domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Nevsky Compilation: Rented Room

1.Johnny Cash- Highway 61 / When the Man comes Around
2.Tindersticks-Can we start again
3.Hugo Race-Slow Fry
4.Woven Hand-Your Russia ( without hands)
6.Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles-La Rosa
7.Daughn Gibson-The Pisgee Nest
8.M.Gira & D.Matz-Cold Creeping
9.Bill Callahan-Highs in the Mid 40'sDub
10.Eric Copeland-Ufo's over Vampire City
11.Momus-The Thunderdown
12.Glen Tomasetti-When I was Single
13.Axel & the Farmers-Billy's Trouble
14.Junip-Rope and Sumit
15.Damien Jurado-Magic Number
16.Michael J. Sheehy-Donkey Ride Straight to Hell
17.Sparklehorse-Dog Door
18.Tricky & Dj Muggs & Grease-For Real
19.Paul Quinn-Mooreefoc
20.Matt Elliott-The Failing Song
21.David Sylvian-Weathered Wall
22.Manic Street Preachers & Richard Hawley-Rewind the Film
23.Jackson C. Frank-Milk and Honey
24.Gary Higgins-Cuckoo
25.Mazzy Star-California

Style-Folk, pop rock

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