domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Nevski Compilation: In My Cocoon

1.Jim James-Know Til Know
2.Dirty Beaches-elli
3.Jacco Gardner-Chameleon
5.Robbie Daniels Jr-Wuthering Heights
6.Deptford Goth-Particles
8.Burnt Friedman-Machines in the Ghost feat.Barbara Panther
9.Lulu Rouge-Welcome to my Dream feat.Tuco
10.Aquarius Heaven-Up & Down
11.Altered Carbon-Come Close
12.Breton-Counter Balance
13.Juj-Sunday Bouncer
14.Oval-Mare Fax
15-Dark Sky-In Brackets
16.Bozzwell-In My Cocoon
17.Jacques Greene-On Your Side feat.How to Dress Well
18. James Blake-Voyeur
19.Whomadewho-Every Minute Alone-Michael Mayer remix
21.Blagger-Strange Behaviour
22.Ada-Eve-Dj Koze remix
23.Dgookin-Glad I met You

In My Cocoon

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