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Steve Murphy - Relax

Creation Records

Part.1 1983-1990

Side A.

1.The Legend-73 in 83
2.The X Men-Do the Ghost
3.Television Personalities-A Day in Heaven
4.Five go Down to the Sea-Singing in Braille
5.Meat Whiplash-Don't Slip up
6.The Jesus & Mary Chain-Upside Down
7.Slaughter Joe-I'll Follow You Down
8.The Membranes-I'm Fish Eye
9.Apple Boutique-Love Resistance
10.The Loft-Up the Hill an Down the Stope
11.The June Brides-I Fall
12.The Bodines-God Bless
13.Biff Bang Pow!-There must be a Better Life
14.Felt-Ballad of the Band
16.Emily-Mad Dogs
17.Heidi Berry-Firefly
18.The Pastels-Something's going on
19.Something Pretty Beautiful-Freefall
20.The Jazz Butcher-Spooky
21.Primal Scream-I'm Losing more than I'll ever have
22.The House of Love-Destroy the Heart
23.Blow Up-Pool Valley
24.Ride-Chelsea Girl
25.Swervedriver-Rave Down
26.The Bounty Hunters-Kings and Queens
27.The Jasmine Minks-Cold Heart
28.The Sneetches-Something that's all we have
29.The Times-Manchester
30.The Weather Prophets-Well Done Sonny
32.Nikki Sudden & Rowland S Howard-Wedding Hotel

Style-Indie Pop 80, Jangle, after punk

Part.1 1983-1990

Side B.

1.Biff Bang Pow!-Someone stole my wheels
2.The Jasmine Minks-Think
4.The Jazz Butcher-New Invention
5.The House of Love-Real Animal (demo)
6.Felt-The Final Resting of the Ark
7.The Revolving Paint Dream-In the Afternoon
8.My Bloody Valentine-Sugar
10.Ride-Like a Daydream
11.The Chills-Pinkfrost
12.The House of Love-Shine on
13.Primal Scream-All fall Down
14.Peter Astor-Walk into theWind
15.The Bodines-Heard it all
16.The Telescopes-Precious Little
17.The Revolving Paint Dream-Sun, Sea, Sand
18.Felt-September Lady
19.The Jasmine Minks-Where the Traffic goes
20.Les Zarjaz-One Charmyng Nyte
21.Momus-Monsters of Love
22.Pacific-Barnoon Hill
24.Counterfeit-Good Samaritan
25.The Weather Prophets-Blue Rooftop
26.The Pastels-Million Tears
27.The Jazz Butcher-The Basement
28.My Bloody Valentine-ose my Breath
29.The Jesus & Mary Chain-Who do you Love
30.Nikki Sudden -French Revolution Breaking Lines
31.Church of Raism-Night Scar

Style-Indie pop 80, noise pop, jangle, synth pop

Part 2 1983-90


domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Zavoloka - Vedana

Nevsky Compilation: Your Secret Codes 3

1.Forrest Swords-The Weight of Gold
3.Madek-Water Trip
4.Gunnar Haslam-Culver Dialect
5.Babe Rainbow-Tummy Sticks
7.King Garbage-Glory Box
8.El Mahdy Jr.-Permanent Defeat
9.Aloonaluna-Shifty Eyes
12.Volor Flex-Spellbound
13.Ras G-All is Well
14.Juju & Jordash-Quasi Ruff Dub
15.Robot Koch-Poder del Perro
17.Salyu x Salyu-S(o)un(d) Beams
18.Unknown feat Gemma Dunleavy-Cry
19.Frank Bretschneider-Day.Dream
20.Ensemble Economique-End Scene
21.Perera Elsewhere-Bizarre-Hype Williams remix-


viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014


Black Acre

1. Blue Daisy-Firewall feat Anneka
3.Romare-Your Love ( You give me Fever)
4.Dizz1 & Royalston-Decay
5.Snow Ghosts-Lost at Sea
6.DZ-Old Timers
7.Landslide-Dreams & Visions
9.Blue Daisy Feat Anneka-Raindrops
11.Hyetal-Diamond Islands
12.Memotone-Lost Hours
13.Marlow-Body Count
14.Fantastic Mr.Fox-San'en feat.Alby Daniels
15.Loops Haunt-Zenith
16.Primitive World-Cotopaxi
17.Dark Sky-Something to Lose
18.Von D-Echolow
19.Akira Kiteshi-Pinball
20.Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr.Fox-Fall
21.Blue Daisy-Srings Detached
23.N Type-Dark Matter
24.Caracal-De Niro
25.1000 Names-Logorithmic Spirals
26.Fantastic Mr.Fox-Evelyn
27.Alby Daniels-This Dawn

Style-Dubstep, electronics, experimental, downtempo

Black Acre

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Nevsky Compilation: Thanks for Nothing

 1.Diana-That Feeling
2.Abstraxion-Every Night I'mLaying Feat.Astrid Engberg
3.Beacon-Feeling's Gone
4.Domink Fulberg-Taeuschungs Blume
5.Tricky-Bonnie & Clyde
6.Amon Tobin-Always
7.The Hundred In The Hands-Faded
9.Blouse-Time Travel
10.Eagulls-Yellow Eyes
10.Jackson & His Computerband-Arp#1
11.Dfalt-My Mind when she told Me
12.El Mahdy Jr.-Coins & Diamonds
14.Darkstar-Young Hearts-Darkstar remix
15.Dolphin Boy-Don't Stop -Dublex remix-
16.Danton Eeprom-Thanks for Nothing
17.Toof-Farewell to Wendo
18.Si Begg-From my Laptop
19.Apparat-Arcadia -Sascha Invo2ver remix-
20.Locked Groove-Keep Thorough
21.Boyz Noize feat I Robots-Frau
22.Daphni-Ye ye
23.dOP-L'hopital, la Rue, la Prison -DJ Koze remix-
24.Heartbeat-(We) Knew all Along
25. Marko Fürstenberg-Site 312

 Style-Downtempo, electronics, synth pop, techno

THE TELESCOPES Precious little

domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Pampa Records

1. Ada-The Jazz Singer
3.Die Vögel-Petardo
5.DJ Koze-Amygdala feat-Milosh
6.Dürerstuben-Gscheids Planet
8.Robag Wruhme-Prognosen Bomm
9.DJ Koze-La Duquesa
10.Michel Cleis-Mir a Nero
12.Dntel-Jitters  -Robag Wruhme remix-
13.Matthew Herbert-It's Only Dj Koze remix
14.Christopher Rau-Pervading Animal
15.Jackmate & the Missing Links-Discodisco 2
16.Vondelpark-California Analog Dream

Style-Minimal techno, electronics, 


Sans Parade: The Last Song Is A Love Song