domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

david lynch good day today

A Room with a View

01.Kito Jempere - Jun
02.Art Bleek - Future Memory
03.Andre Lodemann - Vehemence of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)
04.Andreas Saag Feat Filip Leyman   Leslie's Vision (Deepest Perspective Mix)
05.Christo - New Jazzno
06.Sasse - One For Oscar
07.Nowakowski -Pet In My Sea
08.Paskal  Urban Absolutes - Twice
09.Alland Byallo - Stern Soul
10.Andreas Saag - Jazz Lapse
11.Dave Aju - Love Tap
12.Motor City Drum Ensemble - Moving Through Clouds - Original Mix
13.Joel Alter-Acid Rain
14.Taron Trekka - Nenndas
15.Honesty -Brixton Beach
16.Joel Alter -Preching To The Choir (Alexkid Perspective)
17.Dairmount  Berardi -Bass Ment Tale
18.Pablo Valentino  - One (Original Mix)
19.Petter  Dairmount - Subakuatik Blues (The Underwater Dance)
21.xXxXx - State 808 (Marlows Raw Version)

Style- techno, house 

domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

Audraglint Recordings

01.Lotus Plaza - Come Back
02.Atlas Sound   I'll Be Your Mirror
03.Nudge - Warsong
04.The Sems - Harmless
05.Charles Atlas-The Snow Before Us  
06.Grizzly Bear - Sure Thing
07.Nice Weekend   Longest Days
08.Tarwater - Glee
09.fontanelle   charm and strange
10.marc hellner - night without thieves
11.Textile Ranch - The Dream Of The Murderers Ship Pulling Out
12.Charles Atlas - The Deadest Bar (Casino Versus Japan Remix)
13.The-Drum - Night Driving
14.Litanic Mask   'Anarchy'
15.Salem - Frost
16.Signaldrift   Planetarium
17.Pulseprogramming - Island Answer Anywhere
18.Kid606 - Sugarcoated
19.Born Gold   Pulse Thief
20.The BLOW - The Love That I Crave (Strategy's Strata Club Remix)
21.Nice Nice-Uh oh
22.Sons of Magdalene - The Whip
23.signaldrift - giallo
24.Tim Hecker - Atlas Two

Style-Psychedelic rock, indie , electronics, idm,


miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Workshop- I wish I had You

A Sleepless Mixtape By Herr Sushi™

01. Monomatik : I Know It´s Over (And It Never Really Began)
02. Rupert : Gib Mir Satelliten
03. Granlab : Gluehlichter
04. Frank Molder : Global Warming
05. Endlos : Die Andere Seite (Martin Am Saxophon)
06. Adob : Sheeps Or Monkeys
07. Li : Schwingen Meiner Geflügel (Remix)
08. Bogatzke : The Weak End
09. Prefuse 73 : Untitled
10. Alma Hueco : Piegon Funk
11. Lee Jones : Beginn
12. Thomas Baldischwyler : Hier Kommt Alex
13. Zero M2 : Benga
14. Cluster : Lerandis
15. 2562 : Unbalance
16. Alec Empire : No/Way/New York

sábado, 16 de julio de 2016

Seuli-Don't Trust feat. dOp

Circus Company


01.Nicolas Jaar  - Colomb
02.Jaw  Kevork Keshishian - Hazihi Laylaty (Original Mix)
03.Homewreckers - Not My Business
04.Aquarius Heaven - Universe
05.Andrey Pushkarev - Between the Mountains
06.Dave Aju - First Love
07.dOP   Assurance Vie
08.Freak - Sacana
09.Antislash   Soloporto
10.Franck Roger - Calixto
11.Ark & Pit Spector - Troll of Detroit
12.Dave Aju - Crazy Place
13.Jaw & The Das - Love Bones
14.Mossa   Sure Kill
15.Flabbergast - Frozen Beans
16.D'Julz - Fleurette (Original Mix)
17.kead - whatchugonnado
18.Nze - C
19.DJ Koze - Mrs. Bojangels
20.Carlos Nilmmns - when in glasgow
21.Kean - Rockean'roll
22.John Shananigans - Bounce the blues (original mix)
23.Marc Schneider & Aera - Sumback
24.Samim   Masua
25.Herb LF - Thirtyfive (Original Mix)
26.Deetron  Seth Troxler - Each Step (Original Mix)

Style-Minimal, electronics, deep house, funk


01.Dani Siciliano - Why
02.Ezechiel Pailhs  - Tout doux
03.Audio Werner - Bakshi [Circus Comany]
04.Nicolas Jaar - Marks
05.Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts   Twice Around The Sun
06.Piers Faccini  JAW  - Traitor Creator (Nze Remix)
07.les fils du calvaire - femme d’affaires
08.Aquarius Heaven - Slow Love feat. Miss Kittin
09.Oleg Poliakov - Back to My Fear
10.Ark   Sweet Chat Rio
11.Seuil - Nightwalker
12.Mossa - Bucolik
13.Freak - LT 607
14.Dave Aju and The Invisible Art Trio - Be Like The Sun
15.Ekkohaus - Soulshine
16.Le K - Please Mum
17.Aysam - A1 Rollingdoor
18.moniker - billy d
19.Seth Troxler and Patrick Russell - Doctor Of Romance
20.Guillaume  The Coutu Dumonts   Helicoptere (Original Mix)
21.Sety - Mogane
22.Yakine - Not Be Televised (Original Mix)
23.My My (aka  Lee JonesNicolas Hoppner)   Katzensprung
24.Robag Wruhme - Blech Beule (Original Mix)
25.Peanux - Scum

Style-Deep house, minimal, funk, electronics, pop



viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Yeti Lane - Acide Amer

Clapping Music

01.Davide Balula - Pour Une Flaque...
02.Thee, Stranded Horse   So goes the pulse normavi
03.Chris Cohen - Monad
04.françois virot-Island
05.Sverige - Anna
06.My Jazzy Child      Sada Soul
07.Deerhoof - Tiny Bubbles
08.alligator - cycles
09.Centenaire   Answers
10.Mermonte - Ccile Arendarsky
11.Pokett- Three More Chords
12.Yeti Lane - The Echo Show
13.Reveille  Revenge
14.The Konky Duet-London Fields
15.lauter-Because of the Drugs
16.Centenaire   Where to go
17.Traditional Monsters-I Want a Girlfriend
18.Yeti Lane - Twice
19.Karaocake - It Doesn't Take A Whole Week
20.dDamage vs Bomb The Bass -Fuzzbox   feat. Jon Spencer
21.TTC   Pas d'Armure feat Hi Tekk and Doseone (dDamage remix)
22.The Berg Sans Nipple - Build with Erosion
23.Encre-Missive Bis
24.King Q4 - love buzz
25.Wilfried-Mes belles tennis
26.Hypo vs Emmanuelle de Héricourt - Edh Hit
27.Egyptology - The Skies (Yeti Lane remix)
28.F_LOR - Mutate
29.Wilfried-Matrix' remixed by O
30.The Berg Sans Nipple - Convert The Measurement
31.Encre - Nocturnes
32.Domotic - Theme from 'Le Démon des Hautes Plaines
33.egiptology-Memory City
33.Odot Lamm - She's a Jar
34.Orval Carlos Sibelius - Khen Mood
35.Herz Chain-B1 B2 B3

Style-Indie pop, psychedelic rock, electronics, drone

Clapping Music