martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Constellation Tatsu

1. Angel 1-Purple Haze (edit)
2.Bataille Solaire-Sauropes et Acacias
3.Floating Gardens-Life Behind the Airlock
4.Journey of Mind-Essential Oil
5.Seabat-Deep Ocean Cavern
6.Cankun-I kbow you love to Dance
7.Ill Professor-Slate Line
8.Samantha Glass-Movement 1
9.MJ. Guider-PrimaDrawing down the Moon
10.Panabrite-Abyssal II
11.Pulse Emitter-Light from Distant Stars
12.Cults-Velvet Dreams
13.Sawi Lieu-Circumstellar Life
14.Saguache-Lattice Borealis
15.Hakobune-This wasn't what I Thought
16.Pleq-Quinn Walker
17.Greyghost-Nectar of the Eastern Gods
18.Motion Sickness of Time Travel-Drawing sown the Moon
19.Gunter Schlienz-Presentation Three
20.White Poppy-Who are You

Style-Drone, ambient, experimental, electronics

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