domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Ringo Deathstarr - Chainsaw Morning / Golden Gardens - Transparent Things / Black Nite Crash - Baby It's You


Neon Sigh

01.astrobrite. unknown color
02.Golden gardens - Transparent Things
03.TOKYOIDAHO-Late Night Shopping
04.Black nite crash - Baby It's You
05.Jetman jet team - Rainbow Party
06.Rev  rev rev- Ripples
07.Soft Shadows  - Reverb Is for Lovers
08.dead leaf echo - Heavensent
09.Golden golden gardens - All Night I Lay Hidden In The Garden
10.Ringo deathstarr - God's Dream nite crash  - Blink Of An Eye
12.Tokyoidaho - The Gift
13.House of Light- House of Love
14.Dead leaf echo - Birth
15.Rev rev rev  - Nightwine
16.Ringo deathstarr - Chainsaw Morning
17.Soft Shadows - A Soft Night
18.The telescopes - HELD

Style-Indie pop-rock, shoegazer, psychedelic rock

domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

Sovjet Sex - Point of no return / PTÔSE - Under my Bed / Eric Toornend - Scum Grief


Eksakt Records

Eksakt Records 1982-1989

01.Jacques Van Erven - blue to blue
02.A Live Detail - Easy With Tea
03.Cinema Club - Conflict
04.Days Of The Cadillacs - Cinderella
05.Eric van de Boorn - Die Dunkelheit Ist Nicht Vorbei
06.Exploiting The Profits - Hare Krishna
07.Kiem - Behind
08.nasmak - waiting room
09.Soviet Sex - Point of No Return
10.Cinema Club - Glass
11.Ptôse - Under My Bed
12.A.E. Bizottsag - Baad Schandau
13.LUL - Greeny Duck
14.Motobs - Low, Low Spirit
15.Jacques Van Erven - zoo zwing skola
16.Exploiting the Prophets - 4x Horizontal
17.Ptôse - Boule (Viens Ici)!
18.Mick Ness - De Ark III
19.Idiotsavant - Stravinsky
20.Niew Hip Stilen - No Crisis Nozeclock
21.Eric Toornend - Scum Grief
22.Exploiting The Prophets - Words Worth
23.Noodband - Sono Koubaly
24.Palinckx & Palinckx; maartse buien

Style-New Wave, after punk,minimal synth, avant garde, deutch

Eksakt Records

domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

J Churcher - Finding Roxanne / Blue Daisy presents Dahlia Black - Fuck A Rap Song


37 Adventures

01.Astral Pattern-sitting in the sun
02.J Churcher- Riding On Your Love
03.pale-Too Much
04.Deptford Goth-relics
05.J Churcher - Finding Roxanne
06.Stay Bless - Always
07.Daniel Whoolhouse - What's That Sound
08.Krrum - Morphine
09.Rosie Lowe - Me & Your Ghost daisy-psychotic love
11.Royce Wood Junior.january time
12.Blue Daisy Presents Dahlia Black - Fuck A Rap Song
13.Clarence Clarity - The Gospel Truth
14.Junk - Fool
15.ETML - Bind Me
16.salute - Tank
17.Royce Wood Junior - Rover
18.Rosie Lowe-10k balloons
19.Junk - True
20.salute - Vice
21.Basement Jaxx - Back 2 The Wild ( Jaxx Extended Mix )

Style-Indie pop, downtempo, electronics, r'n'b,

domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

J. Wiltshire - False Awakening / George FitzGerald - Needs You




01.Alex Coulton - Submerged
02.Maya Jane Coles - Dub Child (Original Mix)
03.J.Wiltshire - Closer
04.Alex Jones - Hash Key
05.Homeboy - Halfway feat. Anshie (Youandewan Version)
06.Kris Wadsworth - Cock Soup
07.Groove Armada - Oh Tweak To Me (Original Mix)
08.Luke Vibert - Jack U Whole (Original Mix)
09.BareSkin - Eyes (Original Mix)
10.Matt Star - Check the Sun
11.J.  Wiltshire - False Awakening (Original Mix)
12.Axel Boman - Television People
13.Glimpse - Julia (Original Mix)
14.Modini - The Answer (Original Mix)
15.George FitzGerald - Needs You
16.Christopher Rau - Last Time Was So Good
17.Mirco Violi - Breaking Rocks (Original Mix
18.Mosca - Eva Mendes
19.Dense & Pika - Lynn
20.Kevin McPhee  - DD - YYY - ZZ - OOOOO
21.Shenoda - All Ears (Mr G Remix)
22.Tilman Tausendfreund - Lost Treasure Of The Juggernaut
23.Chris E Pants - Judy Judy Judy
24.Bobby Champs - Steve Martin
25.Eliphino - I Don't Care
26.Neil - It's Hot Outside
27.Sebastian Mullaert - Shadowed By I
28.the Analogue Cops- discoblaze
29.A Sagittariun- Vanishing Point
30.Gary Gritness- - Cherenkov Blue
31.Maya Jane Coles  - Something In The Air [Bonobo Remix]

Style-Deep house, techno,minimal, electro, acid


01.El Txef A - She Kissed Me First (Minilogue's Hypno Remix)
02.JoeFarr - Trapington
03.Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds
04.Alex Jones, My Favorite Robot - Wholegrain
05.sebastien bouchet - changing lanes
06.Kris Wadsworth - Mesmerist
07.A Sagittariun - 3-4-3 (Original Mix)
08.G-Man - Quo Vadis
09.Tom Flynn - Truth Hurts (Original Mix)
10.Last Magpie - Separation
11.Blue & Green - The Wait (Original Mix)
12.Mark Henning - The Right Time
13.Will Azada - Let's Get Tight
14.FFZ aka Frankie Flowerz - Sweet Dreams (Alexander Maier mix)
15.Sebastien Bouchet - Feel
16.Glimpse  Alex Jones - Felaz (Matt Stars' Mello Dub)
17.Roman Flügel - Teenage Engineering
18.Warbgasm - Dead Arm
19.Philippe Autuori - 7 Peanuts
20.Luca Lozano - Gun Fingers (Original Mix)
21.Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa - Blue Rawls
22.Tom Demac - The Shuttle Awaits
23.plasmik - faces
24.Maxxi soundsystem feat. Name One  - Regrets we have no use for (Matthew Herbert remix)
25.FaltyDL - Fantaxia
26.Matthew Herbert Ft. Zilla - Brand New Love
27.London Modular Alliance - Home Grown
28.Kerrier - Robutuss
29.Luke Vibert - The Future
30.DMX Krew - Bombay Mix
31.Gary Gritness - Countin' Up With Starr
32.J. Albert - Xtra Sauce
33.Glimpse -  Fat Controller (Roman Flügel Remix) [Voices Of Music]

Style-Techno,deep house, electro, acid



sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

Plaid (Warp, UK) DJ set @ PPSKO 2011

1.Track Unknown 
3.Ill Blu-Chelt
4.Sinden & SBTRKT-Kind of Familiar
7.Clara Moto-Love Affair
10.Clark-Please come back
11.Jon Giovanni-Take Off (Wafa mix)
12.Lone-Once in a While (Sinden mix )
14.Machinedrum-Is that Bass
15.Mr Projetile-A song for Pul, a Song for your Plants
16.Shed-Keep time
17.Track unknown
18.Pete Samplers / Mando from MARSS-One Arm Bandit
19.Phrenetic-Your Time -Hook & Sling remix
20.Pete Samplers / Mando from MARSS-Slot Machine