domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Nevski Compilation: Narcolepsia

1.Harold Budd-Niky D
2.Okkyung Lee-One Hundred Years Old Rain
3.Dimitar Dodovski-Seeds for the Future
4.Ryan Teague-Nephesch
5.Deaf Center-Path to Lucy
6.Colleen-Goodbye Sunshine
7.The North Sea & The Rameses III-Night Blossoms writen in Sanskrit
8.Duane Pitre-Monkey Town
9.John Metcalfe-Blue Ruby
10.Joby Talbot-Dew Point
11.Marsen Jules-Fanes D'automme
12.Cymphonic-Dancing in Purple Light
13.Emily Wells-Fire Song
14.Stars of the Lid-Sun Drugs
15.Hobo Cubes-Glowing Vessel
16.Gavin Bryars-The Black River
17.L.Pierre-The Grief that does not Speak
18.Loscil-Unit Circle
19.ASC-I share my Secrets with You
20.Skoltz Kolgen-In Point 004
21.Stephan Mathieu-Gabriel
22.Locust-Corporal Genesis
23.Sebastien Roux-Bleston
24.George Crumb-Processional
25.Ken Candem-Birthday

Style-Ambient, drone, neoclassical


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