domingo, 5 de junio de 2016

Camera Obscura

01.The Iditarod - A Footprint in the Ashes on New Year's Day
02.Salamander-  Hail
03.Rusalnaia   Shifting Sands
04.Stone Breath - Seven Things Placed In a Hollow Tree sun ensemble-The Shining One
06.Salamander - Vessel Is Vacant
07.Black Swan Network   Untitled
08.Alchemysts forget about it
09.Tadpoles   Sunrise Ocean Bender
10.The Green Pajamas - Graduation Day
11.The Lucky Bishopps-  London Lounge
12.Alphane Moon - Circle Of Four
13.Love & Death-Mean Otto
14.Abunai   Tomorrow
15.Primordial Undermind - Louse Dances for Laos
16.Bardo Pond - Euphrates
17.The Lazily Spun -Halcyon days
18.the lothars-Trem, As Well
19.Tanakh - Marcel Proust
20.Christian Kiefer - Kalmykov (Poppies)
21.Patrick Porter   Hospital
22.United Bible Studies - The Jonah
23.Stone Breath - The Silver Thread
24.The Azusa Plane - The Miracle Of The Octabe

 Style-Psychedelic rock, folk, drone, spsce rock

 Camera Obscura

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