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LEAF Label Part -1 1995-2005

Side A

01.matthew corwine - aeth
02.A Small, Good Thing - Slow Rotating Machine
03.bedouin ascent - if mountains could sing
04.Rothko - Suddenly Becomes Light
05.Colleen - Summer Water
06.A Hawk And A Hacksaw - To Pine In Time
07.daren seymour  mark van hoen - tema
08.Susumu Yokota - Live Echo
09.asa chang and junray  - hana
10.Oskar - Air Conditioning
11.Efterklang - Prey and Predator
12.Clue To Kalo - Empty Save The Oxygen
13.Volcano - Frozen In Escape
14.richard thomas-Pienso Que
15.Triosk - Re-Ignite
16.faultline - tiny consumer
17.Eardrum - Lizard
18.Icarus - Essen
19.Murcof - Rostro
20.Witchman - 4am On Point
21.The Sons Of Silence, - The Guilded Step
22.310 -After All'
23.Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absencen (Sutekh Remix) 
24.gescom - bronchusix
25.Twisted Science - Cold Fusion
26.Murcof - Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion Mix)
27.Disjecta  - Vistic 
28.Twisted Science - Magma Hum
29.vendor refill - pendulum
30.Being - Cue

Style-Avant garde, ambient,downtempo, psychedelic, electronics, experimental


01.310 - NOD
02.Asa-Chang  Junray - Tsuginepu To Ittemita
03.A Small, Good Thing - Babywalker
04.Susumu Yokota - King Dragonfly
05.Four Tet - Field
06.Boom Bip & DoseOne - The Birdcatcher's Return
07.Manitoba - Tits And Ass
08.Michael Forshaw - Work That Mutha
09.Psapp - Leaving in Coffins
10.faultline - control
11.Boymerang - (Theme From) Boymerang
12.Doktor Kosmos  - Holiday
13.Gripper - Prostate Boogie (edit)
14.Bill Wells, Annie Whitehead, Stefan Schneider, Barbara Morgenstern - A Soldier's Shoulder
15.Pole - Heim (Four Tet Remix)
16.Hanne Hukkelberg - Ease
17.Phelan Sheppard - Broken In The Wrong Places 
18.Si Begg   New & Different Experiment + Intro
19. Caribou-Barnowl
20.SThe ons Of Silence- More Bass, Vicar
21.MDK-Dont Know
22.Neil Landstrumm - Titos Block
23.Mou Ars On - Putza Tock Baby
24.Manitoba - Hendrix With Ko
25.beige-The Rhythm! The Message
26.310-worn at the heels 
27.Luger - Pass Agent
28.To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge des Lebens

Style-Letfield, downtempo, abstract hip hop, breakbeat, psychedelic



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