domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


01.midst of tumult   tachyon
02.Conscious - Northern Lights
03.John Tejada -Pasadena Shuffle
04.Mark Broom   Inside union   pheada
06.Terrace   Intervalid
07.Repeat - G-Thing
08.Connective Zone - Multiple Sensory Contact
09.Kape Ill Miester   Top
10.Mark Broom   Acrux
11.lucid dream - grip
12.Plaid - Tura (Plaid)   Letter
13.Still Thinking -Mot
14.Dave Angel - Artech
15.John Tejada - Green Fingers
16.Repeat - Personal Prism
17.Kap I'llmusier - Gaspar (Dreamaphobia Mix)

Style-Acid, techno 90's


Terminal Twilight - The Fire of Love

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Dark Entries Part -2

Side A.

01.Batang Frisco - Power
02.Fall of Saigon - She Leaves Me All Alone
03.Jeff  Jane Hudson - Pound Pound
04.ADN' Ckrystall - Cocaina Vitamina
05.Dark Day   DangerDancer
06.Borghesia - Nocne Setnje
07.Baby Buddha - Little Things
08.cute heels - spiritual
09.Figure Study - Lesson One
10.Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb
11.Death Domain - Ethidium Bromide
12.Altres - Panic
13.Kirlian Camera - Rays
14.Moral - Slottet I Luften
15.informatics - what a world
16.Stress  - Semi-D Prision
17.Zwischenfall - Atemlos
18.Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never
19.Executive Slacks - The Bus
20.Helen - Witch (7'' Version)
21.Europa - Sentir Tu Cuerpo
22.Belaboris - Kuolleet Peilit
23.Patrick Cowley  Jorge Socarras - Robot Children (Do You Love Your)
24.IMS - Dancing Therapy
25.Eleven Pond - Moving Nowhere

Style-Minimal synth, new wave, tecno pop

Side B

01.Charlie - Spacer Woman (7'')
03.Die Form - Automatic Death
04.Borghesia - Tako mladi
05.Inhalt - Occupations
06.Lether Strip - Dreaming (First Version)
07.Tom Ellard - Touch
08.Magnus II - Space Age
09.Lassigue Bendthaus - Automotive
10.Psyche - Screaming Fire
11.The Product - This Time
12.Max Mara - Unseen
13.Smersh - she is nervous
14.RedRedRed - A Pattern Completion
15.Severed Heads - Mount
16.Psychic TV - Alien Be-In (Silent Servant Remix)
17.Second Decay - Die Antwort
18.Linea Aspera - Malarone 2012
19.BÉZIER   Silhouette
20.Sumerian Fleet - Nebelwerfer
21.Peter Richard - Walking in the Neon (Club Version)
22.Van Kaye  Ignit - Cool
23.THE NEON JUDGMENT   the machine
24.Those Attractive Magnets - 1500
25.Lena Plato hematinic Shadows From Distance
26.VOCODER   Radio
27.X Ray Pop - La Machine À Rêver
28.Voice Farm - Voyeur
29.Vita Noctis's- Against The Rule
30.Victrola - A Game Of Despair

Style-Minimal synth, tecno pop, EBM


Side B

lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

No More - Suicide Commando

Dark Entries Part-1

Side A.

01.Buzz - Picasso
02.De M Vre Belgiere - Cirkler
03.Image In Ruin - Tank
04.Fall Of Saigon - Visions
05.Dark Day - Hands In the Dark
06.Figure Study  - Pirouette
07.Clan of Xymox - Strange 9 to 9
08.End of Your Garden - Celebration
09.Factrix    A Night To Forget
10.MEX  Evil Creature
11.The Product - Everywhere, Here, Nowhere
12.impLOG - Holland Tunnel Dive
13.Chrome - Meet You In The Subway
14.Gambit Of Shame - Dancing With The Turks
15.Los Microwaves - Silent Screamers
16.Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons - Ice Cream to God
17.Flying Beechcraft-Bugger Off
18.Indoor Life - Gilmore Of The Fillmore
19.Exhibit A - Rain
20.Lives Of Angels - Golden Age
21.Distant Thunder - Tin Soldiers
22.Lè Travo   E La Nave Va
23.Ki Di Me - Islamatic
24.nagamatzu -sacred islands of the mad
25.Algebra Suicide - Please Respect Our Decadence

Style-After punk, new wave, minimal synth, industrial

Side B.

01.Nagamatzu - Bird, Spider, Fly
02.Necropolis Of Love - Talk
03.OPERA MULTI STEEL Jardin Botanique
04.Nu-Sound II Crew - The Speed Of Light
05.Xex - Fun In The Sun
06.Xymox - Going Round
07.Parade Ground - Moan on the Sly
08.Ski Patrol - Agent Orange
09.sad lovers and giants - take me inside
10.The Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting
11.Wonders of Science - Let's Start a Rumour
12.Zru Vogue - Nakweda Dream
13.Patrick Cowley- school daze
14.Tuxedomoon   Day to Day (Demo 1978)
15.Soft Drinks - Squash
16.Pesteg Dred   Postcards and Reason
17.Trek With Quintronic   You Might Be Lonely
18.SIC - Between
19.Portion Control   Sex crimes
20.S-Haters - Necromancer
21.RL Crutchfield's Dark Day   Me, Myself  I
22.System Liliput - Harpa
23.Nominal State - Middle Class
24.SIC - Voltage Control
25.Q4U   Boring

Style-After punk, new wave, minimal synth


miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

kammerflimmer kollektief don't spook the horse mix

Om - John Coltrane; The Sun - Alice Coltrane; Twilight Zone - Dr. John; Watermelon Man - Gun Club; O How She Dances - Jim Dickinson; Volunteered Slavery - Rahsaan Roland Kirk; Noo Toong Toong - Choong-Koong-le-Militaire; Abba Zabba - Cpt. Beefheart; Foxhunt - Ben Douglas; Iko Iko - Dixie Cups; See Line Woman - Nina Simone; You The Night & The Music - Gallon Drunk; Water Drum - Baka Pygmies; Blues A Bebe - BeauSoleil; Piere - Centrafrique (Musique Gbaya); Our Prayer - Albert Ayler; Love, The Mystery Of - Art Blakey; Awon-Ojise-Oluwa - Gasper Lawal; New Orleans - Idris Muhammed; Peace Go With You Brother - Gil Scott Heron; The Sun - Alice Coltrane

domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes II


01.Ancient Ocean-A Finite Life
02.Gem Trails-Aux Meadow
03.Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - what am i doing with my life
04.Skeletor And Me by Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk -sorry mickey
05.paw paw-Chromodrome
06.murals-Violet City Lantern
07.Night Manager - Pizza Pasta
08.advaeta-Come With Me
09.Turnip King-moon landing
10.Campfires - Fortune Teller
11.Woodsman &Tjutjuna -Songer Dance
12.erasears-By Your Side
13.tether-Future Museums
14.Human Resources -donna
15.curtin-Big Blue Crown
16.Flower Orgy -boneyard
18.Heaven's Gate-salome
19.Dead Gaze --Take Me Home or I Die Alone
20.earring-Black Chalk
21.woodsman-supernal radiophonics
22.Tjutjuna - Desert Song
23.Gem Trails -don't stress
24.isn't ours-RIP Yourself
25.Orchard Thief -Professional texture 1
26.erasears-Returning Home
27.paw paw-Temporalis
28.Katrina Stonehart-A One
29.Tjutjuna - The Swish
30.Woodsman - I Can't Move
31.the big ship-The Boathouse Story
32.UNDER - Comme Bacck (Can Not)

Style-Psychedelic rock , folk, electronics, space rock