lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Situation Two

1.Tones on Tail-You , The Night & The Music
2.Gene Loves Jezebel-Shaving my Neck
3.Death Cult-God's Zoo
4.London Underfround-Train of Thought
5.Drowning Craze-Strrage Case
6.Blackouts-Exchange of Goods
7.The Dance-In Lust
8.Orbidoig-Nocturnal Operations
9.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Nothing Wrong
10.Zooey-Teddy Bear
11.The Southern Death Cult-Moya
12.Play Dead-Shine
13.Peter Murphy-The Light Pours out pf Me
14.Under Two Flags-Lest We Forget
15.Zerra 1-Banner of Love
16.The Sinister Ducks-March of Sinister Ducks
17.The Alarm-Lie of the Land
18.The Associates-Q Quarters
19.The Drowning-Crace Trance
20.Maximum Joy-Stretch
21.New Asia-Central Proposition
22.The Last Man in Europe- Corporation
23.Fish Waltz-It's Inmmaterial
24.Ministry-Cold Life
25.Lydia Lunch-Suicide Ocean
26.Psychic TV-Baby's gone away

27.John Cale-The Sleeper
28.Lulu Kiss me Dead-The Ultimate Solution
29.The Bolshoi-HappyBoy
30.David J.-I Hear Only Silence Now
31.The Icicle Works-Birds Fly( Whispers to Scream)
32.The Go Betweens-Karen
33.REM-Gardening at Night
34.Home Service-Only Men  fall in Love
35.Lora Logic-Wonderful Offer
36.Gene loves Jezebel-Desire
37.Medium Medium-SoHungry so Angry
38.The Fall-No Bulbs
39.Singers Players-Water the Garden
40.Multivizion-Work to Live, don't  live to Work
41.Eternal Triangle-Nothing but aFriend
42.Perry Haines-What's What
43.23 Skidoo-Aversion
45.Three Hypnotics
46.The Fuzztones-Nine Months Later
47.The Charlatans-Weirdo
48.TerminalPower Company-The Hunger
49.the hair & skin trading co-Pipeline
50.The Darkside-Highrise Love
51.The Very Things-The Hole
52.The Dylans-Godlike
53.The Charlatans-The Only One I know
54.Naked Raygun-Home of the Brave
55.Loop-Arc Lite ( Sonar)
57.The Darkside-Guitar Voodoo

Style.Afterpunk, gothic rock, indie rock, tecnopop 80,funk disco

5 comentarios:

  1. Este tema : The Drowning-Crace Trance, me recuerda a esto:

  2. Southern Death Cult, Death Cult y finalmente The Cult. ¡ Cuanto tiempo ! ¿Sabes si grabaron algo en vivo entre el 87 y 88 ? yo tenía un concierto de ellos grabado en casette nada menos.

    1. se dislvieron mucho antes para formar death cult y luego the cult el concierto de you tube esta muy bien lo tenia ya visto :)

  3. Lo siento pero no me puedo resistir:

  4. pues si que se parecen...por cierto no los conocia estan bien! ;)