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Rhythm Maker - Passenger / Terrence Dixon - Grey Area / Frivolous - Kevork Motion (Reassurance Mix)



Background  1998-2006


01.Antiguo Automata Mexicano - Fluvial
02.Frivolous - Yellow
03.Portable - 60hz
04.Miller And Fiam - A Bright Place
05.Dave Miller - Unfortunate Interruption From Mr Lewis
06.Rhythm Maker - Alles Mainstream
07.Dean Decosta - In
08.James Din A4 - Like A Xerox
09.Portable - life on the run
10.gramm - eridan rouge
11.mitchell akiyama - on off course
12.Donnacha Costello - Str1
13.Si-cut.db - Pocket Money
14.Deadbeat - Tinkertronix 1.5
15.Geoff White - Opposing Platforms
16.dB - 1991
17.Todd Sines - Ts-closed
18.Submania  Ekmoah - Tendra
20.Pascal Schaefer - Deep Thoughts

Style-Glitch, dubtechno, minimal, downtempo


01.Andy Vaz - Were Not Gonna Diss You Right Now feat. N.Gratin
02.Jeff Milligan - Territory
03.Ben Nevile - some bass for the sheep
04.Microbox - Plan
05.frivolous - kevork motion -reassurance mix
06.Oliver Hacke - Untitled
07.Further Details - Half Forgotten Dream
08.Akufen As Nefuka - Rewomteprac
09.Submania - Fungus Itch
10.Dave Miller - Hue Hip Shizo Censor
11.Kit Clayton - iBuffalo
12.Rhythm Maker - Every Now And Then Anger
13.Terrence Dixon - Grey Area
14.Akufen - Moon Over Plateaux
15.Frivolous -Playground Supervisor
16.B. - Booby Trap
17.Todd Sines - Eda 1999
18.Ectomorph - Galatex
19.PanTone - Espionage
20.sutekh - roof rack
21.Portable - Frame

Style-Glitch, minimal, techno, electro



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Nathan Fake :XLR8R Podcast 486

01. Pedrodollar "Endless Yamaha" [N/A]
02. Steve Roach "Time For Time" [Domino Records]
03. Eric Vann "Dancing Plankton" [Coloursound Library]
04. Red Electric Rainbow "LSD Sunshine aa2 [905 Tapes]
05. Amun Dragoon "Secret Whispers from the Tatame Box [Self Released/Not on Label]
06. Clearing "Keepsake Side B" [No Kings]
07. Mads Emil Nielsen "Glow" [Plant Migration]
08. Prurient "I Understand You" [Hydra Head Recods]
09. Orbital "Tranquilizer" [Internal]
10. I-liner "S-Bahn" [Parallel Recordings]
11. Rhythm Invention "Chronoclasm" [Warp Records]
12. Ital "Culture Clubs" [Lovers Rock]
13. Jay Daniel "Shake it Down" [Technicolour]
14. Tyondai Braxton "Amlochley" [Nonesuch/Beat Records]
15. Autechre "acdwn2" [Warp Records]
16. Samo DJ "Beeps" [The Trilogy Tapes]
17. Clark "Shadow Banger" [Houndstooth]
18. Overmono "Lockner Union" [XL Recordings]
19. Huerco S -"Marked for Life" [Proibito]
20. NF "jpsubdr1" [N/A]

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Laub - Wortspur / This Is Our Music - AGF / A-symmetry -Life #1 /


AGF Produktion

AGF Produktion  2004.2016

01.agf & craig amrstrong - for ever and ever and ever alone
02.AGF -  Consider
03.A-Symmetry - Life 5
04.AGF & Rupert Huber-Zerstückelt
05.AGF, Matti P - Sinisten Risti (Eino Leino, 1903)
06.AGF - Contemporary Westernized
07.QUIO - so dazed
08.Laub - Deinetwegen
09.AGF -  You Might
10.AGF Delay - Explode Baby
11.AGF - Everybody Is A Disaster
12.Quio - Bah Fangoo!
13.AGF - I Am_ New Woman (Hiratsuka Raicho 1886-1971)
14.AGF-Delay - Restrict
15.AGF & Craig Amrstrong - The Queen
16.AGF - Kubra Khademi - The Radical Self
17.Uljana Wolf (AGF & Dalibor) - Drei Bögen Bougainville
18.AGF - Yugure Wa (Izumi Shikibu)
19.AGF, Lau Nau - Keinutan Kaikua (L.Onerva, 1904)

AGF Produktion

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Jetset Records

 Jetset Records 1995-2004

01.David Candy   Diary of a Genius
02.Milky   The Emperor of Oranges
03Tomorrow's World   Leslie Phillips in Santiago
04.Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips-Night Nurse
05.Black Box Recorder - Watch The Angel Not The Wire
06.Elysian Fields - Bend Your Mind
07.Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper - I Am A Kitten
08.16 Horsepower - Scrawled in Sap
09.death by chocolate-Day Out
10.Luna - Lovedust
11.the Go-Betweens - Going Blind
12.The Stratford 4 -All Mistakes Are Mine
13.The Jesus Lizard - Inflicted By Hounds
14.Home-I Can Rely
15.The Flaming Sideburns - Invisible Hands
16.Electric Sky by Kid Silver
17.Congo Norvell    Brother Jackwmv
18.Britta Phillips And Dean Wareham   Ginger snaps (sonic boom mix)
19.Arab Strap - Cherubs
20.Sixteen Horsepower - Blessed Persistence
21.Prolapse - Cacophony No. A
22.Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio
23.Macha   No Suprise Party
24.Seaworthy   Sea Manta (2002)
25.Mogwai - Katrien
26.Prolapse - Adiabatic
27.The Stratford 4 -Twelve Months
28.Sister Sonny-audience
29.David Candy - Redfuchsiatambourine&gravel
30.Macha  Bedhead - Hey Goodbye
31.gunga din love has another slave
32.Tram - Now We Can Get On with Our Own Lives

Style-Lounge,indie pop rock, 90's, psychedelic, folk, post rock

Sister Sonny -Audience / Elysian Fields - Bend Your Mind / The Go-Betweens - Going Blind live on UK TV