miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

The Music Machne


FACT mix 578: Baba Stiltz

Messages from the Rammellzee
XI – ‘VII’
Robag Wruhme – ‘Pnome Gobal’
Herbert – ‘Deeper’
Two Twins – ‘You’re A Wreck’
Mari Kvien Brunvoll – ‘Everywhere You Go’ (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)
Baba Stiltz – ?
Joy Orbison – ‘Fuerza’
Assar Jansson – ‘Pant’
S.O.N.S – ‘Hurricane’ (Mortal Combat Mix)
Tiga – ‘Don’t Break My Heart Dub’
Margaret Dygas – ‘In Wood’
DJ Sotofett – ‘Soukas Mix’

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2018

Citizen UK - Leave Me Alone / Apocalypse / Psyclones - Rockin' the Cong / Christian death Figurative Theater

L'Invitation au Suicide

L'invitation Au Suicide 1981-86


01.3 Teens Kill 4 - Hold Up
02.Systematics - Bovine
03.Fi - Frat Boy
04.Psyclones - Gift Of Noise
05.EST - Aint Just True
06.Circle X - Culture Progress
07.Senseless hate  -  Vengeance of god
08.Christian Death - Figurative Theatre
09.Citizen UK - Apocalypse
10.Red Wedding - Marsha In Pictures
11.Party Boys - No Aggro
12.Carcrash International - Mercenaries Ready For War
13.Negative Reaction - Land Of Surrender
14.Smersh - She Is Nervous
15.Persona Non Grata - Brother
16.Scattered Order - Im Not Whole
17.Storm Bugs - Car Situations
18.Certain General - In a bad way
19. Band of Outsiders - Image

Style-New wave, minimal synth, after punk, gothic rock


01.Certain General - Service
02.Citizen UK - Leave Me Alone
03.jad wio - Cellar dance
04.Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
05.Virgin Prunes - Loved One
06.Play Dead - Sacrosanct
07.3 Teens Kill 4 - Tell Me Something Good
08.Psyclones - Rockin The Cong
09.Severed heads - Lambourginin
10.The Limp - Pony Club
11.Scattered Order - Mass Murder
12.EST - Red TV
13.Systematics - Vanessa Teratology
14.Storm Bugs - Tin
15.Pel Mel - Click Click
16.Les Provisoires - Last Tango
17.Christian Death-omeo's Distress
18.No Trend - Teen love
190Band of Outsiders - Nervous

Style-New wave, gothic rock, miniml synth




domingo, 6 de mayo de 2018

Council Estate Electronics - 50 Let Pobody / Bvdub - We Said Forever / Pjusk - Krystall


Glacial Movements Records

Glacial Movements 2006-2018


01.Closing the Eternity-Pulse of Iceilence
02.Tho So Aa-Cryotesk
03.Rapoon-Call Of Deliverance
04.Tuu-Silent Writing
05.Celer-A Small Rush Into Exile
06.Lull-llusion Of Unbroken Surface
07.Lightwave-Proxima Thule
08.Yuya Ota-Parfum
09.Bvdub-Footsteps Fade if Not Your Pain
10.Aqua_Dorsa-Daylight Fading Into Evening Silence
11.Council Estate Electronics-50 Let Pobody
12.Eraldo Bernocchi  & Netherworld-Hyozan
13.Netherworld-Bergie Seltzer
15.Northaunt-Crocker Land
16.Bvdub & Loscil-Moirai
17.Chihei_Hatakeyama  & Dirk Serries -Uvaer

Style-Ambient, dar ambient, eperiental, drone, techno


01.Aidan Baker-Beneath The Ice
02.Yair Elazar Glotman-Kara Sea
03.Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist-Dome B 79 0 S 93 6 E 3809m
04.bvdub-We Said Forever
05.Scanner-Exposure Collapse
06.Eraldo_Bernocchi & Netherworld-Hisame
07.Stormloop-cold winds
08.Retina it-Freezing The Fourth String
10.Rapoon-A Listening Ice
11.Aware-But God Was Not in the Storm
13.Frozen_Thoughts-Eternity Without Time
14.Netherworld-New Horizons
15.bvdub-No More Reasons Not  To Fall
16.Machinefabriek-Stillness 4 Yalour Islands Antarctica
17.Skare-Through Wind Broken Ice

Style-Ambient, drone, glitch, dark ambient