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Mannequin Records Part-1  2008-2018

Side A

01.Ag Geige -Elektrische Banane
02.Din A Testbild- Lasst Uns Singen
03.Bande Berne Crematoire-Ende
04.Errata S. Corrige-Onocrotalo
05.Bourbonese Qualk-Return To Order
06.Frank Bretschneider-Im Kopf
07.Herpes Z-99
08.2+2=5-Meeting Mc. L.
09.uv pop-See You
10.Jeunesse D'Ivoire - A Gift Of Tears (Silent Version)
11.the coombe-Inbetween Doors
12.Vena - A Mortal Song In A Beautiful Sunday
13.Maoupa Mazzocchetti -Another Sinistra Century
14.Gasdehyde - Lapislazuli
16.Martial Canterel + Tobias Bernstrup - Shadow Rider
17.the metronomes-Sex II
18.masumeci-Schwarz Morgen
19.sam rosenthal-Lookout Point
20.Alessandro_Adriani-White Swan
22.central unit-Saturday Nite
23.Newclear Waves - Ruins
24.Heinrich Dressel-Journey Through The Caves Under The Hill
25.LA'a Crime-Land Of Nothing
26.move-When I'm With My Self
27..Led Er Est - Lonesome XOXO
28.the actor-Covergirl
29.chromaagain-Spot (Whistle Version)
30.information society-Growing Up With Shiva
31.Fallbeil-The Healer
32.December-Bright Red
34.Tommy De Chirico - Flowers Into The Factory
35.Flo Andrew-To Committ Suicide

Style-Minimal synth, new wave, synth pop, 80's

Side B

01.Ag Geige-Die Waldschleiereule
02.Musumeci-Apologia Musumeci
03.Tablets - I Feel Uneasily Loved
04.Zahgurim-New Flesh
05.Nacht 39 Raum-Ich Muss
06.Police Des Moeurs - Un Temps Pour Chaque Chose
07.Din A Testbild-Naked Beach shangai-Le Tombeau D'Edgar Poe (In Aeternam Vale Remix)
09.Sons Of Science - Way Of Life
10.Fallbeil-Voice of Thunder
11.Carmody - Vulcani
12.Ruins - New Record
13.OCTAVIUS - Apartments
14.TEEEL - Imperial
15.Xno - The Story Of The Death Boy
16.Atelier Du Mal-Back to Taiwan
17.heinrich  -The Black Radiant Sky
18.Suicide Dada - Acque
19.the monuments-Urban Landscapes
20.The Royal Family And The Poor-the voices
21.Ancien Règime - Brief Encounter fortune-Void Of The Valley
23.dust-Acid Freak
24.Degada Saf-Tri-Banal
25.Effetto Joule - Robespierre 12'' (Flemming Dalum Remix)
26.Newclear Waves - Tishina
27.deathday-No Future
28.Zombies Under Stress-Stalin
29.ASSS - Clean Up
30.survive-floating cube

Style-Minimal synth, synthpop, after punk,

Side A

Side B

Central Unit - Saturday Nite / Octavius - Apartments / Newclear Waves - God Of War / Froe Char + Newclear Waves - Xor Colossa / System 56 - You're Only Dreaming


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Skudge - Surplus / Mikkel Metal - Ball Under / Mike Dehnert - Bar 2


Echocord Colour

Echocord Colour   2008-2017

01.Lasse Buhl-Em a Ai
02.Marko Furstenberg--Site 312 Original Mix
03.Brendon Moeller-Mainline
04.Mikkel Metal-Until It 39 s Over
05.Brendon Moeller-Caravan
06.Stephen Brown-Wet
07.Deadbeat-Teach The Devil 39sSon
08.Onmutu Mechanicks-Calyx
09.Echologist-Buzz Factory Tempest Dub
10.Luke Hess-Gravitational Effects
11.mike dehnert-pompage
12.pattern repeat-ofetriade
15.Mike Dehnert-Somewhere
16.Roberto Clementi-Bonton
17.mike dehner -Chaleur Tournante 
18.Mike Dehnert-Check In
19.Deadbeat-Put on Your Red Shoes and Trance
20.Luke Hess-Lumen
21.Beat Pharmacy-Override Original Mix 
22.Quantec-Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound Remix)
23.Brendon Moeller-Magic City
24.Deadbeat-Mercy Cage
26.Fenin-Romeo Kalimba

