domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Domenico Lancellotti | Cine Privê

Nevski Compilation : Shamanistic Return


1-Alio Die & Mathias Grassow-Expansion Mood 3
2-Vidna Obmana-By Abundant Rain
3-Susumu Yokota-Live Echo
4-O Yuki Conyugate-Long Pig
5-Steve Roach-Atmosphere for Dreaming
7-Amhir Baghiri-Everything You See
8-Zoviet France-Pyroclastic Flow
9-Geir Jenssen-Zhangmu Crossing a LAndslide Area
10-Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen-No Man's Land
11-Rapoon-Waddi Jah
12-Ulf Lohmann-Audrey
13-Andrew Thomas-Fearsome Jewel 9
15-MArcus Guentner-Damit du Endlich Weisst

Style: Ambient, tribal,experimental
mixed by Alexei



16-Deaf Center-Thunder Night
17-Max Richter-The Trees
18-Goldmund-Door of Our Home
19-Johan Johansson-IBM 1401 A Users MAnual-Part V
20-Gas-Pop II
21-Fennesz-A Year in a Minute
22-Lawrence English-I Been Happy Like This
23-Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits-BEcome a Plant and Join the Circulation
24-Brian McBride-Our Last Moment in a Song
25-The Dead Texan-A Chronicicle of Early Failures Pt-1
26-Arve Henriksen-Black Mountain
28-Robert Henke-Layering Buddha 001
30-Jochem Paap-Klkkn
31-Stars of the Lid-Piano Aquieu

Style-Ambient, neoclassic, experimental

mixed by Alexei


martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Principle of Silence (Vidna Obmana & Joris De Backer) - The Fall

Rather Interesting

1.Atom Heart-Larger tan Life
2.Datacide-Stereo Kiss
3.Semiacoustic Nature-Blazy Fills
4.Dandy Jack-Show You my Tent
5.Dos Tracks-Asciied
7.BAss-9G Make your Face Flat
8.The Stereonerds-Electronics
9.AtomHeart-Apart 2
10.Masters of the Psychodelic Ambience-Backward Journey Magic Display
11.CMYK-Beuys,beuys, beuys
12.Fonosandwich-They Call it  Donut but  it doesn't have  Hole
13.Los Sampler's-Descarga Mecano
14.Erik Satin-Baroque
15.AtomTM featuring.Tea Time-Perra Mojada
16.Lisa Carbon-Gagarin
17.Dropshadow Disease-Fototienda
18.Señor Coconut-Chocolatina ( Guaguanco Libre)
19.Naturalist-Untitled 10
20.Datacide-Deep Chair

Style-Techno, electronics,exotica, downtempo

Rather Interesting

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

100% Silk

1.SFV Acid-JusCid
2.Peaking Lights-Birds of Paradise ( Xander Harris remix)
3.Roche-A night in the Haç
5.Ital-Ital's theme
6.Jupiter Jax-Ain't no Voodoo
7.Coyote Clean Up-Awesome Luv
8.Fast Times-This Systems
9.Maria Minerva-Black Magick
10.Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows-Just Wanna Feel
11.James Booth-Seeing Voices
12.Alex Burkat-Tarot
13.Bobby Draino-Xantham Gum
14.Coyote Clean Up-Head Shoulders knees and Toes
15.Maria Minerva-A Love so Strong
17.Octo Octa-His Kiss
18.Mi Ami-Time of Love
19.Innergaze-Shadow Disco
20.La Vampires-Freedom 2K
21.Maria Minerva-Noble Savage
22.Octo Octa-Memories
24.Strategy-Feel the Earth

Style-House, techno revival 90 , synth pop, acid
100% Silk

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant - "Opening Brace"

domingo, 6 de julio de 2014


Nevski Compilation:Saturn in Summertime

 1.James Brown-King Heroine
2.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-Red Right Hand
3.Rodd Keith-I Died Today
4.Orchester Werner Muller-Body Building
5.Lynn Collins-Think ( About it)
6.MArvin Pontiac-Small Car
7.Hku-La Fourmi
8.Ken Nordine-Cerise
9.Horace Silver-Won't you Open  up your Senses
10.Don Sebesky-Guru Vin
11.El Rego et ses Commandos-Vimado Vingman
12.Bruno Nicolai-Allora ill Treno
13.Barry Adamson-Saturn in Summertime
14.Devon-Plastic Marbles
15.Ta-Ku-Make you Wanna
16.Skalpel-Not too Bad
17.Quelle Chris- Super fuck
18.Cujo-Fatass Joint
19.Tamaki Hiroki Jazz Friends-Tsuseki
20.Kostas Vomvolos-A Strain of Grass in her Wedding Dress

Style-Soul, jazz, exotica, psychedelic, breaks