domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Safeashome - Hateful Town

3rd Stone

1.Bark Psychosis-IKnow
2.Amp-Glasshouse Jam
3.Spatialize-Ukiyo Dryad's Bubble
4.Spacemen 3-Ode to Street Hassle
5.Reverberation-Cross your Sky
6.Transambient  Communications-Receiving Transmissions
7.Mali Rain-Koan
8.No Man-Carolina Skeletons
9.AR Kane-Sea Like a Child
10.State of Grace-P.S High
11.Insides-Grand Prix
12.No Man-Dry Cleaning Ray
13.Basking-Mali Rain
14.Silver Apples-Oscillations  Gregg Foreman remix
15.Transambient Communications-Alaska Pt.1
16.Bass Communion-Orphan Coal
17.Spectrum-Forever Alien
18.Jessamine & Spectrum -A Pox on You
19.Bark Psychosis-Manman
20.Spacemen 3-Come Down Sofftly to my Soul
21.Experimental Audio Research-Space Station
22.Octal-StarirsLeading Up Pt.2

Style-Psychodelia, space rock, experimental ambient, electronic pop

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Jon Hopkins - We Disappear (Official Video) ft. Lulu James


1.Erwin Van Moll-The Great Lover  (A Journey into Ambient Groove)
2.Neotropic-The Man who catches Clouds
3.Cabbage Boy-Mod You
4.Animals on Wheels-The Elastic Snapped
5.2 Player-Sometimes ( The Herbaliser remix)
6.A Forest Might Black-Tides ( Peshay Flytronix remix)
7.Coldcut-Autumn Leaves ( Irresistible Force chill mix )
8.Justice-Tertius-Essential 4 Life
9.Andy C Shimon-Genetix
10.Sofa Surfers-Sofa Rockers ( Richard Dorfmeister remix)
11.Flanger-Full on Scientist
15.Neotropic-Laundry pt.3
16.Real Life-Shark Dance
17.Rhys Chatham & Martin Wheeler-Altesse
19.Flanger-Options in the Fire
20.Dj Food-Freedom ( Fila Brazilla remix)
21.Hextatic-Ninja Tune
22.Smoke Skreen-Nu Breeze
23.Hex Antistatic-Glass
24.Kens Seedy Break-Cabbage Boy
25.Journeyman-National Hijinx
26.Neotropic-Saucer Song

Style-Drum'n'bass electronics, breaks, ambient


viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Dream City Film Club - Pissboy

Nevski Compilation: All your Pretty Lies


1-Susanna & his Magic Orchestra-Hallelujah
2-Lisa Germano-Nobody is Playing
3-The Montgolfier brothers-Une Chanson du Crepuscule
4-Sylvian Chauveau & Ensemble Nocturne-Home
5-David Sylvian-Devils Own
7-Talk Talk-Taphead
8-Robert Wyatt-Cuckoo Madame
9-Matt Elliott-The Sinking Ship Song
10-Avia Gardner-More the Tongue Can Tell
11-Skallander-Flesh Born Constellation
12-Avey Tare & Kilian Brekkan-Who Wellses in My Hott
13-Benoit Pioulard-Together & Down
14-Boduf Songs-Great Wolf of no Tracks
15-Calla-Hover over Nowhere
16-Arab Strap-Tanned
17-AR Kane-Sulliday
18-Castanets-Rain will come


Style-Folk, psychedelia

Mixed by Alexei


20-Swod-Fugitiv 2
22-Third Eye Foundation-Snaffed Candles
24-The Remote Viewer-I Climbed a Mountain
25-Vitamins for You-3
26-Sanso XTRO-Unsentimental
28-You Dee-Sawolla Sambucca
29-Clue to Kalo-You Heart's Your Compass
30-Static-A Song for You
31-Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko-The Night Comes
32-AGF-Ambient Trust
33-Ghistlian Poirier-Les retombes
34-People Press play-Before Me
35-März-Love streams

Style-Electronics, IDM, modern classical,


domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

SILICOM (AOKI takamasa & Takagi Masakatsu) "Kes." (from DVD "SILICOM")


