domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

The Mushroom Trip

 1.Cornelius-Dessin Ah
2.Christopher Willits-Orange Lit Spaces
3.Greg Davis-Coventry
5.Static-A Black of Dirty White
6.Soosh-Just Breathe
7.Just Friends-Avalanche
9.Emika-She Beats
10.Khalil Nova-Lordus Novus Nuclear Cloudus
11.Dean Blunt-Are You as Good as I Remember
12.NoMeansNo-Dark Ages (Shackelton's My Goal's Beyond mix)
13.Outfit-Nothing Big
15.Baby Kruger-Sexual Shetland (Joe Lentini remix)
16.Bonobo-Transits feat. Szjerdene
17.Doldrums-Lesser Evil
19.Sorrow-Shadowed Doubt
20.Raffertie-Build Me Up
21.Alex Terror-Mondo N.Y
22.Two Fingers-What You Know feat.Sway
23.Killer Bong-Sick House
24.Nicolas Jaar-Keep Me There
25.Mobster-To Much Sand on Headphones feat.Kes

Style-Downtempo, electronics

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