domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

Marsh Of Sleep | Letha Rodman Melchior

Mental Groove Records

1.Imperial Tiger Orchestra-Bemgnot Alnorem
2.Pocahaunted-Touch You
3.Sun Araw-Heavy Deeds
4.Sinner DC-Endless Valley
5.Kate Wax-Scream and Shout
6.Sox-La Violence
7.Micha Vanony-L'esthetique du Jeu
9.Eduardo de la Calle-Never Summertime Again
10.DJ Rush-Oooo La la
11.Gabe Catanzaro-Nothing to Loose
12.Miss Kittin & The Hacker-The Neach
13.Cassey & Dave The Hustler-Her Dream ( David Carretta remix)
14.Brodinski-Bad Runner ( Crooker remix)
16.Ural 13 Diktators-Diskossa ( Michael Mayer remix)
17.Sumo-Do me Like
18.Snax-No Dancing
19.Jackin Phreak-Take a Love Break
20.Water Lilly-Hysterical Sculpture
21.Dinky, Chaton & Hopen-Life is Wonders
22.Donato Dozzy-Transparent

Style-Electronics, techno, synthpop, psychedelia

lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

Wu Fei's Chun

Nevski Compilation: The Mushroom Trip Vol.2

 1.Jun Miyake-Alviverde
2.Bonobo-The Keeper feat.Triana
3.Four Tet-Everything is Alright
4.不明なアーティスト-Plastic Flower
5.To Rococo Rot-Telema
6. Boards of Canada-Roygbiv
7.Christ-Perlandine Friday
8.Worm is Green-Glow
9.Mike Milosh-Creepy
12.Segue-La Rue
14.Tuff Sherm-Clobber
15.Matt-U-Empty Inside
17.Shmu-Heads will fall
18.Kassem Mosse-IP Mirrors
19.Holden-Renata ( Daphni remix)
21.Forest Swords-The Weight of Gold
22.King Midas Sound-Delfin
23.James Blake & Bon Iver-Fall Creek Boys Choir
24.East Flatbush Project-Tried by 12 (Ko wreck technique mix)
25.Bibio-The Apple and the Tooth
26.2562-Who are Fooling?
27.Charles Murdoch-Lights Words VAO

Style-Downtempo, electronics, pop

sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

Broadcast at Night and Day Manchester 2005

Alien Transistor

1.Boy in Static-Bellyfull
2.Religious Girls-Charity
3.Joasihno-Oh Boy
4.3 Shades-Thank God for Beatniks
5.The Notwist-Lichter
6.Saroos-Fog People
7.Carls Oesterhell-Johannes
8.Andromeda Megaexpress Orchestra-Rainbow Warrior
9.Rayon-Libanon 3
10.Console-Mount Everest Horizontal
11.13 & God-Old Age
13.Saroos-Henderson Island
14.Religious Girls-Oscar Grant
15.13 & God-Perfect Speed
17.Maschinefabriek-Vergezicht 1
18.Anne Laplantine & F.S Blumm-Fa

Style-Electronics, pop, ambient

Alien Transistor

domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Videoalbum: The Glove

Nevski Compilation: No More Extra Time

1.Idiot Glee-Let's get Down Together
2.Washed Out-The Great Escape
3.Majical Cloudz-Childhood's End
4.John Foxx & The Belbury Circle-Almost There
5.Camouflage-Spice Crackers
6.Nite Jewel-Weak 4 Me
7.The Braids-In Kind
9.Lianne La Havas-Forget ( Laurel Halo remix)
10.Free the Robots-The Balance
11.Dntel-Santa Ana Winds
12.Elle P & Iftah-The Pink Painter
15.Les Rita Mitsouko-Cool Frenesie
16.Lauren Garnier-Flashback (laboratoire mix)
17.Malaria! vs Chicks on Speed-Kaltes Klares Wasser (DJ Koze & The Tease rmx)
18.Electric Rescue feat Gran Cavaliere-Unfinished Memories
19.Die Vögel-Fratzengulasch
20.Echopilot-Finstere Zeiten
21.Andreas Tilliander-Back to USA feat David Fransson
22.Yoko Duo-Blowfish (Lake People remix)
24.Justus Koehncke-Sofort
25.Broker Dealer-Deep Sky Objects

