domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Carsten Jost - Make Pigs Pay

Dial Records


01.Dominique - Great Space
02.Ursprung - Seiland
03.Queens - Cables
04.Christian Naujoks   Untitled (Bloom)
05.Glhen 4 - Headroom
06.Antonelli - The Morning (Lawrence Remix)
07.John Roberts - Palace
08.Carsten Jost - Krokus
09.Efdemin - There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
10.Lawrence - Fifteen Minutes With You
11.Pantha Du Prince - Lichten
12.Sten - Part Three
13.Miss Kittin - Alexander Polzin - Lighter
14.Rndm - No Beginning
15.Turner - My Aeroplane Mania (Lawrence Remix)
16.Pigon (Rndm  Efdemin) - Sunrise Industry
17.Autosundmädchen   All The World Loves Lovers
18.Mense Reents-Dacia

Style-Minimal techno, deep house, electronics, experimental


01.carsten jost - hermes
02.Denis Karimani - Wahrheit
03.Pawel - ceramics
04.Isolee - Black Lodge
05.Pantha du Prince - Saturn strobe
06.Sten - Way To The Stars
07.Carsten Jost - Juliane
08.John Roberts - Hesitate
09.Hate   Winterhude
09.Lawrence - Marlen (Carsten Jost  Dj Richard Remix)
10.Roman Fluegel - How To Spread Lies
11.Pawel   Into Pieces 2 - ahacid
13.Kassian Troyer - Tourist
14.Efdemin - Oh My God
15.Carsten Jost-Wuo (Eight Miles High)
16.Phantom Ghost - The Shadow Im Schutt (3) (Pantha Du Prince Remix)
17.Lawrence - The Night Will Last Forever
18.Phillip Sollmann - Room One

Style-Minimal, techno, deep house, ambient



sábado, 21 de mayo de 2016

Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me

Jon Hopkins Essential Mix 22.11.14

Bvdub & Loscil - Moirai (Glacial Movements)
Rapoon - Alchiva (Robin Storey)
Barker & Baumecker - Spur (Clark Remix) (Warp)
Jon Hopkins - Interlude (unreleased)
Seefeel - Industrious (Too Pure)
Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window (Moderat Remix) (Domino)
Recondite - The Fade (Ghostly)
Dan Deacon - Surprise Stefani (Luke Abbott Remix) (Domino)
Untold - Just For You (Hotflush)
Skudge - Mobius (Indigo Aera)
Agoria & Francesco Tristano - Kick The Peace part 1 (Different)
Fairmont - 3 cities (Traum Shallpatten)
Daniel Avery - Naive Response (Phantasy)
I Break Horses - Faith (The Field Remix) (Bella Union)
Gary beck - Algoreal (Soma Quality Recordings)
James Holden - The Illuminations (12" version) (Border Community)
Wesley Matsell - Bismuth (Cambria Instruments)
Jon Hopkins - Collider (Pangaea Remix) (Domino)
Clark - Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) (Warp)
Mux Mool - Crackers (Ghostly)
Dr. Smith (Tube Jerk remix) - Lamonde
Boddika & Joy orbison - In Here (Sunklo)
Mogg & Naudascher - Moon Unit part 2 (Supersoul)
panda bear - drone (Paw Tracks)

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Rick Rab - I Got U

Hoss Records

01.Mi Ami - Towers Fall
02.LebLaze - Life in the Wilderness
03.Lyonnais - The Fatalist
04.These Are Powers - Nubians On Franklin Ave
05.Atlas Sound - I Know, I Know
06.BLUNT FANG feat. GODS WISDOM & R. MEXICO - Life Is A Line
07.D Breaths 122
09.Excepter - My Heart Is Brokequot
10.Food For Animals - Grapes
11.DJ Dog Dick  - I'm A Bitch (Let Me Be Me)
12.Hungry Bodies - Octaver
13.Le1f - Blood Oranges ft. Ian Isiah  Juliana Huxtable
14.GODS WISDOM - Grown To Burn feat. Lang the Fang
15.Rick Rab-Suga Shuffle
16.Jones - Jones (Wounds)
17.SADAF - Man Of Me
18.Rick Rab - Liminal Being
19.Holy Ghost Party  - Treasure Chest
20.SHAMS - Nest (Feat. Murphy Maxwell)
21.lockbox-Lil Angel Hoodie
22.rick rab-Fuck This Industry 2011
23.SADAF - Stillness
24.THE URN (RideThat) Slow
25.Rick Rab - Melisma_Highrise (feat. Ami Dang)
26.Wzt Hearts - Hassler

Style-Psychedelic rock, bass music,abstract hip hop

Hoss Records

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

Lukid - Stripes

Werk Discs

01.format.k-Music To Die To
02.Starkey   Almost Time
03.The Byte Stripes - Draw Step
04.Actress   I can't forgive you
05.ben codec-Acid Burnt My Retinas
07.Basss Cleff-Welcome To The Echo Chamber
08.disrupt Tubby ROM Module
09.Crime Mob - Knuck If You Buck ft. Lil' Scrappy
10.Cloaks - Hi Tek Buzz
11.Actress   Credit Da Edit
12.cut cut-Squedge
13.Atki2-Stoop Beat
14.NocheXXX Ft. Sensational  smashing your system
15.Stacs of Stamina   Roll (Feat Ears)
16.zomby   tears in the rain
17.Lukid-Wonder Years
18.Giganta   'Force'
19.Bone Thugs n Harmony   Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Bass Remixx)
20.Kansas City Prophets-Intercom
21.monkey steak-Crowsteppah
22.Mr Lizard   The Thin Line Between Love And Assault
23.Lukid   56
24.Lil Jon  The East Side Boyz   Da' Blow
25.stacs of stamina (ddamage rmx) - mistake, rewind, repeat
26.Helena Hauff-Break Force
28.Simbiosi - 'Diamond Ac' - Elements Part I
29.Moire-Lose It
30.Zomby Euphoria
31.Lukid Onandon

Style-Bass music, IDM, Dub, Abstract hip hop, Techno