domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Gang of Ducks

01.Oddgrad - Marcella
02.Sabla - Spirits
03.Shape worship - Line3
04.My Panda Shall Fly - Trance
05.Vaghe Stelle - 8th Hope
06.XIII - Eocity
07.Traag - Tropical Fruit
08.One Circle - Transparency
09.Dave Saved - Power And Silence
10.S. Olbrich - Female Motivation VII
11.Sabla - Vibrations
12.My Panda Shall Fly - Fast=G
13.Haf Haf - The Features Of A Disgrace
14.Shape Worship - Throughways
15.Ital - Call Me
16.XIII - Eurovision
17.S Olbricht - Tahojeff (feat. Danada Cry)
18.sudden infant - what am i doing here
19.Haf Haf - Hybrid
20.Vaghe Stelle - 10th Hope
21.Sabla - Di Lei
22.Shape Worship - Basf Spiral
23.Ital - Canker Sore
24.S Olbricht - Wowno (Original Mix)
25.Quicksails - Thrill
26.Jan Werner  F.X. Randomiz - Psychomatic Loop

Style-Techno, experimental,  industrial, ambient

Gang of Ducks

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