No more extra time

Style-Pop, electronics, techno

miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Co La - Deaf Christian

Fall Out


1.The Hellers-Life Story
2.The Common People-I Have Been Alone
3.Genesis-Gloomy Sunday
4.Fields-Bide my Time
5.Harumi-Talk About it
6.Folkswingers-Eight Miles High
7.Stone Circus-People I Once knew
8.Green-Where have I Been
9.Ananda Shankar-Jungle Symphony
10.Pat Kilroy-Light of a Day
11.The Deep-Color Dreams
12.Friar Tuck-Sweet Pea
13.Fred Neil-You ain't Treatin me right
14.The Fire Escape-Psychotic Reaction
15.J.D Blackfoot-Angel
16.Genesis-Girl who Never was
17.Daughters of Albion-Candle Song
18.Rex Holman-Sit and Flatter Me

Fall out part 1


1.Barbara Emie-Listen to Your Heart
2.Jan & Lorraine-Bird of Passage
3.Of Monreal-Infinity
4.Rebecca & The Sunnybrock Farme-Better Dead than Red
5.String Cheese Incident-Crystal
6.The Deep-Psychedelic Moon
7.The Fire Escape-Blood Beat
8.Harumi-Don't know what I'm gonna do
9.The Group Image-Moonlit Dip
10. The Flame-Hights and Lows
11.Jan & Lorraine-The Assignement Song
12.Barbara Ernie-Play with Fire
13.VAl Stöecklein-French Girl Affair
14.Thorinshield-Brave New World
15.Michele-Blind as you are
16.The Hellers-The Mechanic
17.Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit, And Greenhill-Street in Paris
18.The National Gallery-Diana in the Autumn Wind

Fall Out part 2

Style-Psychedelia, garage rock 60, folk

sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

nikakoi - city lights

Nevski Compilation: Desfallecimiento Otoñal

1.Hisato Higuchi-Girl Sister
2.Hisato Higuchi-Ashi no nai Inu
3.Rachel Grimes-Mossgrove
4.Motion Sickness of Time Travel-The Walls were Dripping with Stars
5.Andy Mor & Yannis Kyriakides-Minores
6.Dirty Beaches-Danseur de Ballet
7.Ölafur Arnalds-Broken
8.Saäad-The Garden
9.Panabrite-Infinite Passage
10.Celer-Spring Shields
11.Hirotaka Shirotsubaki-Yellowsand
12.Ian D.Hawgood-Remembering the Way Things used to be
13.Tomas More-Our Secret Codes
14.Yannis Kyriakides-Paramyth
15.Ian D. Hawgood-Tegami Beauty
16.Motion Sickness of Time Travel-Magnetism
17.Witxes-Thirteen Esmeralds
20.Andrew Chalk-Blue Eyes of the March Pt.1

Style-Ambient, avant-garde, drone

miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013



1.Clara Moto feat.Mimu-Deer Fox-Ritornell remix
2.Bachar mar Khalifé-Distance
3.Composer-The Edges of the World
4.Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus-Guajira Borrachita (guajira)
5.Aufgang-Warm Snow
6.Cubenx-Grass ( Robin Guthrie remix)
7.Don Niño-Beats (Turzi remix)
8.Fraction-Wild, Blue, Dense
9.Rone-Bye Bye Macadam
11.Danton Eeprom-Give me the Pain
12.Agoria-Heart Beating feat.Kid A
13.Apparat-Arcadia (Sasha Invo remix)
14.Clara Moto feat Mimu-Silently
15.Donso-Somono Foly
16.Arandel-In D1
19.Douglas Greed-New Innerstate Strategies
20.Danton Eeprom-Thanks for Nothing
21.Outer Fall-Licence to Confuse
22.Francesco Tristano-Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock remix)
24.The Same-Fungeez
25.Rone-Bora Vocal

Style-Electronics, techno, downtempo


domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

Julia Holter | Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art

The Mushroom Trip

 1.Cornelius-Dessin Ah
2.Christopher Willits-Orange Lit Spaces
3.Greg Davis-Coventry
5.Static-A Black of Dirty White
6.Soosh-Just Breathe
7.Just Friends-Avalanche
9.Emika-She Beats
10.Khalil Nova-Lordus Novus Nuclear Cloudus
11.Dean Blunt-Are You as Good as I Remember
12.NoMeansNo-Dark Ages (Shackelton's My Goal's Beyond mix)
13.Outfit-Nothing Big
15.Baby Kruger-Sexual Shetland (Joe Lentini remix)
16.Bonobo-Transits feat. Szjerdene
17.Doldrums-Lesser Evil
19.Sorrow-Shadowed Doubt
20.Raffertie-Build Me Up
21.Alex Terror-Mondo N.Y
22.Two Fingers-What You Know feat.Sway
23.Killer Bong-Sick House
24.Nicolas Jaar-Keep Me There
25.Mobster-To Much Sand on Headphones feat.Kes

Style-Downtempo, electronics