domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

Audraglint Recordings

01.Lotus Plaza - Come Back
02.Atlas Sound   I'll Be Your Mirror
03.Nudge - Warsong
04.The Sems - Harmless
05.Charles Atlas-The Snow Before Us  
06.Grizzly Bear - Sure Thing
07.Nice Weekend   Longest Days
08.Tarwater - Glee
09.fontanelle   charm and strange
10.marc hellner - night without thieves
11.Textile Ranch - The Dream Of The Murderers Ship Pulling Out
12.Charles Atlas - The Deadest Bar (Casino Versus Japan Remix)
13.The-Drum - Night Driving
14.Litanic Mask   'Anarchy'
15.Salem - Frost
16.Signaldrift   Planetarium
17.Pulseprogramming - Island Answer Anywhere
18.Kid606 - Sugarcoated
19.Born Gold   Pulse Thief
20.The BLOW - The Love That I Crave (Strategy's Strata Club Remix)
21.Nice Nice-Uh oh
22.Sons of Magdalene - The Whip
23.signaldrift - giallo
24.Tim Hecker - Atlas Two

Style-Psychedelic rock, indie , electronics, idm,


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