jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Dva - huhu


01.phonout   pflaster (beta)
02.ucleden - closer to you
03.volker selzner - munich bells
04.Alessandro Crimi - Nachtwald .`
05.Paul Brtschitsch &  Cio D'or - Ginger
06.Higher Sense Xpoezure   Return to the Source
07.Less_ _Down_(Pinch'N'Peedge's_Remix)
08.freund der familie - korridor der integrale
09.Even Tuell - A Close Dancin'
10.STASH 54 - Rony  Suzy Moqdah
11.DML   Freimann
12.internal sync   nova (pelle buys rmx)
13.Federleicht - On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse's Let Freedom Ring Remix)
14.Alec Troniq  Gabriel Vitel - Mind Doodles
15.garry grand - a night in frauenneuharting
16.Information Ghetto - Forest Vision (Original Mix)
17.Good Guy Mikesh  Filburt - Hypnopoint (Original Mix)
18.ece boas - 05 nebel
19.Alec Troniq   I'm The Foolaloof
20.Freund der familie   porentief (Rndms remix)
21.the hermit - between the lines
22.More Places   Schmetterling und Eskimo (Normans warmer Winter Rmx)
23.Juno6 - Salamis
24.Luciano Pizzella   Your music moved my teeth
25.landschall - dein gesicht
26.Niedermeier  Whitehead - She is
27.Lowtec - A1 Untitled
28.tim susa - the spiral
29.SQware   Will Paul Like You
30.Max Cavalerra - Hydra
31.Presslaboys - Eccheccazz (Christian Quast Remix)
32.stefan tretau - leere welten

Style-minimal techno, house tech, electronic pop



lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Dasha Rush - Outer Space /Sleepstep

Machtdose Podcast Feb 2015

    The Skellingtons – Don’t You Wanna Dance 
    Samira’s Song A Day – High School 
    she-wolf – Far Away
    Ganser – GOMER 
    Wild Shores – Dream 
    Leo – Lorelei
    The Away Days – Best Rebellious
    Angil and the Hiddentracks – Ideas 
    Angil and the Hiddentracks: Contrebrassens – Cupidon 
    Zoe Palmer & Sam Glazer – Hornbeam, Longreach, Schooner, Anchor
    The Bribe and the Mockery – How to catch a Bird 
    Rough Comforts – Fauxmance 
    Ketsa – Present Company
    johnny_ripper – shtut (with ori)
    Jang MP – Coccyx
    Laundry League – Berdreymin 
    Futura Synk – The Future Ss 69
    Caleborate – All Mine ft. Janessa Marie & Zoe (prod. Wonderlust & Ian Mckee) 
    Silvanian Families – 10th
    Narly – Purple Rain 
    Kubbi – Pathfinder 
    Wanda & Nova deViator – Arp Arp
    Sabrepulse – Blood Eagle 
    Bold as Gold – Get Love

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

Tape Deck Mountain - Scantrons

Double Denim Records

01.Hotel Mexico - Wolves Running Through The Desert
02.Zulu Winter   Never Leave
03.Seapony - Dreaming
04.Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
05.Outfit - Vehicles
06.Brolin - Reykjavik
07.Zulu Winter - Let's Move Back to Front
08.Mind Enterprises - Sister
09.Amateur Best   Too Much
10.Hard Mix - Eye Contact
11.Christian AIDS - Stay Positive
12.Body Language - You Can
13.Outfit - Everything All The Time
14.Empress Of - Hat Trick
15.Pandr Eyez - Physical Education
16.Amateur Best   In Time
17.J£ZUS MILLION - Illusions Of (feat. Charli XCX)
18.Mind Enterprises - Summer War
19.Stay +  - Young Luv
20.Star Slinger - Remedy
21.Jesse Ruins - A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand

Style: Indie pop, electronic pop, R'n'b, glitch, downtempo


Double Denim Records