domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag


1.Grimble Grumble-Odyssey and Oracle
2.Junkboy-Shadow and Act
3.Folksongs for the Afterlife-This is the Sound
5.Alphastone-Life's a Motorway
6.Appliance-Number Three Channel is Clear
8.Slipstream-Healing Hands
9.Special Benny-Children are Cruel
10.Flowchart-Rainbow Hello
11.Folksongs for the Afterlife-Wasting in the Sun
12.Junkboy-Volcano Mono
13.Amp-Seagreen Serenades
14Silver Apples-Suzie
15.Innerise-1st Thought
16.Vagus Nerve-Wired
17.Pulby-Wherever we go Now
18.Beatglider-Lights on the Water
19.Jessamine-From here to and now Otherwise
20.Alphastone-You're not Foolin Me
21.Windy & Carl-Esmerald
23-Flying Saucer Attack-LAst Dream Song
24.The Azusa Plane-A Magnetic Breakthrought
25.Windy & Carl-Christmas Song Introspection

Style-Psychedelic rock, drone, space rock, electronics, ambient

domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

David Weiss playing "To a Wild Rose"

Prettybwoy Birthday Mix

1. City Boy - Prettybwoy
2. Diamond Cut - BD1982
3. Tesla (Instrumental) - Faze Miyake
4. Jwala Dub - Gumnaam
5. 2 Little 2 Late (VIP Devil) - Juzlo
6. In Time - Major Grave
7. Sonicdoon - Pakin (Prettybwoy remix)
8. Jackpines - Slackk
9. The Unseen - Prettybwoy
10. Algiers - Slackk
11. Sandwave - Sivarider
12. Asia - 100mado
13. Lik Off Ya - Arctic & Juzlo
14. Trapdance - Royal-T x N*E*R*D
15. Harajuku Riddim - TC4
16. Hi Grade (DVA Hi Emotions remix) - Shox
17. Tales From The Darkside - DJ Haus x Matrixxman
18. Eski Clicks - Slackk
19. Conflict (Extended mix) - DD Black
20. High-Humidity Ranges - Prettybwoy
21. Blue Forest - Slackk
22. Dam E - Prettybwoy
23. Image 10 - BD1982
24. Do It 2 - Prettybwoy
25. Atomosphere - Prettybwoy
26. Tango - Prettybwoy
27. States - Major Grave
28. Prototype01 - Prettybwoy

Style-Dubstep, grime, glitch

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Sketch Show - Ekot (Live, 2012)


2.Tom Thiel- Laissez Faire
3.Christian Vogel-Bootstraps
5.Fenin-Got it
7.Francesco Tristano-Strings of Life-Apparat remix-
8.Hakan Lidbo-Clockwise
9.Nathan Fake-Charlie's House -Apparat remix-
10.Anders Ilar-Stone Circle Maze
11.MNML & Sun Electric-Toninas-Ricardo Villalobos remix-
12.Daniel Meteo-In the Mood -Abe Duque remix-
13.Fenin-None of Them-Robags Wokksikon Remikks-
16.Soul Center-Hal2010
17.Anders Ilar-September Nights
18.Sun Electric-Choc au Lait
19.Static Lounge-Restäther
20.Xenia Beliayeva-Momentan
22.Warren Suicide-Sometimes
23.Das Bierbeben-Häuser
24.Masaya-Get You -Anders Ilar remix-
26.Sami Koivikko-Rakkaus Pakkaus
27.Quasimodo Jones-Why Kill Time when you can Kill Yourself
28.Notic Nastic-The Luckiest Pig in Albany
29.T Raumschmiere   Willkommen im Strom
30.Napoli is not Nepal-Bangkok

Style-Electronics,synth pop, minimal techno, downtempo, experimental


domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015

Electro Honky - Kings Have Long Arms

Aquarian: Resident Advisor Podcast 438

Graze - Thundare
Barker - Like An Animal (Chrome Fist VIP)
Akkord - Typeface
AnD - Lights Down
Sigha - Scene Couple
Gingy - Fukushima
Pris - Dust
Aden - Move
Kamikaze Space Programme - Leyland Daf 45
Aquarian - SOMA
Clouds - Blood Skating
Objekt - Balloons
Pearson Sound - Quivver
Distal - The Jaws of Deltroy (Aquarian Edit)  
Aquarian - Tarp2

Style-Electronics, mnimal techno, acid, experimental

Egyptian Hallucination 3

2.Vangelis & Irene Papas-Le Fleuve
3.Kat Epple & Bob Stohl-Sanctus Spiritus
4.Agitation Free-Haunted Island
5.Faust-Lost the Signal
6.Nico-It was a Pleasure Then
7.Walter Wegmüller-Der Wagen
8.Jacky Chalard & Gilbert Deflez- Si je T'offrais une Branche D'amour (La Mandragore)
9.Brainticket-To Another Universe
10.Aphrodite's Child & Irene Papas-Infinity
11.Lady Junes Linguistic Leprosy-The Letter
12.Eat Lights Become Lights-ModularLiving
14.Conrad Schnitzler-Wer Sind wir Denn
15.Stomu Yamashta's Red Buddha Theatre-Awa Odori
16.Miles Davis-On the Corner
17.Can-I want More
18.Brian Eno-The Great Pretender
20.Moebius & Beerbohm-Fortschritt
21.Silver Apples-Dust

Style-Psychedelic, krautrock, electronics, avantgarde

Egyptian Hallucination 3

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

Otto von Schirach Tipo Tropical


1.M.Geddes Gengras-Passage
2.Julia Holter-Tragedy Finale
3.EMV-Junebug, Old Hat New Clothes (Walter Gross remix)
6.Brogan Bentley-With Him
8.Semya-Peace Beams
9.Davis-Better when You Flow
10.Yuk-Oh Shaman
13.Brogan Bentley-Goodbye
14.Silk Rhodes-Pains
16.Odd Nosdam & MattewDavid-Vvoxcave
17.Samiyam-Snakes on the Moon
18.Ras G-Brotha There
20.Oscar McClure-Compost (Teebs'Never Repeat it mix)
21.Ryan York-Zipperlegs
23.The Cyclist-Bones in Motion
24.Nerftoos-Future and C.O
26.Sun Araw & MatthewDavid-A4
27.Trance Farmers-Lone Star
28.MatthewDavid-Mindflight 1

Style-Electronics, glitch hop,low-fi, experimental