miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014


 1.+Verb-Ginormous Bliss
2.Coco Slang-Lost in the Trap
3.Artek-Star Controller
5.1000 Names-Cup of Joy
6.Kelpe-Same New Era
7.Coco Bryce-Milk
8.Incense and Saccage-Whatever it Takes
9.Niño-Ready to Rock
10.Slow Hand Coco-Nineteen
12.Teebs Jackhigh-Comes to Mind ( Josip Klobucar remix)
13.Pixelord-Been Lookin
14.Halp Coco Bryce-Neon Trakx
15.Mother North-Butter Blues
16.Mesak-Claves Kein
17.Slugabed-The Moon Zoop Jam
18.Light Club-Blizzard
19.Rekordah-Sometimes ( I want to Be)
20.KRSUR-Wayfarer ( Eloq mix)


Style-Abstract hip hop, experimental, electronics

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