domingo, 23 de abril de 2017


Y-Records 1980-83

01.The Slits - Man Next Door
02.The Pop Group - Feed The Hungry
03.The Tesco Bombers   Hernando's Hideaway (The Pajama Game)
04.The Dance     In Lust
05.23 Skidoo     Aversion
06.Lora Logic - Wonderful offer
07.Shriekback - Clear Trails
08.Glaxo Babies - Limited Entertainment
09.Maximum Joy - Stretch (Disco mix - Rap)
10.Ministry - Cold Life (12 Single - 1981)
11.PIGBAG   Papa's got a brand new pigbag
12.Pulsallama - The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body
13.Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
14.Mouth   It's Hot Take Your Coat Off
15.Fearless Four - Rockin It
16.Disconnection - Bali Ha'i (Uk Discomix)
17.Maximum Joy - White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial mix)
18.Fashion - Move On
19.chris reeves - after the romance.
20.The Vincent Units - Martini
21.Mouth - Catch a Cab
22.R.A.P.P. feat- Archie Poole - Guns,Bombs,Handgrenades
23.Shriekback   all the creek boys

Style-New wave, funk disco, after punk


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