Style-Techno, dub, ambient,

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My Robot Friend Records -videos-

My Robot Friend Records

 My Robot Friend Records 2008-2018


01.Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke - Children Of A Lesser Dog
02.NAOME feat. Sutja Gutierrez - Belly Of The Beast 
03.Rodion Local Suicide and Alibey-True Love Floats Original Version
04.Sin Cos Tan-Not Over MarkE Remix
05.Tim Paris & Coco Solid - Rain
06.Sid Le Rock-Foreign_Love
07.Daze Deten - Discotro
08.Jonny Cruz - Devils Hex
09.Arthur Oskan - Omegaman Original Mix
10.Chloe - Low
11.Drumatix Six - Papa Was A Steelman
12.Andrew Grant Lomez - Has to Be Love
13.Jonny Cruz & Lati-Crack Is Whack
15.Dead Seal-Goldemine Droog Inxec Remix
16.Nitin - The Nine in One Subb-an Remix
17.DisCemi-Moon Cinema
18.James Teej - Anything Right Phonogenic Remix
19.Villanova-Physique Bell Original Mix
20.Rework - Think About You
21.Timo Maas-Watching The Robots
22.Jonny White feat. My Favorite Robot - Desensitize Phonogenic Remix
23.Pink Skull & Primitive elly-Covered
24.Tiger Stripes - Crossroads Original Mix
25.Stefan Z-Removed Original Mix
26.My Favorite Robot - Birthday Song Original Mix
27.Kenny Glasgow - Final Frontier James Teejs Revision Control Remix
28.Sasse_feat.Ilija Rudman-Got 2 Be Patrice Baumel Midnight Express Remixx
29.Fairmont - Alkaline
30.Class B Band-Strange Wolves
31.Jori Hulkkonen & Third Culture-Options Feat Harri Falck Original Mix

Style-Electro, minimal, house, synthpop,disco


01.Tim Paris Coco Solid - Rain feat. Coco Solid Tim Paris Liquid Mix
02.Lala by - Pendulum
03.Queen Charles-Sucking With
04.Fairmont - Loose Teeth
05.Jonny Cruz - Sex Rocket  feat Cali Lanauze Original Mix
06.My Favorite Robot - In The Dark
07.Michael J Collins - Transistor James Teej Remix
08.Anno - Machine Arm
09.Kenny Glasgow - Final Frontier
10.Emerson Todd Jonny Cruz - Faces
11.Murphy Jax - The Astro Disco
12.Sid Le Rock - Trans-am Radio
13.Clayton Steele - I Cant Go Back
14.Jordan Dare-You Fade Out -My Favorite Robot Vocal kemix
15.chymera-inner worlds
16.Flowers And Sea Creatures-Citadel Speaking -Minds Remix
17.Vandermeer - Ziraffe
18.Tim Paris feat Georg Levin-Golden Ratio
19.T.W.I.C.E - Against Nature
20.Rodion and LocalSuicide-Abu Dhabi Original_Version
21.Tiger Stripes - Dancer From The Dance Original Mix
22.LB - Organic Particles 
23.Clarian - Wasting Away Again in Moderation
24.Nhar-Coral Caves Original Mix
25.Silverclub Tom Demac-Holiday 39s Over
26.Nitin-Sub Prime Days
27.Jonny Cruz feat Cardona-Street Disco
28.Darlyn Vlys-Butterfly Original Mix
29.White Lions - Hjob
30.Phonogenic - AcidBrain
31.DeadEcho - Made For You
32.Eric Volta  Gaika - Until I Dissolve Deetron Remix
33.Jori_Hulkkonen As Third_Culture-Technowater Sync Mode remix
34.Tim Green-Empire

Style-Electro, synthpop techno, disco