lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

ISHOME - Tetra 94 / Adam / Sad Family LIVE


1.Animal Collective-Two Sails on a Sound
2.Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux-Tidal Pool
3.Teen-Huh ( in limbo)
4.Ear Pwr-Epic Suitcase
5.CAsino vs Japan-Making Lake Park in the Sun
7.Miss Dinky-Agualuz
8.Montag-Going Place
9.Over the Atlantic-Starsign
10.Dog Bite-Prettiest Pills
11.GRMLN-Night Racer
12.Dinky-Miles Away
13.Class Actress-Keep You
14.Les Sins-Youth Gone
15.Signer-Set Piece
16-Safety Scissors vs Kit Clayton-0.0 0.1
18.Sutekh, Warm Rod & Safety Scissors-Rubber Stamp ( Kit Clayton remix)
19.Takagi Masakatsu-Flying House
20.Kid 606-If My Heart Even Ran away
21.Jake Mandell-From the Chestnut Parapet
22..Young Magic-You with Air
23.Memory Tapes-Neighborhood Watch
25.Belong-October Language

Style-Pop, electronics, idm

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Nevski Compilation: Feel Pacheco

1.Northscape-Another endless Morning
2.Chessie-K Tower
3.Majical Clouds-Turns, turns, turns
4.Sorrow-Dreamtone feat.CoMa
5.Lulu Rouge-Grey Heron Man
7.Coultrain-13th Floor
8.Cyesm Feat Celia vega-Parade
9.100th Monkey Feat Angele-Moon Child
10.Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland-Track 9
11.Addison Groove-Footscrab
12.Jono McCleery-Painted Blue
13.Soosh-Colour is Breath feat.Crmel Khavari
14.Little Big Orchestra-Green Piano
15.Dj Earl-Had my Way
17.Ishome-Sad Family
19.Vi Sidder Bare Her-Käffe



Tombz - "Already Dead"

viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Cornelius / Gum

Modern Love

1.Gathaspar-Balsam Perviam
2.Andy Stott-Luxury Problems
3.Vatican Shadow-Nightforce Scopes
4.Demdike Stare-Meets Shangaan Electro
5.Demdike Stare-.Haxan Dub
7.Andy Stott-Tell Me Anything
8.Deepchord presents Echospace-Hydrodinamics
9.MLZ-Mi Brane
10.Millie & Andrea-Black Hammer
11.Claro Intelecto-Thieves 1
12.Move D-Drone
13.Pendle Coven-Chord Calculus
14.Unknown / Hate -Pretty Boys don't Survive up North
15.Jack Dice-Mister Frosty
16.Andrea-You still got me
17.Millie-Sample Clearance
19.Miles Whittaker-Rejoice
20.Suum Cuique-Core Value
21.Rainer Veil-Wade In

Style: Experimental, dub, minimal

domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Fred Frith Iva Bittová Pavel Fajt Morning Song

Nevski Compilation: Muzyka mechaniczna

1.Adapt-Nieva en Fukushima
3.DJ Stingray-Solitude
4.Co La-Deaf Christian
5.Glimpse-True South
6.Graze-The Sust
7.Hyetal-Northwest Passage
8.Panda Bear-I'm Not (Pharaone remix)
9.Alex Burkat-Shower Scene
10.Michael Mayer-Roses
11.Ascion & D.Carbone-Muzik Live
12.G Man & Nadja Lind-Catnap
13.DSCRD-L'envers des Clefs (Lucy remix)
14.Nicole Moundaber-Come and Lay
15.Paula Temple-Colonized (Perc Bubble mix)
16.Unam Zetineb-141

Style-Electronics-Minimal techno-industrial

  Muzyka mechaniczna