lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Hoss Records

01.Mi Ami - Towers Fall
02.LebLaze - Life in the Wilderness
03.Lyonnais - The Fatalist
04.These Are Powers - Nubians On Franklin Ave
05.Atlas Sound - I Know, I Know
06.BLUNT FANG feat. GODS WISDOM & R. MEXICO - Life Is A Line
07.D Breaths 122
09.Excepter - My Heart Is Brokequot
10.Food For Animals - Grapes
11.DJ Dog Dick  - I'm A Bitch (Let Me Be Me)
12.Hungry Bodies - Octaver
13.Le1f - Blood Oranges ft. Ian Isiah  Juliana Huxtable
14.GODS WISDOM - Grown To Burn feat. Lang the Fang
15.Rick Rab-Suga Shuffle
16.Jones - Jones (Wounds)
17.SADAF - Man Of Me
18.Rick Rab - Liminal Being
19.Holy Ghost Party  - Treasure Chest
20.SHAMS - Nest (Feat. Murphy Maxwell)
21.lockbox-Lil Angel Hoodie
22.rick rab-Fuck This Industry 2011
23.SADAF - Stillness
24.THE URN (RideThat) Slow
25.Rick Rab - Melisma_Highrise (feat. Ami Dang)
26.Wzt Hearts - Hassler

Style-Psychedelic rock, bass music,abstract hip hop

Hoss Records

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