lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

Anna von Hausswolff - Mountains Crave (live) / The Embassy - Everything I Ever Wanted /Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Tell Me That You Feel The Same


Kning Disk


01.Alexander Turnquist - Idle Nightmare
02.Alvars Orkester-Woodtrip
03.Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling - Hotell 3
04.Ben Lauber - Sadludium
05.Ebbot Lundberg - There's Only One of Us Here
06.Lisa Nordström-Iamsoareyou
07.Harris Newman - Anamnesis
08.Blessing -Fabric of Wonder
09.Rick Tomlinson-Daylight Over Calvi
10.Library Tapes   Fragment VIII
11.Jukka Rintamäki-The Lost Fast One, Pt I
12.James Blackshaw - Celeste I
13.Rickard Jäverling-Salt Hill, Pt 1
14.Jose Gonzalez - Cycling Trivialities
15.Prince Of Assyria - Tears Of Joy
16.Jerry Johansson Octet
17.Balroynigress -Shampoo and Champagne
18.Bellows :Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti -II
19.Greg Haines - The Spin
20.Wildbirds  Peacedrums - So Soft So Pink
21.Midaircondo - Come With Me
22.JMY HAZE   Promise, The Göteborg String Theory
23.SilverbullitFreddie Wadling   Interstellar Dwellar
24.Ukon & Njurmannen-Cancerkliniken
25.Misophone - The motherless moth headed bread boy
26.Small Feet  -  There´s a Liar Behind The Sun
27.Anna von Hausswolff   Mountains Crave
28.Ripple & Murmur - Love Thing
29.Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström -Paddan Och Hunden
30.Little Children - By Your Side
32.Blue for Two-Cherokee Dance
33.Bow & Arrow - Higher
34.The Embassy - Everything I Ever Wanted
35.Vita Bergen - Disconnection
36.Mattias Hellberg   Oh No
37.The Skull Defekts - Unholy Drums Are Singing
38.Warren Suicide - Fuck Off, Happy

Style-Neoclassic, folk, indie pop rock, experimental


01.Åke Hodell -Invokation (Till Öyvind)
03.Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words   Tell Me That You Feel The Same
04.machinefabriek - verdrinkwater
05.Kennet Klemets & Isak Eldh-First Daybreak Haiku
06.Joakim Pirinen & Mikael Strömberg -Fikus
07.Mark Wastell - Crimson
08.Alejandra And Aeron-Billowy Mass
09.Fleshquartet -Danskjävel
10.Nils Frahm-I would like to think
11.Kalyan · Jerry Johansson-Sitar And String Quartet No1   
12.Leif Elggren-We Are All Born To Become Angels
13.David Grubbs-Yellow Sky
14.Maja Ratkje & Lotta Melin -Empty Ladders
15.Lasse Marhaug-Old Friends
16.wolf eyes-1
17.Tsukimono - Train Home, Home
18.Jasper Tx -So now We're Ghosts no more
19.Birchville Cat Motel   Driving Bruce Russells Volvo
20.Kim Hiorthøy-Solo Piano For Old Friends
21.Peter Broderick   Diverge
22.Viktor Sjöberg-When the set writes the scene
23.Pär Thörn -18
24.Mats Gustafsson & Fred Lonberg-Holm -And Throws Itself from a Cliff to Crush
25.Erik Enocksson - II. Non lupi
26.Kyle Bobby Dunn-A Demarcation
27.Mark Wastell  Graham Halliwell   Tractatus de Imagine Mundi
28.Steffen Basho-Junghans -In the Morning Twilight
29.Mats Gustafsson-Only One Death To A Customer, You Know
30.Alexandra E. Lindh · Dan Fröberg-Beställt samtal
31.Jan Bark  Folke Rabe   Bolos
33.romatische punks - borghesia -remix_ machinefabriek

Style-Experimental, ambient , sound art, classical

Kning Disk Part-1

Kning Disk Part-2

domingo, 22 de octubre de 2017

Can -Lives


Hype Williams - Fact mix 216

buju banton-shiloh
fleetwood mac-dragonfly
steely dan-only a fool would say that
augustus pablo-satta dub
beat happening-red head walking
blue jam-suicide with an escape clause
steely dan-razor boy
hype williams-farthing wood dub
steely dan-haitian divorce
so solid crew-intro
the fall-C.D Win Fall 2088 Ad
ryuichi sakamoto-ice
ruff sqwad-swish
bardeux-when we kiss
lenny bruce-“to” is a preposition,”come” is a verb
burzum-I heimr heljar
eddie okwedy-happy survival
steely dan-babylon sisters
jaheim-jahs seed
hype wiliams-businessline

jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Metrovavan - Red Hose Swing Music Video / Transfiguration -Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit

Liquefaction Empire

Liquefaction Empire 1998-2000

01.Isan - Autolung
02.2 By Bukowski - A Bride To The Storm
03.Metrovavan-A Parisian Taxi Ride In November
04.Hydroplane - International Exiles
05.Sympathy7 - Sympathy 7
06.Metrovavan-Red Hose Swing Music Video
07.Landshipping - Penguin New Writing
08.ISAN -Bean Sea
09.matrovavan-Space Shadows
10.2 By Bukowski - Golden Harvest
11.Transfiguration-Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit
12.Avrocar - Christina's World
14.Fukuyama - Water comes too quickly
15.Clock - The Last Sad Song
16.enon-Motor Cross
17.Last harbour - Past
18.Tram - Too Scared To Sleep (album version)
19.Songs Ohia -Nay Tis Not Death
20.gnac - hennebert sleeve

Style-Indie pop rock, folk, electronics

Liquefaction Empire