domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2017

Panasonic - Urania / Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby / Philus (Mika Vainio) - Acidophilus


sähkö recordings

01.Bastian wegner - gold
02.Brandi Ifgray - Le Mutant
03.bruce gilbert  ron west - frequency variation part 1
04.Modern Feelings - Factography
05.Die Blutleuchte - TSar Kimeriyskoy Krovi. Skifskie Pokhoronnye Obryady
06.Leif Elggren - Untitled
07.Fred Giannelli - Contemplation Part 2
08.Atom TM - Cold Memories Part 1
09.Bastian Wegner - How To Make Clouds
10.O - Hikari
11.Non Standard Institute [Plays Non Standards] 2
12.Panasonic - Urania
13.Carl Michael Von Hausswolff - Untitled
14.Hertsi - Hidas Muutos
15.O - Ionos C1
16.Kirlian - Groove 2
17.Tekonivel - Klovnit
18.Philus - Acidophilus
19..Mike Ink - Rosenkranz
20.Sil Electronics - R8
21.Panasonic - Murtaja
22.Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby Vega Mix
23.Freestyle Man Featuring Irwin Berg - Come To Dance
24.No-Man - Heaven Taste Nasty Boy Remix
25.Peikko  Lassi - Pula Dub
26.Orchestra Guacamole - Theme For The Lost Diamonds
27.R Vincenzo - Cabras no Elevado Quilombola
28.Madteo   Il Capoline
29.Mika Vainio - Stratostaatti  
30.O - suomut scales 
31.Madteo - Rugrats Dont Techno for an Answer

Style-Minimal, experimental, abstract, electronics, techno, ambient, industrial

sähkö recordings

lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

Kings Of Convenience: Gold for the Price of Silver (Erot vs Kings Of Convenience) / Bjørn Torske - Hard trafikk



Telle Records 1998-2012

01.John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen - Vinterkarusell (feat. Nils Bech)
02.young dreams-Flight 376
03.Sondre Lerche - Domino
04.rubies - stand in a line
05.Kings of Convenience vs. Erot - Gold For The Price Of Silver
06.Krila Deluxe - Soma
07.And The Lefthanded - Cheap Cigar
08.Real Ones - outlaw (beyond the wizards sleeve re-animation)
09.Annie - I Will Get On
10.Bjørn Torske-Oppi Ura
11.Uusi Fantasia-Lattialla Taas
12.Kahuun - Galu-Tex
13.Erot - Song For Annie
14.Röyksopp - Eple
15.Evil Tordivel - A Fine Young Man
16.Bjørn Torske - Hard trafikk
17.Kaptein Kaliber - Hypocrisy
18.Basecamp Wolf - First Base On The Moon
19..Bloody Beach - Quembo Que
20.Imatran Voima-Techno Slut
21.Matt And Kim - Yea Yeah
22.Datarock - Computer Camp Love
23.Familjen - Det Snurrar I Min Skalle
24.Kaptein Kaliber - There's Beauty Up Above (Especially For You)
25.Familjen - Huvudet I Sanden (Kasper Bjørke Remix)
26.Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band - Nikita

Style-Indie pop rock, funk, disco,pop electronic