jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Gut Und Irmler - Früh

Emperor Jones

1.Alastair Galbraith-Mirrorwork (medley)
2. Black Mayonnaise-Spherics
3.Nigel Bunn-Sea Goose
4.Pip Proud-Albatross
5.The American Analog Set-Diana Slowburner II
6.Windsor for the Derby-Stasis
7.Alastair Galbraith-Fall
8.Thuja-Untitled 3
9.Primordial Undermind-Flaming Lizard Inaguration
10.Half Japanese-A Fine Line
11.Furry Things-That Machine
12.Hala Strana-Streets of Raised Plataforms
13.Paul Newman-Carl Sagan
14.Kinski-Teen Center
15.Up Tight-Sweet Sister Session
16.Circle- Kuonopäivää
17. The Bees-Monroe Mustang
18.The American Analog Set-Magnificient Seventies
19.My Dad is Dead-Nothing Special
20..Peter Jefferies-Satellites Sparks
21. Stick Men with Ray Guns-Scavenger  of Death
22.Steven R.Smith-Tableland
23.To Rococo Rot-Days between Stations
24.Cyrus Rego-Absolution

Style-Vanguard, experimental, psychedelic rock, post rock


domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

Florent Ghys - Clignotants

Lux Rec

1.Lunar Lodge-Event Horizon
3.Visonia-Lunar Garden
4.D'Marc Cantu-10x as Strong
5.Cold Colors-Les Ombres
6.Stefan Blomeier-Dashing Through Tunnels
7.Joe Drive- Clone Replacement
8.Echo 106-Native Ancient Ritual
9.Murphy Jax-A Cop in Chains
10.Helena Hauff-Hiemal Quietus
11.Traxx-Pzychotic Houzetrak
13.Jack Curtu-Paranoia
14.R-A-G-Repression ( Spavnti tape edit)
15.CCO-Music for Cosmonaut Part.
16.Savage Grounds-Attempt Three
17.Alessandro Parisi-Hutamak Endurance
19.Jared Wilson-Jupiter One
20.Visonia-Fake Smiles

Style-Techno, acid, electro


Lux Rec

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Daughn Gibson - Phantom Rider

Color Disc

1.La Sonorite Jeune-Osora
3.Eye See-Evenings
4.The Space Brothers-Sixteenth Avenue Atmosphere
5.Mystery Plane-Fractured
6.Modern Art-Death Wish
7.Lives of Angels-Artificial Inteligence II
8.The Duke of Disrespect-You Tell Lies ( banging away)
9.Timothy London and The Soho Sisters-Hold me Down
10.Wer7-Now Wash your Hands
11.Opera Multi Steel-Si C'est Ainsi
12.Modern Art-Fatal Crash Inmersed the Start
13.Lives of Angels-Pavillion
14.The Lord-Winds of Space
15.Cleaners fromVenus-Johnny the Moondog is Dead
16.Mystery Plane-Find Some Body
17.Modern Art-Golden Legend

Style-Minimal synth, after punk, experimental