceser) 
11.Reset Safari - How We Flex (Original Mix)
12.Boy 8-Bit - Night Terrors
13.Dahni - Black Light
14.Madame - The Way It Feel (Original Mix)
15.Nick Cambell   Brick Scrap (Original Mix)
16.Dabeull - Triatlon
17.ZETA99 - Ulnar
18.Bot - One Hour
19.LeBreton - Eve
20.Menace - HZ and Tones (Original mix)
21.Mike Mago - The Beat
22.Ego Troopers- Ghetto Acid
23.Bowski - Talkbox (Original Mix)
24.Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night
25.Madame - Walk Back
26.Fake Blood - Waiting

Style-Electronic pop,techno, acid, house