viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Moodgadget Records

1.Radere-I'll make You Quiet
2.Direwires-Documented Glance
3.Casino vs Japan-Aquarium
4.A Setting Sun & Shigeto-Mois de Mars
6.Boreal Network-King of Currumpaw
7.Dorian White-Exit
8.Foxes in Fiction-Memory Pools
9.Jc Hamell-Lost
10.Jimmy Edgar-Nothing is Better
11.Mogi Grumbles-Tron's Theme
12.Charles Trees-In Return Daisha Memories
13.Calmer-Past is Preset
14.Mux Mool-Death 9000
16.Charles Trees-Exodus
17.D.Gookin-Glad I met You
18.Carat Affair-Fashion
19.Zack Christ- Koofpoin Low   Lucky Pork  Far  East Side
20.Praveen-Death as a Man (Worst Friends Remix)
21.Shigeto-New Crossings
22.Andre Obin-Lemondrop
23.Teeel-Triangle Waves
25.Isomer Transition-Downtime in the Hangar
26.Todd Osborne-Superstructure
27.One of Them-Sometime i feel like
28.Seth Troxler-Aggression
29.Mingus Rude- Burn ( D'Marc Cantu remix)
30.Kyle Bobby Dunn-Meadowfuck ( Waltz Of The Nobody)
31.Khonnor-Screen Love, Space And The Tim 

Style-Electronics, synth pop, abstract hiphop, techno

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