sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Egyptian Hallucination

1.Far East Family Band-Nipponjin
2.Amon Düül II-Traveller
3.Fire! Orchestra-Exit! Part.1
4.Osamu Kitajima-Tongu ( A long nosed goblin)
5.Les Rallizes Denudes-White Waking
6.Ralph Lundsten-Heaven by Night Robbie is Dancing the Waltz
7.Stag Hare-Holy Quinn
8.Mythos-Oriental Journey
9.Karuna-Khyal Alomoni
10.The Incredible String Band-The Water Song
11.Reign Ghost-Long Day Journey Nº2
12.Shanti-Out of Nowhere
13.Reale Accademia di Musica-Vertigine
15.Phillipe Besombes-Chocolate Cream
16.Lawrence Vanay-Sunshine in my Heart
17.Pearls Before Swine-I shall not care
18.Can-Soul Desert
19.Sam Gopal-Angry Faces
20.Comus-All the Colours of Darkness

Style-Psychodelic, japan 60's, folk

Egyptian Hallucination

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