miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Fall Out


1.The Hellers-Life Story
2.The Common People-I Have Been Alone
3.Genesis-Gloomy Sunday
4.Fields-Bide my Time
5.Harumi-Talk About it
6.Folkswingers-Eight Miles High
7.Stone Circus-People I Once knew
8.Green-Where have I Been
9.Ananda Shankar-Jungle Symphony
10.Pat Kilroy-Light of a Day
11.The Deep-Color Dreams
12.Friar Tuck-Sweet Pea
13.Fred Neil-You ain't Treatin me right
14.The Fire Escape-Psychotic Reaction
15.J.D Blackfoot-Angel
16.Genesis-Girl who Never was
17.Daughters of Albion-Candle Song
18.Rex Holman-Sit and Flatter Me

Fall out part 1


1.Barbara Emie-Listen to Your Heart
2.Jan & Lorraine-Bird of Passage
3.Of Monreal-Infinity
4.Rebecca & The Sunnybrock Farme-Better Dead than Red
5.String Cheese Incident-Crystal
6.The Deep-Psychedelic Moon
7.The Fire Escape-Blood Beat
8.Harumi-Don't know what I'm gonna do
9.The Group Image-Moonlit Dip
10. The Flame-Hights and Lows
11.Jan & Lorraine-The Assignement Song
12.Barbara Ernie-Play with Fire
13.VAl Stöecklein-French Girl Affair
14.Thorinshield-Brave New World
15.Michele-Blind as you are
16.The Hellers-The Mechanic
17.Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit, And Greenhill-Street in Paris
18.The National Gallery-Diana in the Autumn Wind

Fall Out part 2

Style-Psychedelia, garage rock 60, folk

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