domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Sin Cos Tan - Trust

Creation Records part.2

Creation Records 1991-1999

-Side A.

1.Sleep Freak-Heavy Stereo
3.The Weather Prophets-Head over Heels
4.Velvet Crush-Time warps around You
5.Teenage Fanclub-Alcoholiday
5.1-Shonen Knife-Catnip Dreams
6.Glen Matlock-My Little Philistine
8.Adorable-A To fade in
9.Ride-At the end of the Universe
10.My Bloody Valentine-Swallow
13.Swrvedriver-Girl on a Motorbike
15.The Telescopes-You set My Soul
16.Dave Kusworth & The Bounty Hunters-Wives, Weddings & Roses
17.Heidi Berry-Below the Waves
18.The Times-The Ballad of Georgie Best
19.The Jazz Butcher-Sweet Water
21.Sugar-Good Idea
22.Primal Scream-Kowalski
23.The Cramps-Naked Girl falling Down the Stairs
24.Poster Children-If you see Kay
25.Super Furry Animals-God show me Magic!
26.Wiliam Reid-Tired of Fucking
27.Trashmonk-Girl I used 2 Know
28.James Young-Songs that never play on the Radio

Style-Indie pop 90, alternative rock


Side B.

1.Black Eg-Monster Man
2.Eggman-First Fruits Fall
3.David Westlake-Talk like that
4.Teenage Filmstars-Apple
5.The Boo Radleys-Does this Hurt
6.Medicine-Queen of Tension
7.My Bloody Valentine-When you sleep
8.Slowdive-Blue Skied and Clear
9.Pie Finger-Without a Name
10.Reload-Le Soleil et la Mer
11.Hypnotone-God CPU
12.Love Corporation-Cathedrals of Glitter ( Monkey MAffia remix)
13.Saint Etienne- Nothing can Stop us now
14.Ruby-Salt Water Fish
15.The Lilac Time-Dreaming
16.World Unite-World Unite ( Keeping the Faith)
17.Le Tone-Joli Dragon
18.One True Parker-Bubble Gum
20.Eternity's Children-My Happiness Day

Style-Indie pop 90, synth pop


martes, 17 de junio de 2014

Sleep ∞ Over - Casual Diamond

Karaoke Kalk

1.Will Samson-Eat Sleep Travel Repeat
2.Emanuelle Errante-Memoirs
3.Dakota Suite-The Hearts of Empty.
4.Toog-Ugly Ducklings feat Asia Argento
5.März-The River
6.Pluramon-If time was on my Side
7.Her Space Holiday-Key Stroke
8.Donna Regina-Why
9.Bill Wells , Ann Whitehead, Stephan Schneider & Barbara Morgenstern-Brown Recluse
10.Hans Platzgumer feat.Catriona Shaw-Miss Me
11.Toulouse Low Trax-Jeidem Fall
13.Hanno Leichtmann-Fenster
15.Takeo Toyama-Der Meteor
16.Static-Stubby Fingers
17.Pascal Schaefer-Melody Express
18.Takagi Masakatsu-Angie
19.Kuchen-Mauri the Pugillist
20.Nikakoi-City Lights
21.Donna Regina-Let's get Slow
22.Wunder-How we are
24.François X-D -Node 188
26.The Notwist-Solitaire
28.De la Mancha-Ursa Minor
29.Hauschka-Rocket Man feat.Vert
31.Mouse on Mars-Cache Coeur Naif
32.Leichtmetall-Wir sind Blumen Grinsers  Immer weiter remix
33.Kandis-Treasure Island
34.Tarwater-20 Miles Up
35.Donna Regina-A Quiet Week in the House
36.Wechsel Garland-Gift
37.Schneider TM-The Light 3000
38.Pluramon feat Julie Cruise-Have You seen Jill
39.Ritornell-The Morning Factory
40.TG Mauss-I'm Child
41.Stephan Schneider & Bill Wells-Pntps 4
42.März-Love Streams

Style-Folktronic, electronics, experimental, pop

Karaoke Kalk

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

mitte karaoke- die discofibel

Egyptian Hallucination 2

1.Erkin Koray-Korkulu Ruya
2.The Apryl Fool-The Lost Motherland
4.The Incredible String Band-Thre is a Green Crowd
5.Caesar Shirubu-Jihinshin Tori
7.Brainticket-Places of Light
8.Kuni Kawachi & His Group-The Cat
9.Jah Wobble,The Edge,Holger Czukay-It was a Camel
10.Droids-Shanti Dance Pt 1 & 2
11.Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Budda Theatre -Awa Adoni
12.Akiko Yano-Rose Garden
13.Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band-Shambhala Signal
14.Brian Eno-Mea Culpa
15.Igor Wakhévitch-Eau Ardente
16.Donato Dozzy-Vaporware 05
17.Jarboe-Mouth of Flames revisited
18.Raph Lundsten-Heaven by Night: Robbie is Dancing the Waltz
19.Karuna Khyal-alomoni
21.Les Rallizes Denudes-Strong out Deeper than the Night
22.Deaf-The Galactic Pack of Kari
23.Faust-Lauft.....Heisst das  es Lauft oder es Kommt Bald....Lauft

Style-Psychodelic Japan, krautrock, electronic

Egyptian Hallucination 2