sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Ghostly International Part.2

1.Beacon-No Body
2.Jacaszek-Golden grove
3.Cristopher Willits-Flowers into Stardust
4.Heathered Pearls-Beach Shelter
5.The Sight Below-Without Motion
6.JDSY-Smoke & Mirrors
7.Cepia-The Marina, The Bank & the Eels
8.Michina-Titanium Glaciers
9.Lord Raja-Phantera Bengal
10.Dabrye-Smoking the Edge
11.Mux Mool-Wax Rose Saturday
12.Com Cruise-Surf
13.Dauwd-Heat Divisin
14.Dykehouse-Tauq 2
15.Gold Panda-You
16.Dabrye feat.Doom-Air
17.Matthew Dear-Little People Black City Sascha Dive Dub remix
18.Solvent-Think like Us
19.Kill Memory Cash-The O

Style:Pop, electronic pop, ambient, freestyle

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