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Quatermass Records 1999-2007


01.Pan American   Train Station
02.Lena - Dying Bug Dub
03.Bump & Grind - Ear(th)eye(d) 
04.Benge - 'P' Is For Piano
05.Atom tm - Sort of Rhythmical
06.Freeform - Terminal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,(12)
07.Kreidler - Coller.Copier
08.Fibla vs Lisa Carbon - Rhumba Roland (Fibla Rhumbolento Mix)
09.David Shea And Scanner - Theme From Smootchy Smootchy
10.Mash'ta-Lovers & Hungry Tigers
11.Phon noir ‎ - Slowdown
12.Calla - Custom Car Crash
13.hardman-My Lil' Devil zumbido-El desierto
15.dropshadow disease - fototienda
16.Lisa Carbon - Hey Music
17.Tino - Vampire Circus Dub
18.Bisk - Srn Mix
19.Tal - You Will Like it
20.DJ Wally - I Must Be Mad
21.sutra-Victime (feat Mirwais  Nature)
22.elixir -Gargantuan
23.DJ Olive - Bank It A,B,C,D,E,F
24.Spectre - Skrippin'
25.2nd gen - flicknives
26.Stock, Hausen and Walkman - Only Samples From Supplied Disk Used
27.Fisherofgold - Lapis Lazuli
28.To Rococo Rot - Glas.main
29.Komet - Stab
30.Rechenzentrum - Submarine
31.Thomas Mayer - Elbchaussee 
32.Autechre - Autechre vs Jrgen Paape   TR7AEremix
33.Andrea Parker - Invasion
34.Tone rec - Sprang Capel
35.Freiland - Scanner (Reliefpfeiler Blau Remix) vs. Freiland

Style-Experimental, downtempo, abstract hiphop, glitch,IDM, techno


01.Lou Barlow & Rudy Trouvé - Stofzuiger
02.Mikhail - Asteris (strings)
03.David Morley - Legend
04.Andrea Parker - The Swamp
05.Bump & Grind - Movement of Inertia
06. MatiK-Dada Cat
07.Bill Laswell   Shivamythscience
08.Dana Diaz-Tutaan  - Give Me Direction
09.DJWally- Smoke
10.David Shea - One Ride Pony
11.david shea and scanner - theme from lost, lonely  vicious
12.Elixir Terror in Bogota
13.Shakeyface - Helpless
14.Spectre - Beats Within
15.Sensational - Consider This Jazzy
16.Object-Subtext (Courage_Hope)
17.Langage Computer feat Hi Tekk   Petite Créature de Poche
18.Meat Beat Manifesto - Spinning Round
19.King Rhythm   What's Left Breaks the Silence
20.Beats R Us Feat. Shorti RV-Bass like Sex
21.Bisk - shamrock in your eyes
22.Radio Zumbido - Radio Solol
23.Rip off artst - Cake Time
24.Meat Beat Manifesto - Fromage Dub
25.Tino - Zombies Walk Dub
26.Lena - Under False Rulers
27.Gez Varley - 2. Alone (Original Mix)
28.Scanner - Autopilota_ Close Landing
29.Jrgen Paape - Triumph
30.The micronauts - Get Funky Get Down [Daft Punk Remix]
31.G-Man aka Gez Varley - Old School Drift (Original Mix)
32.Benge - Raludom Morf
33.Richard Thomas - Asa Nisi Masa 2

Style-Downtempo, experimental, abstract hiphop,drum'nbass,techno

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