01.Marc Marcovic-Intifada
02. R Mendoza   Moshi Muchowmv.
03.Hanne Hukkelberg   Balloon.
04.Moz -Tuareg.
05.Theodor Bastard   Pustota.
06.Tigrics   Igric.
07.jadviga   synonym.
08.Zvukbroda   Grapevine.
09.Rechenzentrum   Slate
10.8Bitch Glass diamonds.
11. Clark   Roulette Thrift Run.
12.BeatMyth   Dubbb.
13.Oknai   Myrth
14.Fulgeance   Raw
15.Jimmy Edgar   Sheer, Make, Serve
16.Pavemental   No Comply
17.Otto Von Schirach   G4 scramblin
18.CoH   Hurt Later
19.Monolake   Arte (Live Recordings From Belgrade's Dis Patch Festival)
20.Pole   Sylvenstein
21.Borka   Jimmy Sings
22.Octex   Kleep (Variations)
23.SunnySun   Carobno.
24.Yanoosh   Hibernate soon

Style: Electronics, downtwmpo, experimental

jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Phon.o "Moonwalk"

Mexican Summer


1.Linda Perhacs-Call of the River
2.Mike Vexler-PAriah
3.Kurt Vile-My Best Friends (don't even pass this)
6.Real State-Younger than Yesterday
7.The Alps-Spray
8.Bipolar Bear-Ocean Sport
9.Apache Dropout-Teenager
10.John Carpenter-Seasons
12.Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Coconuts
13.Little Girls-Thrills
14.Spectral Park -Shells
15.Tamaryn-I'm gone
16.Ashrae Fax -Armpit
17.Beaches-Eternal Sphere
18.Dungen-Skit I Allt
19.The Black Ryder-All that we see
20.Brain Idea-Oh I'm free (earn your card)
21.Best Coast-Crazy for You
22.Ariel Pink feat.Jorge Elbrecht -Hang on to Life
23.Michael Angelo-Nubian Queen
24.Light Asylum-Dark Allies
25.Gauntlet Hair-Out Don't
26.Mood Rings-The Line
27.Part Time-PDA
28.Pearl Harbor-Sunburn
29.Travis Bretzer-Billy and I
30.Terrible Truths-Lift Weights
32.Weekend-All American
33.The Mantles-Lilynever Married
34.Jorge Elbrecht feat Tamaryn-14 Circle Back
35.No Joy-Luna Phobia
36.Pink Playground-Dark Bloom
37.The Fresh Onlys-Soothsayer
38.The Soft Pack-Tallboy
39.Puro Instinct-Stilyagi feat Ariel Pink
40.Robert Lester Folsom-Music and Dreams

Style-Psychedelia,noise, indie pop, alternative rock



1.Marissa Nadler-Ballads of Living and Dying
2.Lilacs Champagne-Laid Fucking Back
3.Black Moth Super Rainbow-Feel the Drip
4.Andrew Graham.-Take it Easy on Kathy at Least She can Dance
5.Date Palms-Honey Devash
6.Headdress-Blanket of Golden Fields
7.Tamaryn- The Waves
8.Viva L'American Death Ray Music-Six x Six
9.Wooden Shjips-Contact
10.Young Prisms-Weekend at Treehouse.
11.Xander Duell-Diamonds R Dizzy Emma Baby
12.Lucky Luke-Out of my Tree
13.Michael Angelo-Sorcerer Dream
14.Peaking Lights-Beautiful Son
15.The Vacant Lots-Confusion
16.The Bitters-The New Real Way
17.The Soft Pack-Saratoga
18.The Fresh Onlys-Presence of Mind
19.No Joy-Ghost Blonde
20.The  Soft Pack-Captain Ace
21.GR-Low Born
22.Home Blitz-Hey!
23.Cold Showers-I don't Mind
24.Vietnam-Kitchen Congas
25.Lansing Dreiden-Glass Corridor
26.Tunning Shrines-Face of Another
27.Lace Curtain-Falling
28.Nite Jewel-NAtural Causes
29.Steve Moore-Fever Dream
30.The Miracle Club-A new Love
31.Ford Lopatin-Snakes
32.The Miracle Club-Church Song
33.Washed Out-Feel it all Around
34.Teams vs Star Slinger-Punch Drunk Love
35.Tamary& Ford Lopatin-Flying Dream
36.Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin-Uptown Psychedelia
38.Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica

Style-Psychedelia, indie pop, synth pop, experimental