domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Erosion Flow - Syvv / Addison Groove - It's Got Me



01.2562 - Embrace (Original Mix)
02.Addison Groove - It's Got Me
03.martyn - Velvet
04.Jon Convex ft. dbridge - Lied to be Loved
05.Erosion Flow - Da Heckler
06.Illum Sphere - Titan
07.Redshape - Throw In Dirt
08.Doms & Deykers - Striker
09.Erosion Flow - Syvv
10.Martyn - Be My Own Pupil
11.Altered Natives - The Bitch (3024)
12.Gingy - Swirlie
13.Instra_mental - Pyramid
14.Mosca - Dom Perignon
15.Jon Convex ft. dbridge - Stay
16.leon vynehall - i get mine, you get yours
17.Kevin McPhee - Version 5
18.Trevino - Chip
19.Nautiluss - Zero Gravity
20.Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance
21.Jacques Greene - Ready (Original Mix)
22.Martyn - Is This Insanity  ft. the Spaceape
23.Leon Vynehall - be brave, clench fists (original mix)
24.Doms & Deykers - It's You I See

Style-Dubstep, techno, acid, house


miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

Xao Seffcheque – Du und ich

Burnt Friedman -IA Mix 171

1. Chronomad- Asylon, Short Excerpt (Alien Transistor) CD
2. Friedman & Dodd-Ellis- Clock, Excerpt Played At 33rpm (Nonplace) 12″
3. Orchestre Berlait- Sendang Berlait, Excerpt (Playa Sound) LP
4. Orchestre Gulitangan Mulut- Gearsen, Excerpt (Playa Sound) LP
5. Don´T DJ- Loopool, Excerpt (Diskant) 12″
6. Harmonious Thelonious- The Grasshopper Was The Witness, Excerpt (Meakusma) EP
7. Karo Batak- Gendang Karo ,Excerpt (Museum Collection Berlin) LP
8. Jone Takamaki Trio- Lalit, Excerpt (Universal Mind) LP
9. Friedman & Liebezeit- Shades Of Soddin Orion, Played At 33rpm, Excerpt (Nonplace) 12″
10. Charles Cohen- Conundrums (Robert Turman Version) Played At 45rpm, Excerpt (Morphine Doser) 12″
11. Section 25- Sutra, Excerpt (Factory) CD
12. Zerfu Demisse- Alayenem Belu, Alsemanem Belu, Excerpt (Terp) CD
13. Cheika Remitti- Ghir El Baroud (Worldmusic 89) LP
14. Yermande- Mark Ernestus Ndagga Rhythm Force (Ndagga) 12″

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Dinosaur L -GO BANG!!! / Stezo-It's My Turn

Sleeping Bag Records

Sleeping Bag Records 1981-1992


01.Bonzo Goes To Washington   5 Minutes (Jerry Harrison Bootsy Collins)
02.Cash Money and Marvelous   Play it cool (club version)
03.Tricky Tee - Johnny The Fox
04.T La Rock - Flow with the New Style (Dub Mix)
05.Mantronix - Scream
06.Too Bad - Cumin'Up
07.Mikey D  The L A Posse   Out Of Control
08.Just Ice   Kool And Deadly
09.Kid Frost - Terminator
10.Mantronix - Bassline. Radio Version
11.Stezo - It's My Turn (Radio)
12.T La Rock - Housin With The T S
13.World Class  Wreckin Cru World Class
14.EPMD - You Gots To Chill
15.Hi-C - I Don't Wanna Know (Ft. Nate Dogg)
16.Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - It Takes Two
17.Grandmixer DST   The Home Of Hip Hop
18.Sounds Of JHS 126 Brooklyn - Chill Pill

Style-Old school hip hop, electro


01.Ann Marie   Just Waiting For You (Master Dub)
02.Dinosaur L   Clean On Your Bean 1
03.Felix - Tiger Stripes (extended version)
04.Dhar Braxton -Jump Back (Set Me Free) -
05.Clandestine ft Ned Sublette   Radio Rhythm (SIGNAL SMART) (Vocal)
06.Indian Ocean - School Bell_Treehouse
07.Konk - Your Life
08.The Todd Terry Project, Bango  (To The Batmobile)
09.Ecstasy   Don't Play Me Raw (Farley's House Mix)
10.Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
11.Dyan Buckelew   Gotta Do (Back to Cali Mix)
12.Shank Thompson   Jazz Traxx (Vanguard Mix)
13.Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight [Original House Club 12” Mix]
14.Class Action - Weekend
15.Joyce Sims   Come Into My Life
16.Dubb Clubb - Stay With You

Style-Dancefloor, house 80's, freestyle,



domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

The Ripp-Off Artist-Sizzle Spot / Iso68-Zwei Engel Korrigiert

Vertical Form

01.Pan American   Sleep  Fall
02.Opiate - 100301
03.Arovane _ Phonem - Valid Fard
04.einoma - Glerborgir
05.Iso 68   Zwei Engel Korrigiert
06.Corker-Conboy - Portland Grove Am
07.State River Widening   Knifegrinders Song
08.piiri - gpu (pan american mix)
09.Phonem - Suffer
10.Smyglyssna - Hintergedanke
11.Funkstrung - Lolita
12.Pub - Summer (Arovane AMX 1)
13.skein - venice
14.Rechenzentrum - Nelson Suite
15.Sixtoo - A To Zero
16.Pub - Summer
17.Kit clayton   Izmit
18.Vladislav Delay - Cene
19.agent cooper - minus remake
20.Nick Rapaccioli   Centred
21.thomas fehlmann - luftikuss
22.The Rip Off Artist   Sizzle Spot (2003)
23.Embezzlement Society   Mi Casa
24.Kit Clayton   Untitled 6
25.Monolake - Rain
26.pan american - running dog (reborn)

Style-IDM, dubtechno, downtempo

Vertical form