domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

Duophonic Super 45s

Duophonic Super 45s 1991 - 2008

01.Labradford - Underwood 5ive
02.Tortoise - Gamera
03.Uilab - St. Elmo's Fire (Radio)
04.Broadcast - The Book Lovers
05.Pram - Sea Jungle
06. The High Llamas - Tambourine Day
07.Kev Hopper - Canary Lights
08.Huggy Bear - Godziller
09.Dymaxion - Cognitive Dissonance Penitentiary
10.Seeland - Pherox
11.Clear Spot - Psycho Blues
12.Stereolab - Au Grand Jour
13.Arcwelder - Plastic
14.Yo La Tengo   'Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop'
15.Colm - Soundtrack
16.Darlin' - Cindy So Loud
17.Apparat Organ Quartet - Macht Parat Den Apparat
18.Stereolab - Harmonium
19.Imitation Electric Piano - Five Separate Whooshes
20.Broadcast - Message From Home
21. Stereolab & Brigitte Fontaine - Caliméro
22.Seeland -Wander
23.Dymaxion - I-Man Transport
24.The Notwist - Chemicals
25.Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind
26.The High Llamas - The Click And The Fizz
27.Turn On - Ru Tenone
28.Monade - Wash And Dance
29.Splitting The Atom - Monkey Brain
30.Stereolab - Free Witch and No-Bra Queen
31.herzfeld   the sack

Style-Psychedelic rock, experimental, indie pop 90's, electronics, shoegazer, noise

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