domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Dark Sky - Silent Fall



1.Ken Nordine-Dream
3.Lucia Pamela-Walking on the Moon
4.Myrtle K.Hilo-Lover's Prayer
5.Min Xiao Fen-Spring , River, Flower, Moon, Night
6.Les Baxter-Terror
7.Li Alin-Killing Time
8.Ken Nordine-Cigars
9.Flying Monkey Fist & Boyd Rice-Bloody Flying Monkey Fist
10.Mixmaster Mike-Anti Theft Device
11.Invisibl Scratch Piklz vs Da Klamz-Uv Death 12
12.Sub Dub-Dancehall Malfunction
13.Dj Spooky-Soon Forward
14.Tipsy-Nude  on the Moon
15.Rhythm Sound vs Tikiman-Jah Rule
17.Dj Craze-Freedom of Speech
18.The X-Ecutioners-Musica Negra
19.Tipsy-Sweet Cinnamon Punch
20.Mixmaster Mike-Return of the Cyklops
21.Rob Swift-Dope on Plastic
22.Rhythm Sound-Mash Down -version-
23.Single Cell Orchestra-Knockout Drops (200 Proof mix)
24.Barbara Morgenstern-Aus Heiterem Himmel ( Ellen Alien mix)
25.Broker Dealer-To Hear the Fires


Style-Turntablism, vanguard, abstract hip-hop, electronics


1.Alan Lamb-Primal Image
2.Richard Devine-Itsuko
4.Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer-Song for Europe
5.Fe Mail-After the Rain
6.Dj Spooky-Object Uknown ( Instrumental)
7.We -The Chinatown Dub
8.Badawi-The Avenging Myth
9.Robert Rich-The Simorgh sleeps on Velvet Tongues
10.Francis Dhomont-Allegro
11.Diamanda Galas-Death Letter
12.Fires were Shot-Hiroshima
13.Biosphere-En Trance
14.Iso Ambient Orchestra-Smudgeon
15.John Cage-Atlas Eclipticalis
16.DATacide - Flowerhead - Tetsu Inoue & Atom Heart-Part2
17.Rhythm Noise-Schismatic
18.Ryuichi Sakamoto-Love is the Devil
19.Christian Marclay, Toshio Kajiwara & Dj Olive-Side B
20.Dj Cheb I Sabbah-Hamam
21.James Plotkin & Mick Harris-Collision
22.Jeff Grinke-Low Ceiling
23.Ray Guilette-Mobius III
24.Stuart Dempster-Morning Light


Style-Dark Ambient, illbient, turntablism, vanguard

domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder

Nevski Compilation: Night of the Loosers

1.Lotus Plaza-RedOak Way
2.Grizzly Bear-Ready, Able
3.Jackson Scott-Evie
6.Drowner-Stay with Me
7.The Underground Youth-Addiction
8.Mood Rings-Get Lost
9.True Widow-HW:R
11.The XX-Chained
12.Washed Out-Pull your Down
13.Lovers-Tiger Square
14.Grumbling Fur-Wylderness Waiting
15.Teenage Filmstars-Apple
16.The Dodos-Substance
17.Blank Dogs-Blurred Tonight
18.Greg Sage-Sacrifice (for love)
20.Russian Tsarlag-Gagged in Boonsville

Style: Indie pop-rock, psychedelic, noise

Night of  the Loosers

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

On+Brr - In de Desert (Very Strange)

Plug Research


1.Dntel-Anywere anyone
2.Elephant Castle-In Memoria featTune Yards
3.Flying Lotus-Zodiac Shift -Sonnymoon remix -
4.Animal Collective-Chocolate Girl
5.Adventure Time-Hi Top Fade Parade
7.Boom Clap Bachelors-Skynd Dig Langsomt
8.Caural-I won't Race You
9.Dimilite-Bougainvillea Chamber
10.Headset-Back Before
11.Carlos Nino-Friends Friends
12.Jeremy Dower-Non Fiction
13.Anthony Valadez-Looking Backwards feat. Joya Mooi
14.Jermajesty-Nothing like Bomb Music from the West
15.Coultrain-The 13th Floor
16.Build an Ark-The Blessing Song -Dimilite remix-
17.Exile-Stay Turned
18.Life Force Trio-Starship -Ammon Contact feat Myka 9 remix)
19.Quadron-Average Fruit
20.Ras G-Soul Pulsatingumm Beat
22.Hawthorne Headhunters-Luv Galactic feat.I Am
23.Thavius Beck-GLK Jack
24.Lee Bannon & Chuck Inglish-Search Destroy
25.Ellay Khule-Sounds of the Human Race
26.Hans Platzgumer-Miss Me feat.Catriona Shaw
27.Milosh-You make me Feel
28.Om'Mas Keith-Uh Oh it's Love
29.Daedalus feat.Busdriver & Pigeon John-Something Bells
30.The Notwist-Solitaire


1.Languis-Parallel to the Atmospheric Sound of Silence Part.1
2.Sonnymoon-Nothing Through
3.Mia Doi Todd-Luna Lune
4.Quarks-Kikyo-Pole Pop mix-
5.Her Space Holiday-Key Stroke
6.Dntel-Last Songs
7.The Postal Service-Be still my Heart-Nobody mix-
8.Milosh-It's Over
9.Domenico Lancelotti-Cine Verite
10.Caribou-The Snow Capes
11.Chessie-Eyes and Smiles
12.Daedalus-Quiet Now
13.Nobody-Pepe California Guadalupe remix
14.Adventure Time-First in Space
15.Elephant & Castle-Sweet Someone feat Aaron Ferguson
16.Astrobal-Poetry Science Fiction
17.Meanest Man Contest-Pirate Style
18.Low Res-Evanesce
21.Safety Scissors-Stormy Weather
22.Lali Puna & Bomb the Bass-Clear Cut
23.Mia Doi Todd-Amor -Adventure Time mix-
24.Mr.Hazeltime-On the Avenue
25.James Figurine-Apologies
26.John Tejada-Unit B1656
28.Mannequin Lung-City Lights-Mr Hazeltine featDivine Styler-remix
29.Thomas Fehlman-Feat
30.Move D-Ust
31.Schneider TM-The Light 3000

Style-Electronics,jazz, soul, abstract hip hop, glitch, rock

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014


Nevsky Compilation: Rented Room

1.Johnny Cash- Highway 61 / When the Man comes Around
2.Tindersticks-Can we start again
3.Hugo Race-Slow Fry
4.Woven Hand-Your Russia ( without hands)
6.Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles-La Rosa
7.Daughn Gibson-The Pisgee Nest
8.M.Gira & D.Matz-Cold Creeping
9.Bill Callahan-Highs in the Mid 40'sDub
10.Eric Copeland-Ufo's over Vampire City
11.Momus-The Thunderdown
12.Glen Tomasetti-When I was Single
13.Axel & the Farmers-Billy's Trouble
14.Junip-Rope and Sumit
15.Damien Jurado-Magic Number
16.Michael J. Sheehy-Donkey Ride Straight to Hell
17.Sparklehorse-Dog Door
18.Tricky & Dj Muggs & Grease-For Real
19.Paul Quinn-Mooreefoc
20.Matt Elliott-The Failing Song
21.David Sylvian-Weathered Wall
22.Manic Street Preachers & Richard Hawley-Rewind the Film
23.Jackson C. Frank-Milk and Honey
24.Gary Higgins-Cuckoo
25.Mazzy Star-California

Style-Folk, pop rock