domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

3rd Stone

1.Bark Psychosis-IKnow
2.Amp-Glasshouse Jam
3.Spatialize-Ukiyo Dryad's Bubble
4.Spacemen 3-Ode to Street Hassle
5.Reverberation-Cross your Sky
6.Transambient  Communications-Receiving Transmissions
7.Mali Rain-Koan
8.No Man-Carolina Skeletons
9.AR Kane-Sea Like a Child
10.State of Grace-P.S High
11.Insides-Grand Prix
12.No Man-Dry Cleaning Ray
13.Basking-Mali Rain
14.Silver Apples-Oscillations  Gregg Foreman remix
15.Transambient Communications-Alaska Pt.1
16.Bass Communion-Orphan Coal
17.Spectrum-Forever Alien
18.Jessamine & Spectrum -A Pox on You
19.Bark Psychosis-Manman
20.Spacemen 3-Come Down Sofftly to my Soul
21.Experimental Audio Research-Space Station
22.Octal-StarirsLeading Up Pt.2

Style-Psychodelia, space rock, experimental ambient, electronic pop

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